Best Boost Gauge For Your Racing Or Street Car In 2018?

The Dashboard of Boost Gauges

The boost gauges are usually situated on the dashboard, mostly along with the other dash mounted gauges. The boost gauges are used in monitoring the pressure generated by your engine. It allows you to inspect the engine’s force as well as lets you measure your boost.

Boost gauges can be important for any car running a supercharger or turbo. Ever wished to improve the speed of your vehicle? It yes, then you just landed on the right article.

To improve the speed of your car, you need the best boost gauge for your vehicle. And before purchasing one of the boost gauges, let me give you ample reasons as to why you need the best boost gauge.

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Why You Need A Boost Gauge

A Boost Gauge

The boost gauges are engine air compressor that causes some effects to the speed of a car. The gauge has the power to indicate the moving speed of the truck where the condition of your combustion depends.

It assists in improving the pressure which offers a high-performance engine. Also, the boots gauges assist you to control power in compressing air as it injects it into the combustion chamber. It tops up additional power every time the compressed air increases its fuel in starting up the engine. This alters the mixture of the natural fuel of your engine.

A Boost Gauge On The Table

The boost gauges help in controlling the quantity of air which must be injected in the process of combustion. Over boosting may result to lean combustion as well as low boosting is not good for your internal parts of the engine.

Boost gauges are the instruments which will allow you read your pressure which flows into the combustion chamber. Immediately the air goes via the combustion; your gauge needle will move permitting you to determine the quantity of air pressure which is exerted into your engine. The gauge monitors the air compressor and the output of your charger.

Most importantly, the boost gauge permits you to maintain the normal airflow in your combustion as well as ensures that the vehicle will work well and have the high-speed performance.

Here Are The Best Five Boost Gauges


The AEM UEGO Air Ratio Gauge features the digital LED display, as well as a sweeping, LED needle which changes colors as the AFR changes from the rich to lean. The 52mm gauge housing makes sure that it will perfectly fit in most gauges pods as well as it can be remotely mounted anywhere.

All the AEM digital gauges feature the 0-5V analog output to be utilized with data loggers and any engine management system. Every gauge comes with silver and black bezels as well as white and black faceplates for the multiple color combinations as well as a custom look.

The Bosch UEGO sensor offers the controller its accuracy and speed. The Bosch 4.9 LSU sensor that is used in the AEM Wideband UEGO Controller Gauge consists of a faster light off time as well as draws less current than a 4.2 LSU sensor that is used with AEM’s 30-4100 Wideband Controller Gauge.

The 4.9 LSU sensor features almost the same fuel compatibility as 4.2 LSU. It also does not need free-air calibration when utilized with the AEM’s Wideband Gauge. A 4.9 LSU sensor utilizes a different connector compared to the one utilized with a 4.2 LSU sensor included with an original 30-4100-gauge controller. The sensors cannot be interchanged between these two-gauge controllers in any form, including altering the connectors on the gauges.

This boost gauge is a must in case you require to maximize the engine’s safety and power. While turning the engine, to accurate the fuel/air ratio data is important since running with too rich of the AFR can result to loss of power as well as running the lean AFR may result in bad engine damage.

This boost gauge is unique since it can quickly alert you even when there is a 0.1 change in fuel/ air ratio and offer enough time in shutting down your engine just before damage occurs.

  • It shut downs your engine before any dame occurs
  • It is affordable
  • It quickly alerts you when there is a 0.1 change in air/fuel ratio
  • It is easy to install
  • The warranty period has not been specified
  • You need to be careful while installation for it to fit perfectly
  • It is not all super powerful boost gauge


This gauge offers a clear visibility during the late hours of the night. This Auto Meter gauge has been proven to work just fine, and it provides trusted accuracy. It is very easy to install. This gauge requires no electrical system to operate. It is compatible with every race or street car.

  • It compatible with all cars
  • It is affordable
  • It is easy to install
  • Works well during the night
  • The warranty period is not specified
  • It is not super powerful
  • It may be hard to read the gauge in the daylight


This boost gauge features a complete programmable warning function as well as a peak recall ability. The Electrical Premium Series Boost Gauge is fully programmable to permit you to set the alert feature to change color correctly, or beep or both once the gauge reaches the pre-set limit.

The 270 degrees sweep offers a quick glance accuracy. Some trucks have been tested, and race proved that these gauges utilize precision electric senders to maintain the hazardous fluids out of the passenger compartment.

All of the manufacturer’s Premium Series gauges operate a dramatic opening ceremony having a full pointer sweep every time the car is turned off and on. These are very easy to utilize; all the programming is performed from the front push button.

You have to wire up the first gauge for power as well as daisy chain the power to every additional gauge as required. As only the Prosport would do, a Daisy chain power leads come with all of them! Hence, there is nothing more to purchase.

This product includes a wire harness from the gauge to the sender for easy and quick install. The gauges are super thin which is just perfect for great mounting options, less than 1.25’’ just behind the Bezel which includes the studs. The Electrical Boost Gauge will do a pointer sweep or self-check on shut down and start up.

In case your car is turbocharged or supercharged, then this gauge is a must have. For the high performance, you require knowing how much boost you are supposed to make at maximum RPM’s. With this product, you can easily track your maximum boost while modifying your ride.

Get to save your Turbo-Set warning function to alert you over your boost. This boost gauge includes instructions, decal, visor, fast connect pigtail wiring, electric sender, t-adaptor, and a mounting cup.

The manufacturers of this products have a good customer support since they offer lifetime technical support.

  • It is affordable
  • It is easy to install
  • It is smooth and efficient to use
  • The manufacturers of this products have a good customer support
  • It is not supper powerful
  • It requires some training for you to be able to use it with ease
  • The warranty period is not specified


The GlowShift’s Tinted 7 Color Air Pressure Gauge is just the perfect gauge for your car which has an aftermarket air suspension or air brakes. With this mechanical air pressure gauge, it reads from 0 to 200 PSI with an included 1/8th NPT male fitting which is situated on the back of the gauge.

The GlowShif’s Tinted 7 Color Air Pressure Gauge boasts some unique features which include a low profile magnified tinted lens, seven colors via dial lighting, and easy to read illuminated red needle which will sweep around 270 for maximum accuracy.

This product via dial lighting allows you to choose from the seven different solid colors, along with the two-color cycle modes, which permits you to match the factory dash lights or just add a great custom appearance to the interior of the car.

Connecting this boost gauge to the factory headlight switch permits it to dim up to around 30% for simple night driving. With the color memory recall feature, you do not have to reset your gauge to the desired color each time you turn the car on.

The GlowShift stands behind all of their products by adding a free lifetime technical support as well as a one-year warranty with each gauge purchase.

  • It has seven colors which you can choose from
  • It is easy to use
  • It has a one-year warranty
  • The manufactures of this product offer full technical support
  • You have to connect it correctly for the diameter to work properly
  • Reading this gauge in the daylight is hard
  • You need a bit of training to use it


The MaxTow’s 99-07 Gray Ford Super Duty Diesel Gauge Package permits you to monitor the truck’s important functions easily while keeping the dashboard free from the obstructions, as well as it will integrate correctly with your car.

This product has some car specification gauge pod. The included triple pillar pod is particularly designed for a 99-07 Ford Super Duty Powerstroke car. This pod can hold three 52mm gauges as well as it is crafted from highest quality ABS plastic permitting it to be easily installed to the existing A-pillar. It gives you a custom finish and fit.

The MaxTow gauge package comes with a 60 PSI boost gauge having a 6-feet of boot hose as well as a brass compression fitting. It also has a 1500 EGT gauge which includes the exhaust temperature probe having a 6-feet of steel braided cable and a transmission temperature gauge. The temperature sender is also in the gauge series.

The 52mm gauges will provide you the classic look of the analog gauge also providing you with an easy to read digital numerical readout. The gauge series also offers you with multiple dimming options permitting you to set your preferences while hitting the road in the daylight or the late hours of the night. The included brightness recall function is meant to remember the brightness settings you had set before powering the car down.


This gauge is among the easiest to install. It comes with in a complete package with all hardware, fittings, adapters, probes, and sending units that are needed to install the new gauges as well as pillar pod. All the gauges include a 9-foot sensor wire and a 3-foot power wire assuring you of having more than enough wire for the installation.

The manufacturers of this product offer a lifetime technical support. The product includes a one-year warranty as well as every custom gauge package.

  • It has a one-year warranty
  • The manufacturers of this product give a lifetime technical support
  • It is easy to install
  • It is easy to read during the daylight as well as at late hours of the night
  • It is a bit expensive
  • It is not super powerful
  • It is not compatible with all cars


Before buying a boost gauge, you have to be sure that it is compatible with your car as well as you get familiar with the features of the kind of boost gauge you want to purchase. The above five boost gauge is the best on the market today.

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