Best Dash Cam For Truckers 2018 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Dash Cam For Truckers

Delivering any consignment of products in the region of 30 tons is no mean feat given you will have to be extra careful while driving and vigilantly monitor the cargo. Long haul cargo shipping can be a very risky business given there are no relationships – everything governed by contract.

Collect the cargo and sign, deliver, sign on delivery, and off to your next delivery – who is responsible for the damaged cargo? This is why majority of long haul drivers/companies insist on installing the best dash cam for truckers.

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When To Install And Use Dash Cams

Dash Cam For Truckers

There are many surveillance products on the market and dash cams are just one of many. This is probably the reason some truckers operate without dash cams. Take a company shipping chemical cargo consistently for Company XYZ.

The truckers already have a contract running 2 years – renewable. The partnership has grown to the extent the long haul company and XYZ have established some relationship.

That contract is not being nullified any time soon especially because the shipment of Urea in 200Lt barrels will never catch the attention of vandals. These trucks can spend several days in a parking lot fully laden and there has never been a single incident of vandalism.

This story would run a very different course if say the cargo in question is chrome rims or premium tires for an auto shop. The cargo in question plays a significant role in the degree of vigilance required to deliver safely.

Valuable cargo will most likely require video evidence of any incident relating to the cargo hence the need to install the best dash cam for truckers.

This dual channel dash cam (Cobra) is just one of the various products available in stores that your Company should install for more business and safe delivery. An immensely important product in the trucking industry given reputation is everything when anyone is handing you cargo worth $200,000.

The Best Dash Cam And Reckless Driving

Dash Cam For Truckers

Many truck drivers will tell you how frustrating it can get to maneuver these huge vehicles. Oddly, these large cumbersome vehicles very often fall victim to road rage and other forms of recklessness owing to the size/length of their vehicles. Dash cams are the only solution to resolving many of these unexpected incidents.

There are two things you never want your truck driver to have to deal with on trucks operating without a dash cam. First, you do not want any delays simply because the driver is having a difficult time exonerating himself from an incident.

The police or owner of the vehicle or property raising complaints is aware of the difficulty in driving a truck. It so large there has to be a blind spot and they will use that fact against you. In which case, your Company could well lose a client owing to the delay or incur additional costs to transfer the cargo to an alternative truck.

If you really want to do business in today’s competitive market, you need to anticipate some of these incidents and install any surveillance device you believe will make transit safer. Many of the best dash cams for truckers today have quality that allows them to read license plate numbers from a distance.

The best dash cam ensures in the event of encountering a reckless driver they can note down the number and alert the police.

Selecting The Best Dash Cam For Truckers

Dash Cam For Truckers

The best dash cam for installation on a long distance vehicle should allow you accomplish a number of goals. With these adequately addressed you can be sure your vehicle will encounter fewer problems facilitating brisk business. These include:

1. Dual Channel

This includes all dash cams that provide a front and rear visibility. The front cam enables you to see what the driver sees and the rear is that extra eye you need – but never had.

2. Range And Night Vision

In addition to having eyes in the front and back, your product should give decent coverage and bear the capacity to “see” in darkness. You want to begin clearly seeing from say 20 meters both in front and behind during the day or night.

While dual channel cameras are easy to spot – the one with two pinhead cams, range is difficult to determine. If unsure just go through the specs of your iPhone camera. Any HD camera operates in the region of between 720-1080 FHD (Full HD hi Res) with about 30 fps (frames per second). The more frames per second the better quality image video you can expect to observe or record.

3. Storage

Once again, this is another of those issues you can use your iPhone to estimate. Just installing the camera is not enough – what happens during the night when parked is just as important. Your driver can just from this footage establish, whether any roadside stop/motel is safe and decide to return or leave permanently.

To make such decision the dash cam should have memory installed to save the recordings. There are various options including external hard drives to the widely popular modern SD card. While the hard drive is more expensive (approx $75 per Terabyte) it provides access to a huge repository.

There are SD cards in the region of 256GB (1/4 Terabyte) retailing for approx $30. Pricing does not seem the best way to decide on storage – your schedule should be the guiding factor. If you have a bumper-to-bumper schedule, your storage should allow you enough time to make a backup say once every 7 days.

4. Miscellaneous

When shopping for the best dash cam you want to be sure the screen is optimal. Nothing too tiny nothing too large – most models have 2”- 8” screens. In practice anything in the region of 4” (same size as the small smart phone e.g. Ideos) should be adequate.

Additional alerts and monitors. Some of the products include lane-shifting alerts, GPS mapping nearest police stations, offering weather info, etc.

Wide-angle lens. This surveillance product serves you better when it can take in plenty of information. The more you see the better.

In summary, when seeking the best dash cam fro truckers, the best buy should offer the bare minimum and then some.

Keep in mind srandards here tally with those of a premium smart phone – hence the repeated citations using the iPhone.

Top 5 Best Dash Cam For Truckers


This could well be the belle of the ball far as sci-fi movies are concerned. With a very plain looking front-face, the rear of this product is Star Wars all over again. No kidding, look it up and compare the front and rear.

Nevertheless, it is a product worth having given its many advanced features. The manufacturer uses 6-glass lens to filter each frame with the latest super night vision by F1. The wide-angle lens and this technology ensure videos captured in the dark are always clear.

The 1920 X 1080 resolution is great matching the iPhone pound for pound. With this dash cam installed, you can be sure all the recording is crisp allowing you to zoom in and clearly identify even the tiniest detail.

KDlinks is sold with advanced tracking software that will be useful in collecting data on your trucks location, route, etc... This advanced feature e that allows you to provide your client with timely updates. The product also has accident detection mechanism (locking in on impact), comes with 8GB SD Card, high quality battery and a year warranty.

  • Hi-resolution – 1920X1080

  • Perfect night vision

  • 6 glass lens for the best capture

  • Accident detection feature

  • Software based trucking from office

  • 8GB SD card included

  • Dual channel

  • Inadequate SD card

  • No 12V adapter for use in cars

  • Mounting could loosen the control panel in time


The beauty of Full HD (1080) lies in the ability of the technology to acutely differentiate between light and dark spots. Unlike ordinary cameras the hi resolution lens records to the minutest detail – clearly separating white from black. The result is very crisp images with almost lifelike detail.

Wheel Witness dash cam is one of the advanced hi resolution surveillance products. You can expect to receive very clear and good quality recording day and night. The multi-layer lens improves acuteness and will afford the driver peace of mind.

This product is powered using a 12v adapted making it useful in rigs and cars. The options for mounting also suggest the product will not come lose anytime soon – adhesive and suction cup mounting.

  • Hi resolution recording 1080FHD

  • 16Gb SD card incl

  • Advanced night vision

  • Durable mounting

  • 12v power for use in trucks and cars

  • Ceiling mounting can be unsuitable

  • No 12V adapter for use in cars

  • Mounting could loosen the control panel in time


Browsing through these products on will show that Sci-Fi moves are no longer what they once were.

These products are very advanced with features and mounting that would impress any sci-fi enthusiast. Rexin V1 dash come is probably one of the most popular of this geeky lot.

It mounts directly on to your ceiling and will remain concealed from a close distance. This way you can be sure your cargo remains safe and any inquisitive types can be safely ignored…

The accident detection feature is especially ultra modern. The product will lock any feed immediately upon detecting the displacement/shock of any incident – ensuring you get footage of even the most unexpected events.

That is not forgetting its auto file management capability – auto recording to the first SD card and switching to the next when out of memory.

When recording over the second (full) SD the device begins deleting older files first as it begins recording on the second SD. You always have the latest footage.

    • Supports SD Cards

    • High quality/resolution recording 1080 FHD at 30 fps

    • 6 layers glass lens for the best quality image of even the tarmac markings below

    • Loop recording option for parking and long stops

    • Auto accident detection

    • SD card not included

    • No 12V adapter for use in cars

    • Roof mounting is tiring during traffic jams or other queues


    With a host of excellent quality high technology products in store identifying the best dash cam is not very simple. Dash cams are best thought of as an advanced handheld camera; in which case you should look out for Full HD capacity, SD cards, rechargeable batteries, etc.

    This is assuming you are not interested in the modern compact gadget, Falcon F170. This is the most compact of products you should find in stores. It operates to deliver 1080 hi-resolution video ensuring all recordings are crisp and clear.

    The 32GB memory card bundled is probably the largest capacity storage sold alongside the product in this review. The auto record on car movement feature is ideal for long distance driving allowing your drivers convenience and peace.

      Auto recording – begins immediately your car moves

    • 1080 HD clear images

    • Advanced night vision technology

    • 32GB SD card incl

    • Compact light weight design

    • Wide-angle recording (170 degree)

    • Optional lopping recording for stops

    • Small viewing screen

    • Inadequate SD card – 8GB

    • No 12V adapter for use in cars

    • Mounting could loosen the control panel in time


    Another great surveillance product from Rexing that will keep your cargo and driver safe along the road.

    As mentioned earlier shopping for the best dash cam could have you feeling like you are acting an episode of Star Wars/Trek. Many of the products are very advanced and you want to keep a clear head when making a selection.

    Assuming the dash cam is something you will occasionally peer at in traffic, long hill climbs or at truck stops, the position of mounting is very important. This dash-mounted product is ideal and seems suitable/easy to use in the situations.

    The lens is thick multi-layered glass, 1080-capture resolution for crisp recording, night vision capable with dual channels. Using Novatek advanced decoding and high quality lens this dash cam deliver superior quality night mode recording.

    • Wide angle lens – 170 degrees

    • Supports SD Cards

    • High quality/resolution recording 1080 FHD at 30 fps

    • 6 layers glass lens for the best quality image of even the tarmac markings below

    • Loop recording option for parking and long stops

    • Auto accident detection

    • Dual channel

    • 16 GB SD Card may be inadequate

    • Adhesive mounting may wear out in time

    • No 12V adapter for use in cars


    Shopping for high technology surveillance equipment is no trivial task. There is a lot you want to be sure the product can achieve and this article highlights issues and reviews a handful of products.

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