Guide In Selecting The Best Car Audio Speakers In 2018

Lighten up the mood while you are stuck in traffic with some music and go on ecstatic road trips singing along with your friends and family to your favorite tunes. Here are some tips that will guide you in selecting the best car audio speakers.

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Speaker System And Size

Before purchasing a new speaker system for your car, make sure you know the dimensions of the available spaces inside your car. This varies with the kind of vehicle/s you own. Once you have planned where you are going to place the various components of the speaker system, such as tweeters and the woofers, for optimal audio experience.

Depending on the available space in your vehicle, you may consider purchasing either full-range speakers or component speakers. There are four elements to an audio speaker system: the tweeters, woofers, crossover systems, and mounting hardware.

In a full-range speaker system, these four elements are integrated into one hardware, connected through a coaxial cable. It’s simple to mount and install and is preferred by people who simply want a replacement to their car’s internal speaker system without exerting too much effort.

However, if you are willing to enhance the quality of your car’s audio system, it is recommended to purchase a component speaker system. For more information regarding the comparison between full-range speakers and component speakers, click here. You will be provided with a more detailed guide on how to mount these elements later.

Speaker Material

The material used to manufacture the speaker systems directly contribute to the quality of the sound they produce. Speakers that are built from heavier materials usually sound better.

For the tweeter, softer materials such as polyester, textile blends, and silk will produce a more refined and mellow treble. On the other hand, harder materials such as metal, ceramics, and graphite produce brusquer, snappish notes.

Many high-quality woofers are manufactured using synthetic films such polypropylene, to produce a richer bass sound. Woven fabrics, as well as synthetics coated with lightweight metals such as aluminum and/or titanium are light and sturdy. These materials are also resilient to heat, cold, and moisture, and produce excellent bass response.

Woofers may also be equipped with a surround. This surround allows the woofer cone to move freely and produce a wider bass. Rubber is the preferred surround material over foam and cloth as it is more durable and resistant to heat and humidity.

Sensitivity And Power-Handling

In order to select the best audio speakers for your car, you must pick a speaker with the appropriate sensitivity. Sensitivity is the measurement of the sound a speaker can produce from changing levels of power applied to it by your car’s head unit.

A speaker system with low sensitivity would require higher amounts of power to change volume and a car system with high sensitivity would require lower amounts of power to change the level of its sound output.

In relation to sensitivity, power-handling refers to the limit of power your speakers can pump out.

If you own a low-power car stereo, it is recommended to get a speaker with high sensitivity, in order to compensate for the limited range in power input.

Conversely, if you have a high-power (which is usually achieved by an external amplifier), you should get a speaker system with low sensitivity to balance out the high increments in your car’s input.

In selecting additional hardware such as amplifiers, you must remember to assemble a system that is within the speaker’s power-handling specs, to avoid damaging your hardware.

If you wish to play music at maximum volume, you must select a speaker system with a more lenient power-handling to avoid the distortion of the sound at higher volume levels.

Installation Layout

The location of the various components of the speaker system determine not only the overall quality of sound, but whether or not the produced sound is uniform throughout the car.

Amateur layout may lead to uneven levels of bass and treble in different seats of the car, sound wave cancellation, and unbalanced levels of volumes in different parts of the car.

A good layout blends the woofer and the tweeter and has a balanced level of volume around the car. It is highly recommended to place the main component tweeter close to the mid-woofer. The closer the crossover is to the speaker, the less noise will be produced by the system.

For a more detailed guide on the installation of component speakers you may click here. You may also watch this guide on selecting the best car audio speakers.

Some Of The Best-Selling Car Audio Speaker Systems

To help you select the make and model of your car audio system, here are some of the most popular choices of buyers on


Alpine is a reputable Japanese electronics manufacturer which specializes in car audio systems, mainly speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers. While a bit pricey, the Alpine SPR-60C component speakers provide well-balanced and high-quality sound for car owners.

The all the components of this speaker system are designed to perform efficiently, resulting in an outstanding and realistic sound. These speakers are also designed to cater to people who like to turn up the volume of their speakers. They are built to handle a great deal of power and are capable of outputting dynamic sounds with distinct bass even at maximum volume.

It features multilayer hybrid fiber woofers that produce a wide bass complemented by silk tweeters for that bright highs. Its sensitivity is a bit low, so you might need to equip an amplifier to maximize the full potential of this speaker system.

  • High-quality bass and treble

  • Minimal distortion even at high volumes

  • Can handle high power

  • Uniform balanced volume throughout car

  • Expensive

  • Low sensitivity


Sonix Electronics is one of the leaders in the industry of car audio. Their coaxial speakers, called the Infinity KAPPA 682.11cf produce high-quality sound to rival component speakers. The speaker system features a lenient power-handling of 200 watts RMS and a Plus One Cone technology that increases its cone area to surpass its competitors.

It also incorporates Carbon-Injected Glass Fiber in the material of its cone which enhances the quality of the sound. The surround is made from rubber which makes it resistant to heat, cold, and humidity and it is equipped with a high temperature voice coil that reduces distortion.

  • Made from durable materials that produce high-quality sound

  • Lenient power-handling rating

  • Easier to mount and install than component speakers

  • Possesses a high sensitivity of 94dB, allowing for a wider range of power

  • Coaxial is less-favored than component in terms of quality of sound

  • Is suited for low-power head units because of high sensitivity rating


Pioneer’s wave of next generation speakers all provide an improved bass and dynamic range. The TS-A series offers higher power-handling and a new cosmetic design, intending to replace the vehicle’s built-in factory-installed speakers. The surround is made from a lightweight elastic polymer providing higher sensitivity.

Its heat-resistant voice coil reduces noise and distortion and is able to withstand high-powered input with increased longevity. It is also equipped with a cooling basket that improves power-handling.

  • High power-handling

  • High sensitivity from elastic polymer

  • Minimal noise and distortion, even at high volume of sound

  • High sensitivity is incompatible with high-power head units

  • Coaxial is less-favored than component in terms of quality of sound


Selecting, purchasing, assembling, mounting, and installing a speaker system can be arduous but it will feel particularly rewarding to own the best car speaker audio for your car whenever you drive.

There is no overall best choice because every speaker is suited to different specs and you need to find the best speaker that fits your needs and the head unit of your car.

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