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It is important to understand the basics of the application of rubbing compounds before you decide to try one on your vehicle. You should be in a position to understand how to apply and at the same time, remove the compound to achieve the best results.

Take precautions to avoid accidents both for yourself and your car during the application process. You are supposed to prepare the area where you are going to make the application; decide whether you are going to use an orbital sander or your hand to make the application.

It is important to know all the necessary accessories and tools which you require to achieve the best results.

It is hard to avoid car scratches, because there are various reasons why they occur and there is a tendency that you won’t be able to avoid all of them and thus, the need for the best rubbing compound to always be in handy. These reasons include:

  • Hitting rocks
  • Getting involved in an accident
  • Parking mishap
  • Having a collision while you are reversing your car

When the above happens, what should you do?

  • It is advisable that you first clean the surface of the scratch
  • Go ahead and sand down the layer of the scratch
  • Should be able to know how to use the rubbing compound
  • Painting, polishing, and waxing should be done to give your car a new cool look

Cars are our precious commodities, and they are supposed to be protected at all cost. A scratch or dent on your car spoils its cool look, and you will be unhappy.

If you decide that, taking it to a car dealer for a repaint is the best option, it might just cost you a fortune which might not be worth. It is important to know how to use the rubbing compound so that, you can do the work and minimize cost.

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Things To Have Before Starting The Scratch Removal Process

  • check
    Rubbing compound
  • check
  • check
    Orbital polisher
  • check
    Wool pad
  • check
    A dry towel
  • check
    Soapy water
  • check
    Microfiber towel
  • check
    Shoe polish
  • check
    Car wax

Why You Need Them

The rubbing compound will help to grind the surface layers of those damaged paint and create some magic to your car by making the scratches varnish.

  • The sandpaper helps you to perform – buy the one between 2000 – 3000 dry/wet sandpaper which is readily available in automotive shops.
  • A buffing machine or an orbital polisher has several scrub pads which rotate and revolve, removing scratches and dust from your car.
  • The wool pad will be used to fix the buffing machine while the soap and water will be used to clean the dirt completely from your vehicle.
  • White or black shoe polish will come in handy, and the car wax will then be used to give a final finish.

Steps On Removing Scratches Using The Best Rubbing Compound

1. Cleaning The Surface

Cleaning The Surface

It is important to first of all clean the area where the scratch has been formed to make the rubbing compound to be absorbed and work effectively.

If you have the time, you can as well decide to wash the entire car, thus performing two tasks at the same time.

Use soapy water to make sure that the entire car surface is cleaned, and then do the rinsing using plain water. Use a clean cloth to dry the surface. After that, you can then inspect the car and see which areas need to be worked on and how deep the scratch is.

2. Working On The Layer Of The Scratch

It is important to note that, once a scratch has been formed on your car, it remains a permanent mark, what you are trying to do is to make sure that, it is invisible from the public preying eyes. 

The best way to do this is to make sure that you remove all the surrounding paint using sandpaper until it is level with the scratch.

Avoid sanding beneath the scratch, and that can only be possible if you use white or black shoe polish to make the scratch visible.Use white polish to mark darker colors and black polish to mark brighter colored cars.

All you need to do is, on a wooden block, place the sandpaper and sprinkle the soap solution and water to enable you to perform a smooth sanding.

The scratch can then be sanded using slight strokes at 60 degrees angles to the scratch. For effective sanding, use the up and down; continue doing this as you dip the sandpaper in the water and soap solution to ease the process. You are supposed to repeat the process until the mark where you scratch disappears.

Using The Best Rubbing Compound

Rubbing Compound

There are steps which you are supposed to follow when using rubbing compound; this is supposed to happen after you have sanded down the scratch area. The wool pad of the orbital polisher should be fixed first.

Apply a thin line of rubbing compound on the scratch. The rubbing compound is available in tubes which are squeezable, making it possible to apply.In case you buy one which is in a can, use a paper towel to scoop the compound and apply it to the affected area.

It is now time to use the orbital polisher; use it in motion over the scratched area as this is the best method to apply the rubbing compound. In case an orbital is unavailable, you can improvise by using your bare hand; give it a firm pressure as you rub it over with the help of a towel.

It is important to note that, the wool pad you use to apply the rubbing compound should not be the same one you use to apply the wax or polish; use separate wool pads for different jobs.

Before moving to the next step of polishing and waxing, make sure that you have removed all the rubbing compound. It is advisable to avoid using the orbital polisher and instead use the microfiber towel because chances of the paint wearing out are higher with the former.

If the damage to paint around the area is not heavy, you can go ahead and wax it to obtain the best shine for you in the cheapest possible way.

Done Rubbing Compound To The Scratch, What Next?

After you are through with covering the scratch using the best rubbing compound, it is now time to polish, paint and wax your car.

Use a separate wool pad to polish to make the painting a much easier work. In case the scratch on your car was too deep due to the impact, you will have to paint it all together. There are spray or brush paints to be used, choose the one you consider the best for your car.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Rubbing Compound

Before choosing a rubbing compound, you are supposed to look out for the following factors

1. The Price

It is important to consider the price of the rubbing compound especially if you are operating on a budget. Make sure that, the price is convenient and reasonable for you.

2. Effectiveness

Before you make a pick up of whatever rubbing compound you want to use, make sure you check out how effective it is by reading reviews of those who have already used it before you.

The information given by the manufacturer should also be taken seriously, including the ratings on their website. It should be a product which should remove water spots, swirl marks and oxidation.

It should be noted that some rubbing compound can only do a specific task, thus, should be avoided if need be.

3. Ingredients

Consider the ingredients used to manufacture the best rubbing compound that you are about to purchase because that is what determines the quality.

Avoid anything that contains a lot of toxic ingredients and fillers such as silicone as it will have negative effects on the surface of the car.

4. Ease Of Use

When you purchase a rubbing compound, it should be easy for you to apply on the scratch without having to undergo so much stress.

The procedures to get the job done should be straightforward; those who require just a simple rub on the affected area should be considered. 

Avoid those whereby, you need to exert a lot of force before the desired results are arrived at.

Top 5 Best Rubbing Compound

Now that you know why choosing the best rubbing compound is important due to the heavy work it is supposed to perform on the scratches found on your car; it is important that you go through some of those you can purchase.


It is a product which will be most effective on marine paints and all oxidized gel compounds as it will do a good job as it will completely execute a clean and restore the glamor of your car.

It remains wet for quite a while as you continue with your smoothening job, leaving the surface smooth and giving you the desired results. The mess left after the job is little and worth all the hassle. It is a “do it yourself” formula. Thus, you will automatically save on the cost of hiring an expert.

  • Saves the cost of hiring an expert
  • Recommended for heavy, aggressive compounding of oxidized marine paint and gel coat
  • It doesn’t leave any mess at all
  • Contain no silicone
  • You have the option of either using the machine or hand
  • Maintains high rate of cuts as long as there is constant pressure
  • Doesn’t work on all the scratches
  • Can only remove heavy oxidation
  • Too thick
  • Dries fast


Apart from removing scratches, blemishes, and watermarks, it will restore shine to your car as it did to mine some time back; I had an old and dull car which was restored instantly after use of this great product.

It smoothes, cleans and makes all the rough surfaces to restore the lost perfection. In case your car has scratches and dents, you need to use this perfect product as they will go with just a simple wipe; it is easy to apply. You are good with this product even if your car is suffering from deep scratches as it will wash them away.

  • The ingredients are not harmful
  • It removes even the most stubborn stains
  • It works with just a single touch
  • Removes deep stains and scratches
  • Restores shine to dull finishes
  • Cleans and smoothes rough surfaces
  • Doesn’t remove oxidation
  • Doesn’t work for scratches in clear coat
  • Some of the descriptions about the product are vague
  • Not ideal for all surfaces


It is one of the best rubbing compounds currently available in the market as attested by a friend who bought it recently after his car was involved in an accident that left a deep scratch on the side of the back door.

It is capable of removing all the scratches and other blemishes without having to leave the car dirty. It has a fast cut, abrasion which enables it to remove all the defects found over your car’s surface and making the car to be restored to its original shape.

If you see my friend’s car, you won’t believe the pictures of at the accident scene, and after the application of the rubbing compound. With it, you won’t find the repair work to be back breaking, rather, you will enjoy it.

  • Good value for money
  • It is safe for use
  • You have various options to use to apply it – by hand or by use of a polisher
  • It doesn’t remove light water spots that are visible under fluorescent lighting
  • It is more of a wax product
  • Doesn’t remove oxidation spots
  • It takes a long process to apply


If you are in need of one of the best rubbing compound, then it is advisable that you buy a Griot Garage 10862.

It is a product which will bring out all the scratches from your vehicle, leaving it shiny and looking better than it was before the scratch occurred.

It has micro abrasives which require you to gently rub it over the surface to make it possible to achieve the best results. The application process is user-friendly because all you need to do is to do a single pass and wipe and the perfection will be back on your vehicle.

It is said to be safe to be used on all types of automotive finishes. Get your car in the best shape by using this rubbing compound.

  • The ingredients are perfect
  • It is easy to apply
  • Minimum dust is produced
  • Doesn’t contain wax
  • Micro-abrasive removes all the marks
  • It cannot remove deep scratches
  • You have to use almost the entire bottle to see results
  • It is less aggressive as compared to other products in the same price range


It is one of the best rubbing compounds which I learned about its effectiveness through a colleague at work who was all praise for it.

He talked about it not being the usual rubbing compound as it does great things to a car. All this should be attributed to its formula that comprises of the high level of professionalism that ensures that you get pleasant results. Your dull and oxidized surfaces will become good as new.

It easily penetrates in the oxidized surfaces, removing all blemishes, scratches and other unpleasant defect. Your car will be stored with the attractive finish that you are yearning for.

  • It is good value for money
  • It works fast
  • Saves time
  • It dries faster before the rubbing is completely done thus need to use water
  • When left for a long time before using it, it disintegrates into the water and flakes of abrasive
  • Doesn’t melt faster
  • Cannot work for headlights or tail light restoration
  • It makes polishing tough
  • Cannot remove gas stains


Make sure that the best rubbing compound you decide to buy should be one which will be easy to use so that, you don’t spend a whole day getting rid of a small scratch on your car.

Take a rubbing compound that will work for you and give you results which will make you feel satisfied at the end of the day. Though the price is an important factor to consider, quality should not compromise at any given time.

Reviews will help you to make an informed decision because you will be able to get information from someone who has used it before.

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