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RV Antennas

First, let’s look at what an antenna is and the purpose it is meant to serve in your recreational vehicle. An antenna is a device, electronic that is responsible for the conversion of radio waves into electronic power and vice versa.

An antenna in a recreational vehicle is meant to serve television and radio systems. Simply connect the antenna to the receiver which in this case could be your radio or TV in your RV. The antenna acts as the transmitter of electromagnet waves all the way to your devices.

The antenna is comprised of metallic components that act as conductors, in the transmission of electromagnetic waves. You can adjust your antenna to receive electromagnetic waves from all directions or specifically from a certain direction.

However, antennas are manufactured in different sizes and capacities. The ability of antennas to tap electromagnetic waves differs depending on their make and quality. This, therefore, calls upon you to make a wise decision when choosing a suitable antenna for your recreational vehicle.

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Key Points You Must Know When In Need Of An Antenna

1. Understand The Type Of Antenna You Need

RV Antennas

When looking for an RV antenna, ensure that you understand the purpose you need your new antenna to serve. This is because there are various types of antennas and they are manufactured to performed different functions.

For instance, if you need a TV antenna for a recreational vehicle, there is no way a radio antenna will be of any help to you. If you need an antenna that is capable of picking up local channels, consider buying a TV antenna.

TV antennas are categorized in outdoor and indoor. It's therefore upon you to decide which between the two will serve you perfectly since they both come along with disadvantages and advantages. An outdoor antenna may require rising, make it prone to damage in case you drive under or below an obstacle such as a tree.

However, an outdoor antenna picks up a wide range of channels when compared to an indoor antenna. An indoor antenna is advantageous in that you can easily control it while adjusting it. Unlike the outdoor antenna, the indoor antenna relieves you from worrying about the height of obstacles as you drive.

2. Ensure That Your Outdoor Antenna Is High Definition

RV Antennas

With an HD antenna, you stand a chance of receiving HD channel signals. You can save up enough for a nice HD antenna for a wider range of High Definition channels. It's important to note that you can't receive HD channel signals without an HD antenna.

3. Television Antenna Booster

A TV antenna booster helps in improving the signals relayed by television stations. The TV antenna booster can also provide more channels for you. The booster is equipment you may consider buying for your recreational vehicle's antenna.


4. RV FM Antenna

This type of antenna aids in transmitting radio signals to your radio system. Most people may not see the need for such an antenna while others may opt to listen to radio channels since they are a source of news too.


5. Positioning Your Antenna

In finding a perfect direction in which to face your antenna, you need to perform a search on the nearest stations within your location. You can easily do so by using any form of browser. Placing your antenna in the direction ensures that your antenna can pick up all signals coming from that direction.

6. Satellite Tv Antenna

If you need an antenna for a satellite TV, have in mind that it differs from the other TV antennas. This type of antenna is costly when compared to other types of antennas. The dome antenna can support a satellite TV hence consider buying it.

However, a satellite TV may steal into your camping experience, making it a little bit unnecessary since you will also be required to top up monthly, for the services offered. Most recreational centers offer cable TV services thereby making the need for a dome antenna unnecessary.


7. WIFI Booster Antenna

This type of antennas as the name suggests is responsible for offering perfect internet signal. With such an antenna on your RV, you are in a position to easily and comfortably surf, without internet connection issues.


Factors To Consider When Purchasing An Antenna

1. Installation Difficulty

After you buy an antenna the next step is fixing it, otherwise termed as installing it. Antennas are made differently thereby resulting in a difference in ease of installation. While buying an antenna, ensure that it won’t cause you any unnecessary stress during the installation step.

2. Durability

The durability of an antenna is determined by the material used in manufacturing it, some antenna is weak and can be easily snapped. These types of antennas aren’t the best for your RV, especially where you need an outdoor antenna.

3. Gain And Range

This refers to the antenna's ability to pick signals. In case your area of residence is quite far from the transmission station or center, you need an antenna that has a higher gain. Antennas with higher gain will suit your needs for the RV.

However, distance from the transmission center shouldn’t be the only reason to look into, when opting for a high gain antenna. This is because you may need to relocate from your current location thereby increasing the distance from the transmission station.

If your antenna isn’t equipped to receive signals from a distance, you may be required to buy a signal booster.

4. Price

In as much as quality is key in determining whether or not to buy an antenna, the price must be worth the antennas quality. Some dealers tend to retail their antennas at unreasonable prices. Therefore, it's upon you to determine whether the antenna is worth the price.

5. Components Used In Its Manufacture

RV antenna

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Some antennas are equipped with a plastic outer coating on the metallic conductors, making them quite weak. Ensure that your desired antenna is strong enough before making the purchase decision.

6. Size

Size is a factor to consider even though it doesn’t amount to much when compared to other factors. A small indoor RV antenna can save up on space when compared to bigger outdoor RV antenna.

The same applies when in need of an outdoor RV. A big RV outdoor antenna could be stressful especially when driving under obstacles such as trees.

Types Of Antennas You Should Consider Buying


This type of antenna is easily portable since it weighs ten pounds. The dish that comes along with this antenna is fully automatic, making it easy to locate channel signals.

Its installation procedure is quite easy therefore you can do the installation yourself. This type of antenna and dish player occupies minimal space making it suitable for your recreational vehicle. Its design is quite compact.

Shipping of this antenna at Amazon is free. The dimensions of this antenna are 12 inches in length, 12 inches in width and 18 inches in height. Its ratings stand at 4.6 out of 5 stars.

  • Has got no folding
  • Comes along with a cover
  • Light in weight
  • Compact in nature
  • Documentation isn’t included
  • The dish occupies extra space
  • Isn’t equipped with batteries


This type of antenna can receive both UHF and VHF signals transmitted from at least 55 miles in any direction. This type of antenna can also receive both SD and HD TV channels. In improving on durability, this antenna is coated in powder.

The weight of this antenna is nine pounds making it quite easy to carry. Its dimensions are 47.6 inches in length, 15.9 inches in width and 8.5 inches in height.

  • Its rate at 4.6 out of 5 stars
  • Capable of receiving both UHF and VHF signals
  • Durable due to the powder coating
  • Capable of receiving both SD and HD TV channels
  • Average mile range
  • Requires at least 16 inches for ample signal picking from the transmission center
  • It can’t be shipped internationally


This antenna has built in signal meter and allows for antenna rotation. It is capable of receiving UHF signals as well as VHF signals.

Installation of this antenna is easy hence can be done individually. It is ample for outdoor use since it is wind resistant.

Amazon offers free shipping for this product once the order is made. However, the shipping doesn’t apply internationally. Its weight is 6.3 pounds which are quite easy to transport. In a case of an unexpected eventuality within the warranty period, Amazon guarantees warranty for this product.

  • Has a built-in signal meter
  • Easy installation procedure
  • Free shipping offered
  • Warranty is available
  • Wind resistant
  • It doesn’t ship internationally
  • Isn’t equipped with batteries
  • Quite small to withstand strong outdoor wind


This type of antenna is equipped with the Omni-directional capability of receiving signals. The antenna can tap signals 360 degrees. Installation of this antenna is quite easy compared to other types of antennas.

The good thing with this antenna is that you won't be required to pay satellite charges since the antenna can pick all signals at no extra cost. The 1byone amplified antenna is water proof, therefore, isn’t affected by corrosion. The antenna is compact in nature as well.

The weight of this antenna is 4.5 pounds therefore easily transportable. It is round in shape and powered by AC. The dimensions of this antenna are 15.4 inches in length, 15.4 inches in width and 6.6 inches in height.

  • Light in weight
  • Omni directional
  • Can operate outdoor 70 miles from transmission center
  • No need to pay for satellite TV HD channels
  • No batteries included
  • No documentation included
  • Isn’t equipped to pick SD channels


This type of antenna is Omni directional. Amazon offers free shipping once the order is made. This antenna has a high gain and can receive all UHF and VHF signals. The antenna comes while ready for viewing thereby providing ease in scanning.

It offers more channels when compared to other antennas as a result of free TV programming. The antenna has an embedded digital TV amplifier, making it better than any other antenna. It weighs 2.7 pounds making it quite light for transportation.

The dimensions of this antenna are 4.8 inches in length, 2.7 inches in width and 15.6 inches in height. It comes along with documentation which supports the making of this product. Mile range of this antenna stands at 35 miles, from any of the nearest transmission centers.

  • It's Omni directional
  • Quite light in weight
  • Documentation is included
  • Free shipping
  • Low mile range
  • Low capability of receiving SD channels
  • Warranty applies to parts of the equipment


An antenna is essential in your RV since it serves both radio and TV. There are other forms of antennas such as a WIFI booster antenna which can aid in internet connectivity. While making the purchase decision, it is important to look into the factors cited above, in this article.

By doing so, you will be in a position to rule out products and identify exactly what kind of the antenna you need for your RV. However, note that price can be as well a factor to consider. An antenna could be meeting all your requirements but quite costly in price.

In case that occurs, look into product quality to determine the worth of the antennae before purchasing it. If the price outweighs the quality, opt for another type of antenna. The installation procedure is also a factor to consider. Look into it before purchasing the antenna.

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