Top 35 Automotive Blogs That Are Informative, And Need To Follow Right Now

In the modern times and age, there are several bloggers who tend to write about automotive to the extent that, you might feel confused on which one to read. In most cases, it is hard to find information about automotive in one particular blog that is exhaustive. You will be forced to keep looking at different sites to get all the information that you need.

A quality automotive blog should have all the information that anyone in the auto industry, whether for services or products, should be able to refer to and feel that, they are satisfied. It is supposed to explain in details why the items listed are considered to be of high quality and why you should buy them.

The blog should be able to convince you, citing examples of why the product is the best in the market. It should be able to give you the pros and cons of all the items auto. If you are a new consumer, it should be able to give you tips, essential information on how to buy, finance, choose, and maintain a new or used car, depending on what you own.

To make it easier for our readers, we decided to compile the top 35 best blogs which we found to be quite inspiring due to the rich information that they contains, coupled with video links to a more practical approach on how to use the automotive.


At the Autoblog, you will be able to get information about various cars. Using their car finder, you will be able to access details about a particular car make, price, style, and all the specs that you might be looking for.

It will be easier for you to get details of a vehicle which matches your budget and need without having to go through millions of Google searches. You will have an option of comparing cars depending on the price, performance, and cost; whatever features you want to compare will be available, making comparison easier.

They have reviews which you can go through and decide if what others are talking about a particular car is what you are looking for. Whatever car, whether new or used, you will get its details on this blog.

Sixt Rent A Car Blog

Six rent a car is a blog where you will be able to rent a car of your choice to use. It was founded in 1912 and has been in the market since then, and its presence in the market means that they are doing a great job.

They only started with a fleet of 3 vehicles in Munich, Germany and at the moment, they are globally known and use. They have earned a trusted reputation, and they are among the important international car rental companies.

Their presence is felt in over 105 countries with over 4,000 branches. If you are looking for car rental services, don’t hesitate to check out the Sixt rent a car.

Zip Car Blog

You do not need to own a car to drive one. At the zipping car, you will learn the smartest way to get around the city with a car that is fully insured and gas.

Wherever you want to go, these cars will take you there, saving you hundreds of dollars that come with car ownership.

You can pick from the variety of cars they have from vans, sedans, hybrids and much more. For you to be a member, you can start with as low as $7 per month. They are available globally, and you will be able to find them in most airports, neighborhoods, and cities where you travel.

Car Spring Blog

If you are looking for a used car, what better way than getting it at car spring. Though their cars are used, they are not abused in any way, and you will be a proud owner of a great car.

They make sure that the cars are inspected, double checked and cleaned before being put on sale.

So you only need to give out the specifications of the type of car you need, and it will arrive at your doorstep without you having to move an inch. All you need to do is, browse through the many cars on their website and make your order.

Jalopnik Blog

At this website, you will be able to buy some of the cheapest used cars direct from Japan. You have an option to choose a used car that will fit your personal needs.

Most of their cars are quality, and if you happen to go through the reviews and videos on this website, you will be able to read some of the great comments people who bought from them are saying about it.

Buying a used car has never been easy. You need Japanese used car, log on to the website, and you will save yourself time wasted going through thousands of websites selling Japanese cars.

Car Gurus

At Car Gurus, you will experience a fast and powerful search which will enable you to filter through several options of cars from some of the best car dealers.

In case you are in need of price drops and inventory, they will gladly drop it to you. Transparency and trust are some of their trademarks, and that is why they make sure that, they show you time on the market, market price analysis, price history, and dealer review.

They have all the information you need to know before getting in touch with the dealer.

Don’t be left behind, get the best deals by visiting this website and you will find some of the best deals where organic rankings are based on dealer reputation and market value.

Total Car Control

Total car control is a group of trainers who have the experience to take you through step by step on how to handle your car.

They have a great experience for all types of cars including sports and high performing vehicles at both private and manufacturer’s level.

They love their training job, and that is why they do it with a passion, leaving you fully satisfied.

Their trainers are top grade A approved driving instructors who have passed RoSPA advanced driving test and advanced driving instruction with distinction.

It is the best place that all your car training questions will be answered.

Nick’s Car

At Nick’s car, it is a blog written by a renowned professional technician, Nick Roshon, who has an obsession with all types of cars but has a passion for classics, Audis, and Lamborghinis.

So if you want to know more about these cars, why not log onto this website and you will be able to learn more about cars.

His knowledge was gotten participating in some of the great tracks like the Buttonwillow Raceway, Firebird Raceway, Inde Motorsports Ranch, Spring Mountain Motorsport Ranch, Land Rover Offroad Driving School at the Greenbriar Resort just to mention but a few. Connect with him on his blog and learn more.


At Calypso, you will be able to enjoy a car buying process which is better than what you will experience if you just went randomly on the web.

They have some of the best technologies incorporated into their vehicles, making them be a good choice for those who are looking to get a feel for the new technology. You don’t have to look further than at this website because it happens to be loaded with all the information that you require regarding purchasing and maintaining all types of cars.

They have the experience because they have been in the market for selling cars for a long time.

Little Green Car Leasing

You will be able to access some of the best offers when it comes to car leasing at this particular website. You will be able to get an explanation of how it is done and why you should lease with them.

A lease car for either personal or corporate use will be a great experience if it is done by the little green car leasing as they will explain all the costs and other details that pertain to the deal, leaving you satisfied.

You are also given an option of going through reviews written by satisfied customers. You only need to go through three simple steps: choose your car, choose options and order online and you will be sorted out. There is no hidden bureaucracy to their process.

Joseph M. Sherlock

The blog was started in 2004 and has information about automotive and others which will be of great interest to you. At Joesherlock, you will be treated to great automotive and other great information that will leave you feeling more informed.

From the journal which talks about current and archived information on automotive; to a writing of essays and opinions which touch on various subjects about the world of cars.

You will be able to access information on ancient transport, dating back to 1939. There are illustrations of cars and stories behind them are well documented on this great website. Visit the website and become knowledgeable.

Z.Cars Enthusiasts

If you have a Datsun, Infiniti or Nissan or you want to know more about this cars, then you should visit this website. Here, you will be able to learn more about how to add performance to features to old models like the Z, ZX and G series.

You will also be able to learn about how to restore a classic Z-car. It is a site which is well arranged, and you can be able to archive information according to month and year.

Get automotive information, maintenance information, performance and some of the great events going on in the world of automotive by visiting here.

Car Scoops

If you love genuine second-hand cars from Japan, you don’t have to waste time going through several websites which might even end up landing you to the wrong page of scammers.

At car scoops, you will be able to sample some of the greatest Japanese cars at a low price that is quite affordable. If you are on a budget and yet in need of a car you can enjoy driving, view the stocks on this website as it is among the highly rated when it comes to used cars from Japan.

Get through their videos, games, offbeat reviews and try to make comparisons. If you need a new car, you can still purchase it from here.


At Autoweek, you will be treated to a vast of information you need to know about automotive. All you need to do is get a weekly subscription, and you will be able to enjoy some of the latest information that could be of much help to you.

Get to learn about classic cars, do research on new trucks and cars, get to learn about the latest in the F1 Racing, supercars, green cars, and find a driving school.

You will be exposed to information that will change your perspective regarding automotive. You will be able to read reviews, see photos in the gallery, check out the store and be able to get advice from some of the professionals in the motor industry.

Car Quids

At car quids, you will be able to be connected with advertisers thus enable you to connect with other brands in the market.

It is a UK based thing which enables a driver to be paid as they drive their car just because, it is branded with a particular brand. For the owners of the brand, it makes it possible for the brand to be mobile and become the talk of the streets where the driver drives on a daily basis.

All you need to do as a driver is to sign up a form with details of your car, driving habits, and lifestyle and you will be matched with your favorite advertisers on the website. If you like earning money the easy way, why not take your auto for branding at car quids?


The Wheels website is where you will get information about cars that you is rare.

They talk about cars in details which will make you be able to understand yours. Link up with the professionals at Wheels and become knowledgeable. Whatever problem you are encountering with your vehicle, the experts at Wheels will be able to simplify it and make it a thing of the past.

Going through their reviews, you will be able to get a feel of what others felt when they first visited the website. Learn more by going through the various links that seem to be informative on Wheels.

My Electric Car

My Electric car has been in existence since 2009 and specializes in information to do with electric vehicles. Everything you need to know about the electric vehicle is well documented, and you will find it quite informative.

It is an Australian based website which tries to get general information concerning electric cars so that, users worldwide can benefit from the knowledge.

You will be able to learn why it is necessary to switch to electric cars due to environmental, health, economic and strategic perspective.

You might find the FAQ page quite useful as some of your questions might just get answers there. Read the information as you share your views with other users.

Car Seat

The car seat is a website where you will be able to read about get to read all the trusted reviews on the car seat to make sure that, when you are in need of a car seat, you get one that will meet your specifications.

You will be able to read what others are saying about the seat and make your judgment after comparing what others have said about it. You will be able to get to see the ratings given to each car seat, and from there, you will be able to make an informed decision.

Through the forum on car seat website, you will be in a position to have a live discussion with others who will help you in getting the best seat for your car that is available in the market and at a budget which you are comfortable with.

Braun Automotive

Braun Automotive was founded in 1875 and since then, it has commanded the industry for producing quality brushes.

It started with a branch in Brooklyn, which then grew and as at now, they have several branches manufacturing some of the high-quality brushes in use today.

So if you are in search of a brush for whatever purpose, visit the website and make sure that you pick the best one to meet your needs. Braun Automotive has never compromised on quality, and that is why they have maintained the concrete reputation which they still enjoy to date. Get a unique product which will make a unique improvement to your car.

Indian Auto Blog

For all your car news, bike news,CV news and reviews, visit this website and get to know what others are saying about everything automotive.

Want to get updates on rendering? Then this is the website to visit and you will be able to learn about key features like what to look for when creating a realistic automotive rendering such creating textures that are tileable and stencils.

They have a list of tutorials to use for painting out environment with some lighting techniques that you can use to make it just amazing. You will also be able to learn a lot when you read both the bike and car reviews as they are very educative.

Autocare Association

Autocare association links together over 500,000 business which is in auto care. The business includes retailers small and large, manufacturers, marketers, distributors, and repair shops.

Here you will be able to gather information from various angles because, its main value is to bring together professionals who are dedicated to giving out services and repair, quality parts and products to various vehicles which are found all over the world.

Visiting this website will enable you to get all information about your automotive; you will be sorted without having to click on various links on the web as Autocare Association is an all inclusive automotive product and services.

Click Mechanic

If you are having some mechanical problems with your car, you don’t need to worry any longer. With Click Mechanic, you will get help with just a click on the website.

It is a website which is trying to bring transparency, convenience, and trust to the automotive consumer regarding repair. All you need is an internet connection, and you are ready to order for a repair.

On the link, you will be able to fix a price quote, book one of the many vetted mechanics available across the UK. You have an option of a mobile mechanic coming to where you are or a garage coming to collect your vehicle for the repair to be undertaken in their workshop.

My Car Needs A

When you visit the My Car NeedsA website, you will be able to access some of the best local service providers for your automotive needs.

They can sort you on anything ranging from bulbs to brakes, just name it and it will be sorted out.

Their customer service and price is exceptional as long as you tell them your needs, you are as good as being sorted. You will be able to save time and money because the service of being connected to the service provider is free.

The process of asking for the service is easy; and once you put a request, you will be able to receive quotes from various service providers, and you are at liberty to choose the for yourself. Make sure you choose the best.

Auto Parts Warehouse

At auto parts warehouse website, you will be able to access some of the hottest deals, rebates and special promos when it comes to auto parts.

They also carry out regular sweepstakes where you can earn some great cash too. You will be exposed to practical information about auto parts to be knowledgeable before you make a purchase.

Through their product reviews, you will learn from those who have already used the spare part you are about to buy and where they bought it from.

The information on this site is gathered from various websites to make it easily accessible to you at just a click of the mouse.

Car Done

Car done are remanufacturers of cars, and at their website, they believe that their services and products are quality, making their clients happy. All the goods and services produced here meet customer requirements any time they are requested for.

It has been on the market since 1970 where they started with manufacturing windshield wiper motors, and at the moment, they are into producing more than 90 products and over 46,000 automotive hard parts.

Due to this, the chances of you getting what you are looking for is high because they seem to be producing almost everything automotive.

Automotive Art Paints

At automotive art, paints are the best place to go if you are looking for automotive paints.

They manufacture and distribute paints which are world class, and their refinish products are considered to be among the best according to the way the customers have rated them.

They seem to base their manufacturing on customer satisfaction.

Though it is a new product in the USA, it has already made an impact in more than 65 countries worldwide why? Due to the low cost to start up, they offer technical support, there is in-depth product training, and as a reseller, you are likely to make great profits. As a user, you will love applying their paints because they dry in less than an hour.

Mighty Auto Parts

Since 1963, the Mighty Auto Parts have been in operation, offering service, products, technical support and business expertise to its clients.

They offer them with a true friendship that will pull you back to them in future. They offer quick, meaningful and necessary solutions to problems that you might be facing in the auto industry.

If you are looking for mighty products that are quality, then this is the website to visit. Products for under hood, under the car, oil lubricants, chemicals, shop supply and tools and equipment, you will be able to get them from here. There are two options to order; online and mobile, choose whatever is best for you.

The Korean Car

If you have a Korean car brand like Hyundai or Kia, then this is the website to visit as it will give you all that you need to know about these type of cars.

You will be able to go through the reviews of other users, and from there, the information will be availed to you. The blog is a brain child of two persons; Jose Antonio Lopez, aka “you beat,” a Spanish and, Erick Uceda aka “LePapirrikY,” an American national born in Peru.

Their blog is very informative, and you can be able to find information on test drives, latest news, and spy shots. The blog encourages people to comment on it. Thus, a continuous update is received.

Wheel Area

At wheel area, they provide various services and products for automotive users.

You will be able to learn many things in regards to maintaining your car like how to wax your car properly; how to pick the right Tonneau cover; safety tips for RV; how to remove paint transfer from your car; tips for maintaining a car, especially for beginners; getting rid of fleas in your car; the cost of living in an RV park and many more.

You will also be able to access some buying guides which will help you during your shopping trips. Wheel area should be accessed as it contains vital information in automotive.

365 Days of Motoring

At 365 days of motoring, you will be exposed to vital automotive information that will turn your world upside down because you will be shocked at how little knowledge you had in your head.

It is full of historical events in motoring, facts about races, history of some of the great engines in existence today in the auto market. If you are a car enthusiast, then this is a MUST visit website; get informed so that you can let others on the knowledge.

You will be able to come out knowing about when certain events in motor racing happened; the years, some motoring events were started or launched; some of the greatest roads and the scenarios you must drive through before you die.

Wheels on Road

Wheels on Road is a blog where things automotive are discussed; from how to find the best RV that money can buy to discussions about the best car seats for your car.

Visiting this website will leave you yearning for more information as it is written in an easy to understand way, making it possible for you to follow the flow of events without having to struggle to get a dictionary.

It is written to make people get to know more about automotive in an informal way, leaving out the manufacturers terminologies out the blogs. Get on board and start reading.

My Garage Story

My Garage Story is a blog that talks about general automotive stories which are informative for anyone who is in this industry.

Here, you will be able to learn about things like how to buy a car and get the best deal; where to sell scrap car and get some cash; getting to understand the way your car operates; know more about racing cars; and comparing various components of the vehicle.

By the time you are done reading, you will be one of the most knowledgeable persons regarding automotive. You will be able to make wise decisions concerning your auto.

Turn Eight

Jess Shanahan, Formula one fun, is the one behind this great blog. She is a good Twitter commentary on race weekends, and this has made her be a well-known personality in the Formula one circle.

Her knowledge about the race makes the blog site to be quite informative with everything flowing because it is coming from a professional. If you are a car lover, this is the best place to be as you will bring on board some healthy debates about the latest motorsports and cars.

The information on this blog is updated now and then, making it be a reliable source of racing information.

Totally Motor

The editor of this website is Dan Anslow who is a motor journalist who has experience in the automotive industry.

He has been writing about automotive for quite a while, and this makes him knowledgeable. He has written for some of the most popular auto magazines and websites like Top Gear, Used Cars Buyers, and Max Power. He loves to attend motorsports and car show events, making him gather some of the latest gossips about the top cars in the market.

Combine his knowledge with that of the News Editor, George Lewis and the Road Test and Features Contributor, Tim Saunders, you got a great team of informants who should make you visit the Totally Motors website.

Auto Debut

If you are a car enthusiast, then you will find the Auto Debut to be one of the best websites to visit because you will be able to gather great information and the latest news from all types of cars that are available globally.

Most of what is focussed on are the performance of the vehicles making it possible for you to be able to know where your dream car or the one you currently own, lies.

You will be able to compare the modified vehicle’s performance and that of the dream car that you are aware of. Grand Am Racing and American Le Mans series are covered at length here.

They have the best car videos which will make you have a feel of how some of the sport care powerful and maybe buying one.


Automobile enthusiasts are growing in number day in day out, and with their growth, there are some scammers who are trying to come up with fake websites to give wrong information which could misguide a new user.

Our aim in coming up with this 35 top automotive blog was to make it easier for users to get the relevant information with just a click, thus avoiding becoming victims of fraudsters.

Share it with friends and relatives on social media to enable them to be in the know and protect their autos through using the best products and services on the links provided in this document.

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