Best Wheel Locks: Securing Vehicles From Vandals

Losing tires can be very frustrating especially when you have spent a tidy sum to spruce up your vehicle. A great way to avoid this is to have the best wheel locks installed in advance to avert these unexpected incidents. With the comfort of added security, it should be much easier to focus all your energy on meeting the tight deadlines or sticking to your busy schedule.

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Smart Living And Quick Tips For The Wheel Locking Mechanism

While shopping for the wheel locks, uniqueness is one of those things you want to keep in mind all through your search. In specific neighborhoods, vandalism is common and it is very likely the vandals have universal keys.

If you regularly do business in crime-prone neighborhoods you want to be sure the wheel locks you install are not run of the mill. While the ideal wheel lock may cost a few extra dollars more you can expect to enjoy much more security.

For the first time shopper, you may be losing your mind wondering, what is a unique wheel lock?

1. Make The Right Choice And Identify The Wheel Locking Mechanism

There is nothing worse than getting stolen from. I will never forget the tire thief epidemic in my neighborhood growing up. It was a reasonably safe area, but for some reason, there were tons of car thief's. It was the strangest thing, but I guess it made sense for the area. They would steal the things left inside both locked and unlocked cars, but they would also steel wheels.

The thing about the wheels was this: they are expensive, and they are necessary. It is annoying to replace things inside your car, and sometimes expensive things get stolen like laptops and watches. But wheels are the worst because you can't get anywhere. You walk outside, rushing to work and find that you can't drive your vehicle. Not only is it an expensive replacement, but it is a very inconvenient thing to have stolen from you.

While most of the best sellers are lug nuts they all are designed with unique unlocking mechanisms designed specifically to keep your tires safe from vandals. To unlock the nut anyone will have to have in their possession a duplicate unlocking key.

Other options you may want to keep in mind include wheel locks designed with a nut that covers the wheel lock. This simple but intuitive safeguards your wheels given the size of the nut covering the lock suggests your vandal has to carry the correct spanner for the cover plus the wheel lock.

2. Chrome Technology – Affordable Engineering And Secure Wheel Locks

Wheel Locks

Chrome is one of the most efficient and commonly used materials in the automobile industry. Where automobiles are concerned chrome has almost the same status as stainless steel used to make cooking utensils.

As far as that goes stainless steel is easy to clean, non-corrosive, long-lasting, capable of sustaining reasonably hot and cold temperature without losing luster.

In like fashion, chrome nuts used to secure your wheels from vandals have threads that can survive significant wear and tear without damage. This is not forgetting that chrome nuts are both durable and attractive plus they are not damaged from repeated locking and unlocking.

It is for these reasons that chrome, which is relatively affordable, is widely used in the manufacture of specific automobile components and the wheel locks.

3. Security, Versatility, High-Performance Tires And Lug Nuts

When shopping for the wheel locks for your vehicle it is likely you will encounter sales people and an arsenal of terms. While they will provide you with plenty of information these encounters, can be time consuming or irritating/boring – depends on your personality.

The simple way to avoid this is to walk in equipped with knowledge of the product.The common choices include:

  • Cone seat
  • Bulge cone seat
  • Under hub cap
  • Spline drive

While uniqueness is important, do not choose something that will be difficult to replace in the event of an emergency. Your ultimate goal is to keep the vandals away – not permanently lock the wheel.

You also want to be sure when shopping, the product you select is ideal for your vehicle – it is not if you have to remove the hubcaps permanently or replace the rims. There isa wide variety of products on the market and you can be certain there will be something ideal for your vehicle.

4. Aesthetic Value And The Increase Of Tire Theft

Often the people you find shopping for the wheel locks have invested significant sums of money customizing their vehicles. It would appear that these criminals from the 80’s are making a comeback as more and more as low profile and the stanced sporty look gains popularity in many cities.

Once stolen there is almost zero chance of getting your tires back as they fetch premium prices on the black market owing to the popularity of customized vehicles on the city roads.

Reviews Of The Best Wheel Locks

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.


This has to be one of the most popular wheel locks available based on the reviews and rating. Just going through the features it is easy to understand why this product is as highly rated.

Prospective buyers of these wheel locks get to enjoy a high quality product at a very affordable price. Because of the advanced design and features, this may well be one of the wheel locks for vehicles such as trailers or commercial vehicles parked for long periods without use or out of sight.

  • The wheel lock comes in five five sizes ranging from ½ inch to 14mm X 1.50”. Variety of sizes means this sturdy set of wheel locks will work on a wide range of vehicles

  • The set of four wheel locks is reasonably priced – retailing at just below $15

  • Each nut of designed with a 60 degree conical seat. In practice once you get this nut in place there is no letting go unless you use the key

  • The set includes only get 4 wheel locks and the key – your spare will have to work without the lock whenever you have to change tires.

Other than this single bummer, this is a good buy and is built using case hardened steel for added durability and coated with chrome for a strong shiny finish.


You will remember that one of the most important thoughts to have in mind when selecting the wheel lockis a unique unlocking mechanism.

However, the McGard wheel lock is just a little shorter than the Gorilla wheel lock – so it may not work on large commercial vehicles.

  • The product comes with a unique unlocking dual hex key hex key measuring 19mmand 24mm.That is impressive given just the prospect of using two keys to make off with your tires alone is quite discouraging

  • The wheel lock is designed with a conical tip that ensures once locked in place it is impossible to remove without the key

    For buyers with a preference for American products this may just be the wheel lock for you – built by a company that has been in business since 1964

  • Given the nut measures about 1.28” you need to confirm with your store they will be suitable for your vehicle before making the purchase
  • This product is sold as a set that includes four lug nuts and the key. Your spare will have to do without the lock whenever in it is in use


Many vehicle owners today have customized vehicles often fitted with high performance tires. Stanced or low profile vehicles are probably the most favored today and can be seen zooming round on many city streets across the US today.

Stanced vehicle often have special extra strong shock absorbers that allow the driver to maintain stability when riding over or brushing against curbs.

For many of these vehicle owners the standard shiny chrome wheel locks are bland – the more colorful Black or Blue Muteki lug nuts lend these sporty cars the right look. Though they are quite pricey in comparison, there is nodenying the Japanese engineered nuts look a lot better.

  • Each nut is ultra light weighing below 2 ounces
  • The product is designed with Chrome vanadium, will keep looking attractive, and remains rugged for much longer. The vanadium nut is less susceptible to chipping under rigorous conditions and has very durable threads
  • The set of 20 nuts is just adequate for the four tires on the tarmac – anytime you use the spare it will have to be with normal/regular nuts


Across many cities today, the sporty looking vehicle is making a comeback. Some of the popular vehicle customization trends today include chrome wraps, stanced cars and power packed engines. High performance tires are often part of this package and these costly accessories are fetching premium prices on the black market.

You cannot track tires and once stolen it is unlikely you will ever find the vandals involved. The most reasonable solution is to invest in the wheel lock to keep criminals at bay. There is a wide range of products on the market and identifying the best option for your needs can be quite a challenge.

This review highlights some of the points you want to keep in mind when shopping for wheel locks. Among the important thoughts to keep in mind include the length of the nut in question – you want to buy products that fit snugly and can withstand the most brutal punishment without damage.

Aesthetics also maters and for the ultimate sporty look you may want to purchase colored lug nuts – just be sure to confirm you are not investing in low quality.

Your vehicle is an asset and investing in good quality accessories is one of the ways you can ensure it remains productive and depreciates less each year.

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