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Get Scratches Out Of Windshield

Once upon a time, the automobile and the convenience of rapid travel was a rare luxury. Many a town had one or two vehicles and the auto shop, bank, bakery, grocery even City Hall fell within the grasp of that single vehicle.

How to get scratches out of that Windshield back then was probably a privilege with many tripping over each other to get the job done. In 1904, Ford designed and made the first commercially available windshield – an optional accessory.

Fast forward to 2017 and you can buy a car on EBay using your phone and credit card – there are long queues/high prices and standards for manufacture of the breadbasket (tiny 2WD drives that can park in any space).

Today’s manufacturer is under scrutiny by organizations with very stringent guidelines. Passenger safety is not optional and passive safety measures ensure all brand new vehicles are fitted with reliable windshields.

These passive safety measures save lives and will get you fined or even have your vehicle impounded today – on a running vehicle. This is particularly difficult situation when it is a business vehicle. If your windshield is beginning to look a little tardy – save money and remove the scratches.

What You Will Need

There are several relatively effective options using compounds available within the home; for starters, we will go with the glass polish options.

1. Glass Polish

Glass Polish

It is easily available and not too pricey. As with many commercial products enhanced/improved formulas are hitting the shelves as we speak. Feel free to experiment with various new brands and share the experience in the comments.

2. Soft Rag

Some glass polish packages have cloth included; if the cloth is not micro fiber you may want to drop the rag and use your own micro fiber rag. Fine grit naturally falls on your vehicle and regular washing/wiping gradually results in tiny scratch marks on paint and glass.

3. Ensure you read/understand the instructions

Each manufacturer has specific directions for dilution or preparation – adherence always leads to better results.

4. Motorized Buffing Tool

5. Buffing Pad

The buffer will help smooth areas formerly scratched and restore the glass to its best condition.

NOTE: Scratches that are impossible/difficult to remove completely are often discrete cracks and may require more attention or even replacing the windshield.

Step-By-Step Instructions For Windshield Scratch Removal

Removing Windshield Scratches With Glass Polish (Cerium Oxide)

Step 1 – Locate The Scratch (es) And Apply The Glass Polish

Just as with detailing polish, use the rag and apply the polish onto the scratch. If there are several scratches apply an even layer of polish over the area.

While you do not want to waste, you need to ensure the polish enters the cracks. After applying the polish work it over the area gently to ensure cracks are covered with the polish. If need be reapply the glass polish.

Step 2- Attach The Soft Buffing Pad And Buff The Polished Region

Buffing with a mechanical tool applies an even amount of pressure with a powerful motor for quicker finish. However, if you have little experience buffing, you could cause some damage – do not begin with high-speed settings and never leave the buffer in one spot too long. (No phone calls allowed).

Also, ensure the buffing pad is suitable for glass. These pads wear out even in storage and if it gets coarse, the results are even less impressive.

NOTE: Scratches that refuse to give in are often deep –if you run your nail over them they would get caught in the scratch. The best way to determine the severity of cracks is using the nail – you should feel the scratch but not get caught/jammed.

Removing Scratches Using Toothpaste

Sounds like a good joke – but it does work for light scratches. If you want to give this a try ensure you experiment with all white toothpaste – the kind that feels a little grainy.

Step 1 – Clean Glass Thoroughly And Allow It To Dry

Wash the glass thoroughly taking time to remove any dust, grit or debris in and around the scratches. Allow the glass to dry.

Step 2 – Prepare A Clean Rag And Apply The Paste


Rinse the clean rag in warm water and rinse till it is just moist – not dripping any water. Any dust, grit left on the cloth causes uneven abrasion.

Apply a pea- sized amount of toothpaste on the cloth and ensure it fits into the cracks. Use circular motion to ensure the paste enters the cracks and go over the area about 30 seconds.

Step 3 – Clean The Rag Once More And Reapply

Rinse the rag once more and reapply the paste over the area – even if it was all well covered. You are gently using the fine grit in the paste to rub off the scratches, for the best finish you may have to go over the glass more than once.

Step 4 – Clean Off The Glass

Clean Off The Glass

Using a clean wet cloth wipe off the remaining paste from the glass. Avoid using circular motions and removing the paste lodge in the cracks.

Removing Windshield Scratches With Baking Soda

Procedure is very much like with toothpaste. Results should vary a great deal depending on the brand of soda in question. For more on how to use this technique, click here.

Removing Windshield Scratches With Metal Polish

The fundamental concept behind metal polish is a lot like toothpaste or baking soda. The compound suspends a coarse/abrasive component that creates a finely smoothed finish. More on this technique here.

Removing Isolated Windshield Scratches With Nail Polish

Nail Polish

This is more of a hack than a removal procedure. Your goal is to apply the polish discreetly and mask the scratch. It is a delicate procedure but will have the glass looking scratch free.

You can watch videos for easier practice:


Especially for people with small cars leaving damage/wear to run riot says a lot about the owner. You need to learn how to keep your car looking decent at all costs even with hacks.

Windshields are very important and can be the reason you are pulled over and fined or have the vehicle impounded. This can be terrible news for a delivery truck or van. Here are some tips on how to remove scratches out of windshield.

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