How To Install Component Speaker In The Shortest Time Possible

Car Speakers

It uses separate tweeters, speakers, and the crossover to enable it to send out a very dynamic sound. If you install it in your car, you will enjoy the sound that comes out. The crossover produces low frequencies which are then transmitted to the woofer while the high frequencies are sent to the tweeters, making each driver produce a clear sound.

The component speakers will offer you with greater imaging possibilities as compared to full range speakers due to increased flexibility in aim, placement, and control.

That is why knowing how to install component speakers is a must for all music lovers. Though it is expensive, it is worth the price and its installation requires much time and dedication than the normal speaker installation.

Depending on the type of vehicle you have and where you choose to do the placement of the component speakers, you might require to do drills or even cut; prepare for this and more. And that is the reason why I came up with this installation guide to enable you to have a glimpse of what to expect.

What You Require

1. Shop Rag

Shop Rag

It will be used to remove dirt and make sure that the circuit board is clean during the installation. It will have a variety of work during the component installation.

2. Wire Ties

Wire Ties

It will be used to harness and bundle the wires during installation. It is capable of holding small loads and large ones too so it is a must have.

3. Jigsaw

It will be used during the speaker installation to cut angles up to 45 degrees and miter joints. Make sure it is available.

4. Screwdriver


You will use it to fasten screws or to make starter holes.

5. Utility Knife

Utility Knife

You will need it for utility purposes during installation like cutting wires or other crafts.

6. Wire Stripper

Wire Stripper

Needed for stripping the electrical insulation of the electric wires during cabling.

7. Heat Gun

Heat Gun

It will be used for provision of hot air.

8. Socket


It will be used for power sourcing.

9. Retaining Clip Remover


It will be used for removing the clips.

10. Allen Wrenches

Allen Wrenches

11. Wire Cutter

Wire Cutter

It will be used for cutting the wire during the installation.

12. Soldering Iron

Soldering Iron

It will be used for fixing the tweeters, speakers and the crossover intact so that they don’t move but remain intact.

13. File

There are some areas which will require filing during the installation.

14. Electric Drill

Electric Drill

It will be used for drilling holes wherever you want to install the component speakers.

How To Install Component Speaker

How To Install The Tweeters In A Component Speaker

Component Speakers

I did place mine on the doors, but you can do it wherever you think is best for you like in the kick panels, the car sail or the dashboard. You will need to do some modification on the panel as very few vehicles come with a factory tweeter mounts. The extent to which you will do the modification will entirely depend on your vehicle model, the mounting method; surface mounting or flush mount.

Surface Mounting

If you decide to use the surface mounting, then there will be no need for modifications as you will just place the tweeters on top of a surface leaving you with a more noticeable installation.

Flush Mounting

You will need to cut a hole through the door or whichever surface that will be preferable to you to allow the tweeters to sit level with the interior panel, thus giving it a smooth, customized look.

Whichever method you decide to use, make sure that the tweeters are mounted within 12 inches of the woofer to avoid a sonic wave cancellation happening, which interferes with the low and high-frequency production.

How To Install The Woofer In A Component Speaker

Car Speaker

You are free to install it on the kick panel, your dashboard or doors, whatever you find comfortable with yourself. Most cars come with factory speaker location.

Thus, you can use it to install them with little or no adjustment to them. All you will need to do is to drill some extra holes where to fix screws, cut a small area of Pressboard or metal, or you can decide to file the door panel.

Car Audio System

If you have to modify, you will require drilling and cutting. Make sure that, before you start the cutting and drilling, you are not going to interfere with the car mechanism at all and that the speakers will be able to fit. The process can be complicated and time-consuming, especially when you are doing it for the first time. Just take precautions, and everything will run on smoothly.

How To Install The Crossover

Car Audio System

It can be tricky for you when it comes to finding the ideal spot in your car where to install the crossover as it needs to be kept in a place with no interference from any moving parts of the car and where they won’t vibrate or get wet.

The ideal place to mount your crossover is the panel near the speakers though some of my friends have mounted them under the car seat. When you mount the panel closer to the speaker, it becomes better as it will be able to cut down on noise production. For housing the crossovers, you can do it behind the kick panels or the door.

Other Things To Consider

Component speaker

Do you need new wiring? If you are installing the component speakers using the factory or aftermarket stereo, then the wire which came with the system can just be fine.

But if you are planning to add other components such as an external amplifier at 50 watts RMS and above, then I recommend that you remove the factory wire and use a new one of between 14 to 16 gauge.


Just like with any other electronic installation, you will need to disconnect the negative cable from the battery to avoid any accident on yourself or your car. At the same time, make sure that the tools above are at hand so that, once you start the job, you don’t stop midway to search for a missing tool.

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