Best Radar Detectors That Can Save You From Big Fines In 2018

Radar Detectors

I do not know about you, but I like driving at high speed. Of course, I am not the type of person who puts his life in danger, but a bit of speed is not so dangerous from my point of view. However, I know very well that if I meet the police on the road, I will not have any excuse.

Therefore, I started looking on the internet to find the best solutions that could keep on the safe side. This is how I found that the best tool I could have in my car when I am driving at high speed is the radar detector.

I decided to buy a radar detector some years ago and since then I already changed a few models. The reason why I changed them was not because they were not efficient.

Not at all! The big problem is that the police are also upgrading themselves. They are also checking for the latest detectors that come on the market and try to equip themselves with top-notch equipment that can make our radar detectors fail.

This is why a few months ago I was having a huge dilemma. I went to buy a radar detector and I was surprised to see the variety of models that were on the market, all having many features that I never heard about.

As I am sure that many of you are in the same situation, I decided that it would be a nice thing to share some valuable information with you. In this article you will find some interesting models that are worth taking into consideration, plus the latest features that any radar detector should have to keep you safe.

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How To Choose A Good Radar Detector?

I have to admit that when I started searching for an efficient radar detector, I was overwhelmed by the information available. Each radar seemed unique from my point of view and this made my decision extremely difficult. Therefore, I tried to create a list of criteria that could make my choice easier.

1. Front And Rear Radar Antennas

This is not a mandatory feature if you ask me. However, I found some models that posses this feature. From my point of view, it is great to have two antennas as they will increase your radar’s efficiency.

2. Range

When you want to buy a radar detector, the range plays a very important role. Usually, the best radar detectors are the ones that have a laser range. However, if you find one that presents a superior radar range, you can buy it.

It is important for your device to be able to detect the radar from a reasonable distance in order to make it easier for you to slow down in safe conditions.

3. False Alert Filtering

A radar detector with this feature can be your best friend. How can you determine if it is able to filter the false alerts? The newest devices are able to do it by their Auto Learn feature and by using digital signal processors.

4. GPS

When you want to stay away from the police, the GPS is going to help you detect where they have installed their radar. Therefore, a radar detector with a GPS is going to be of great help as it is able to show you the distance to the place where you can meet the policemen. This means that you can estimate how far they are and be able to lower your speed.

5. Automatic Sensitivity Adjustment

The radar detectors are able to detect any types of signals also. Therefore, if you want to make sure that it detects only the most important signals, then you will need a tool with an automatic sensitivity adjustment.

Depending on how sensible you want your detector to be or not, you can prevent it from detecting unimportant signals like for example automatic doors.

6. Laser Jammers

Before I bought my most recent radar detector, I had one traditional device that was using laser detection. I found out that by having this type of detector, I was depending on the cars ahead of me to be targeted by my laser and so get an alert.

However, when I did not have any cars in front of me, I was risking a big fine from the police because the policemen were able to target my car via laser.

However, with this new feature called laser jammers or laser shifters, even though the detector might cost a bit more, I receive the guarantee that I am safe from receiving a ticket from the police.

Why Is It Good To Buy A New Radar Detector?

Radar Detectors


As I mentioned before, the police are always keeping themselves up to date. They are also aware of the radar detectors available on the market and are doing their best to create new devices that are able to detect our devices. In addition, if you still have an old radar detector, I am sure that you are very annoyed by their sensitivity to false alarms.

Therefore, it might become difficult for you to understand when you are dealing with a false alarm and when you are getting closer to police radar. It can be very misleading and this could cost you a nice fine.

The latest radar detectors on the market use not only the GPS, but also the databases of speed cameras/red light. Thus, these latest devices are able to alert you when you are getting closer to a dangerous situation.

What is more, by using the Auto Learn feature, you will no longer be disturbed by the false alarms. This has a great impact on your driving experience and I am sure that as soon as you will start using an updated radar detector, you will be less anxious when driving.

Last but not least, the modern radar detectors are able to get connected to Smartphone apps. As we are living in the age of technology, I am sure that you already downloaded several apps to help you drive safe even on a high speed.

Moreover, it will allow you to be part of a community with whom you can share ideas and information about speed traps or other events.

Top 5 Radar Detectors You May Need


If you are looking for a champion when it comes to range detection, then there is no product on the market that can beat the Valentine One. It has multiple radar antennas and this makes it a highly efficient radar detector that makes it very easy to identify the signal’s direction.

This radar detector is able to identify any type of bands, whether it is X, K, or Ku and Ka bands. This is what makes many users be very happy with the purchase and many claim that its range reaches up to 5 miles.

Moreover, as the alert signal can be very annoying, the Valentine One manufacturers have taken care of this aspect in detail. Thus, when the device detects a thread, the first alert will go at the highest volume. Then it continues to drop in intensity without disturbing the driver and the passengers too much.

  • Front and rear radar antenna
  • X, K, Ka and Ku band detection
  • 360ᵒ protection against all types of laser
  • Not a very advanced interface
  • Lacks up-to-date GPS technology
  • It is very sensitive and beeps for almost any type of band it detects


If you would ask me for the best overall detector, I would definitely recommend you this radar detector. With which feature should I start first? It is able to detect various types of bands (X, K, KA, and Pop) and Laser. Thanks to its GPS-based detection, you will notice that the moments when it will give you a false alarm are very rare, almost down to zero.

What is more, the GPS feature allows you not only to mark any danger on the road, but it can also alert you when you are getting closer to an area recognized for being a speed trap. If you want me to talk about the aspect, I should start with the high-resolution display that represents another sign for high-quality and excellence.

Moreover, reading the alerts is not rocket science and I never heard someone complaining that it is complicated to understand what all the LEDs on the display are warning about.

Last but not least, thanks to the “Escort Live” feature, you will be able to connect to Iphone or Android apps and become therefore updated with any speed traps or traffic alerts that appear on the road.

  • Radar and laser detection
  • App-compatible
  • Autolearn GPS technology
  • Variable speed radar performance
  • Poorly designed smart cord connector
  • No quick-release mount
  • No multi-color LED display


I like the cordless radar detectors a lot. Of course, there are many detectors on the market that are powered by two AA batteries, but this one is special because it comes with some additional features.

While many would say that for the battery operated detectors the range detection is limited, the S3 is able to provide an ample coverage that will keep you safe in various urban environments.

What is more, an excellent advantage of the cordless radar detectors is given by the easy installation and the flexibility it offers.

If you are the type of person who changes the cars pretty often, then you will need a cordless radar detector to accompany you in any car you would travel.

Moreover, the manufacturers have also taken into consideration the situations when the batteries go off unexpectedly. Therefore, to save the batteries’ lives as much as possible, the detector switches off automatically when the vehicle is stopped for more than half an hour.

  • Laser detector
  • High-resolution graphic and OLED display
  • 9-user programmable features which allows you to customize it according to your driving style
  • Power saving feature
  • It happens that the detector does not go off when it should
  • A quarter mile range detection
  • Does not have the same sensitivity as the non-cordless version


If you are looking for something that is both feature rich, but at the same time budget-friendly, then with this radar detector you have made the right choice.

It is a great affordable option being able to cover all the laser frequency bands. Therefore, you will be one step ahead the cops and stay away from high fines. 

Moreover, it has an internal GPS that will minimize the false alerts threads to minimum. One extraordinary feature of this device is the “Stay Alert” feature.

In case you feel sleepy while driving, this feature will keep you away from falling asleep and keep you focused on the road.

Therefore, when you activate the “Stay Alert” feature, apart from the blue LED display that alerts you when detecting a signal, a voice will also announce you about what type of signal it has detected.

I am telling you from a personal experience: it is impossible to fall asleep when you have a voice constantly telling you about what type of signal your radar detector has found. Furthermore, the “Full Dark Mode” will make your detector almost invisible in the car.

  • Highway mode/3 city modes
  • Alert priority
  • External audio jack
  • 6 filter modes
  • No over-the-speed limit alert
  • Is not able to identify other threads picked up by other drivers
  • Bad construction quality


The prize for the most compact radar detector goes to the Cobra XRS 9370 device. Even though it is 4.8 ounces heavy, this radar detector is able to offer pretty good protection against radar detection. It has an extended detection range which makes this device just perfect to protect you from an unwanted encounter with the cops as far as a quarter mile away.

For some it may seem kind of small, but this model is able to identify almost any potential radar or laser bands that may put your wallet and driving license in danger. Its feature called “IntelliMute” helps the drivers prevent any false alarms.

Moreover, the “LaserEye” feature offers a 360-degrees protection against potential laser signals. The Ultrabright display is extremely easy to read and understand and it offers you three levels of brightness.

Therefore, you are able to make your radar detector almost invisible when you turn the “dark mode” on.

  • City/Highway modes
  • Ultra bright screen
  • KU band detection
  • Compact unit
  • Small range of just quarter of mile
  • Goes off without notice
  • Gives too many false alerts


To conclude, while using radar detectors is illegal in some states, it is still better using them than receiving a serious fine from the cops. What is more, taking into consideration that the police are also upgrading themselves, if you are the type of driver who likes speed, then you will definitely need a radar detector in your car.

My recommendation would be to analyze in detail the products presented above and before choosing one option or the other, to think first of the device’s utility.

From my point of view, the product’s price is not the most important decision factor. You should take into consideration its effectiveness and adaptability to your needs.

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