4 Steps On How To Use A Fuse Tap On Your Car – No.3 Is Just Hilarious

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Fuse taps come in handy, especially when you want to do do a car stereo. In case you have a new car, it will be easier for you to install the stereo using a fuse tap as it will take you the shortest time possible to do so. When you are doing that, you should remember that some systems and cars are more complicated as compared to others.

Thus, each car stereo will be different from one another with specifics varying. Make sure that you read the instructions which come with your new stereo before attempting to install it.

Functions Of A Fuse Tap

A fuse tap functions similar to an adapter or an electric outlet splitter

A fuse tap functions similar to an adapter or an electric outlet splitter. Once plugged into an electrical outlet, it will provide more than one outlet to the previously only one outlet available space.

Just like the electric outlet splitters, the fuse tap plug serves the purpose of giving an extra outlet for power when the fuse box is full; you will need to remove one fuse in the box to accommodate the fuse tap. The removed fuse can then be plugged into the tap because it can accommodate more than one fuse.

You only need to use a fuse when you are adding electrical components to your car like a car stereo system and only if there is no space in the fuse box circuits to accommodate it.

Though the fuse tap doesn’t do any harm to the car, it does not make sense to have it in your car if the fuse box still has some free circuits.

What You Will Need To Install The Fuse Tap

  • A fuse tap
  • Slot in the fuse box
  • A wire
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Blade fuses
  • Wire cutter
  • Crimper

Step By Step On How To Install The Fuse Tap

When you want to install a fuse tap, for example for your car stereo installation, it shouldn’t take you more than one hour. If you have never worked before with the car fuse box or electrical systems, it is important that you do some background checks to research and understand which concept is the way the fuse works to help you in doing the correct installation and doing it safely.

You might decide to do it differently, but the following is my general guideline on how I did it for my car.

1.Going To The Shop To Purchase The Fuse Tap

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First of all, before you think of installing a fuse tap, you will need to buy one from the electrical shop.

When you do so, make sure that the fuse tap you purchase is one that is compatible with your size and voltage requirements for the new equipment you are about to install and the fuse box of your car.

Check out if your car uses blade fuses, which are plastic pieces which are thin with two metal prongs. This fuse type can accommodate most fuse taps. Just make sure that you check it out before you go out shopping.

If you have the blade fuses, you will have to use color coding because that is what it uses to differentiate between voltage values. As a precaution, it is good to purchase extra blade fuses just in case the fuses break while you are trying to remove and install them; it could also be that the car stereo doesn’t have a fuse for you to use.

2.Get Rid Of The Existing Fuse

Using the needle nose pliers, pull out the blade fuse

Using the needle nose pliers, pull out the blade fuse you have chosen to remove out of the fuse box of your car so as to create an open circuit slot where you will place the fuse tap. Place this fuse aside as you will reinsert it in the fuse tap once you have installed it.

3.Wire Insertion

It is now time to insert the wire from your new car stereo into the open wire at the end of the fuse tap. To be sure that you are doing it correctly, use a tool like a wire cutter or these tools which come as a combination of cutting, stripping, and crimping as they come in hand during this particular process.

The tool should be used to make sure that the wire seal is intact into the fuse tap using the wire from the car stereo and the one attached at the end of the fuse tap.

4.Fuse Tap and Fuses Installation

Fuse Tap Installation

The fuses you removed to make room for the fuse tap should now fix into the fuse tap, and another one should fix the car stereo system. Make sure you install them in the fuse tap slots; they should be fit and secure.

You can ensure this by making sure that you apply pressure in a straight downward motion. The tap inserted in the circuit which frees in the fuse box.


Fuse taps are important because they will help in creating extra circuits in the fuse box. You don’t have to be stranded with new electrical equipment just because your fuse box is full; utilize the use of a fuse taps.

Using this article on how to use a fuse tap, you will find it very economical and easy to use. Am sure you have been able to learn something new from reading this article. Please share the knowledge with others who are on the social media so that they, too, get enlightened about the same.

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