The Best Ways To Measure A Lug Pattern That Everyone Should Know About

When you know the correct lug pattern for your vehicle, you will be able to do a proper fitting of wheels on it, be it aftermarket or new fitting. It is more important than even the offset due to the fact that, it refers to the distance between lug holes in the wheel, and the number present.

So you have to make sure that, the pattern on the car is matching the lug pattern on the car, otherwise, it will be impossible for them to be compatible. Due to the fact that they are available in different sizes, they are expressed in two different units: millimeters or inches.

You Will Need The Following

In order to tighten the lug nuts, you will require simple things, though if you are using a technician, they will try to make you understand that it is a tough task. All you need to make the job a success include:

  • A tape measure
  • Bolt pattern gauge
  • A torq or lug wrench

Methods To Determine A Lug Pattern On A Wheel

The following are some of the many methods which you can use to determine a lug pattern:

  • Using the distance from the center of the bolt hole to the one adjacent to it
  • Checking out the number of bolt circles and the lugs

Method 1 : Distance Of Bolt Hole And The Adjacent One

Using this method, you will be able to tell the size of the lug pattern. The following examples can serve to give you a clear insight into this method:

  • A lug pattern will be considered to be 5 in 4- ½ if the distance is 2-5/8
  • A lug pattern will be considered to be 5 in 5- ½ if the distance is 3 – ¼
  • A lug pattern will be considered to be 5 in 5 if the distance is 3 inches
  • A lug pattern will be considered to be 5 in 4 – ¾ if the distance is 2 -3/4

You will find this method to be easy to use to determine the distance, but in order to use it, you will have to understand what it means to consider the lug pattern on the distance that you are trying to put it on.

Here, the approximation is what comes into play; unless you have a bolt pattern gauge, it will be impossible to come up with an accurate measurement.

You might be wondering what a bolt pattern gauge is because it is not widely available and it is possible that, you don’t have it in your part of the world.

The good thing is that most specialists who handle vehicles have specifications for each type, making it possible to know what type of lug pattern yours has. Make sure you check out with them to find out if your car is listed so that you can review the information.

Method 2: The Lugs And Bolt Circle Method

If you decide that this is the method to use to determine the distance of the lug pattern, then you have to check out the odd and even numbers on the lugs.

In case the number of lugs is odd, you will have to measure it from the center of a lug to a point which should be a half way on the bolt circle, directly opposite two lugs.

This could be challenging because, in the case of an odd number, it is hard to find a lug which is opposite another, thus putting approximation into action.

In the case of an even number, it becomes easy because, all you need to do is to make sure that you measure center to center of lugs which are directly opposite each other, thus making the method to be the favorite of many.

A tape measure can be used to take the measurements in cases where you don’t have an alternative. The lug studs on the car’s rotor are measured; make sure the tape measure has both the millimeter and inch scales to make your work easier.

It is run from one stud center to the next one that is oppositely adjacent from the one you picked. You will be done with the measurement in the shortest time possible, without feeling tired or exhausted.

Other Important Things To Consider

When working out on the lug pattern measurement, there are other things which need to be considered in order to make the whole process a success. You will need to know the following:

  • The wheel backspacing should be known in order to make sure that the wheel clearance is done properly
  • You should be able to read a tire sidewall in order to understand the tire sidewall markings which are common
  • You should be able to know the correct wheel lug nut for your vehicle
  • The tire size comparison calculator should be something you know very well because, it will help you when it comes to solving problems related to wheel, circumferences, tire size, speedometer reading, ratio, diameter, width, and speed


In conclusion, it is important make sure that you have your vehicle specifications, because this is what will help you in getting the correct measurements.

They can be between 3 to 10 lug holes, get the right one that matches your vehicle and you will be able to calculate a measurement of the lug pattern with ease, using the method you deem best for you.

You can share this article with others to enable them to learn more about the methods used to get the measurement of the lug patterns to save them time looking for them all over the internet.

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