How To Get Mildew Smell Out Of Carpet Completely Without Struggles

Carpets easily capture odors or mildew smell like sponges. The good thing is, it is possible to remove the odor. The bad news is that when the bad smell is the mildew smell, things gets a bit complicated, especially if you fail to get mold early on and it has already reached the backing area of the carpet.

However, there is no doubt that you do want to eliminate that smell and be fast in doing so since the odor can result in damage to your carpet. The damage can result due to the excess moisture which has not completely dried out of it.

Here are some important tips that can assist you to get rid of that unpleasant smell out of your car once and for all: 

Method #1: The Natural Way

#1 - The Use Of Baking Soda

Step 1

Spread the baking soda on the surface of your carpet to have a thick layer of baking soda on it to get the work done effectively and faster. Leave it for around two days if that is possible. If the bad smell is strong, this will be more than enough to finally breath freshness in the air.

However, if you get the feeling that the bad smell comes from within the carpet, you have to make sure you brush the with a carpet broom so as the baking soda can be able to reach the carpet’s fibers. However, you have to be gentle while utilizing the broom to avoid destroying delicate fibers.

Step 2

The next two or days, depending on how long you were comfortable having the baking soda on the carpet and not permitting anyone to step on it, use a strong and stiff broom to brush the top surface of the baking soda.

At this stage, avoid using the vacuum cleaner since all that powder may result in damage to your carpet.

Step 3

After brushing off the baking soda on the surface, vacuum the remaining baking soda with an efficient and strong vacuum.

Step 4

Smell the carpet and see if the smell is still there, if it is still there, do not get tired but repeat the process. The baking soda cannot destroy the carpet.

So, it is okay to use it over and over when necessary. If the mildew smell is stubborn than what you thought at first, then you can call for assistance.

#2 - The Use Of Vinegar

Apart from using the baking soda, you can also consider using the vinegar which is also suitable for eliminating the bad smell from the carpet.

Also, it will eliminate dust mites and mold spores that might be responsible for the asthma attacks and allergic reactions inside your car.

Step 1

Spray white vinegar on the top surface of the carpet. Also, you can blot it using a clean, soft cloth. If the cause of the bad smell is a liquid that spilled on the carpet, it is recommended to deal with it with the application of the vinegar. However, you have to be careful not to saturate the carpet.

Step 2

Allow the acid from the vinegar to work on the bacteria that are causing the mildew smell for about 10 to 20 minutes. After that, blot with a soft, clean cloth to eliminate as much of the vinegar as you can.

Step 3

Sprinkle some clean water to rinse of or just blot the area and ensure you help in absorbing all the remaining water with the use of a clean towel by pressing it on the carpet.

Step 4

After the above process, let the carpet dry completely and do not get tired of repeating the process if you want to be more comfortable with one more round.

Watch video to know more :

Method #2: The Chemical Way ( Hydrogen Peroxide)

Step 1

Before you start using it, you have first to test it on a small section to make sure that it is okay to use on the type of carpet you have.

Step 2

If you realize that the chemical decolorizes your carpet, do not use it. If the colors are not affected, mix a lot of water with a little amount of hydrogen peroxide (ratio of 5:1).

Step 3

Spray the back surface of the carpet with the mixture. This will assist eliminate mold spore; hence, the source of the bad smell.

Another method to use is the use of carpet foam. You have first to vacuum the affected parts and apply the carpet shampoo. Once you are done, use a reasonable amount of carpet shampoo, utilize a sponge to rub it on the carpet.

Allow the shampoo to settle for at least thirty minutes or till it is completely dry. Then, vacuum the whole carpet.

Method #3: The Professional Way

If you find it had to get rid of the mildew smell using the home remedies, you can take your carpet to a professional carpet cleaner to help you remove the mold spore completely.

The most experienced and trusted professionals will always be equipped with advanced technologies and cleaning systems that help them to clean the carpets.


Getting rid of the mildew smell is easy so, in case your carpet has the bad smell, try out one of the methods above and get rid of the odor completely. Do not let your expensive and comfortable carpet get destroy with the mildew smell under your watch.

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