How To Use A Tow Strap In The Right Way Without Causing Damage To Your Vehicle

tow strap

The right recovery strap and how to use it can make the difference between pulling your vehicle safely or if you need to wait for a truck to do the job for you.

If you know how to use a tow strap, you will not be worried when, by any chance, you get stuck along the way. Make sure that, the strap you have is high quality and you know how to use it correctly.

Many people have been killed and others injured due to the main reason for using the strap incorrectly. The strap because it is meant for towing and not recovering, will not stretch while in use.

Tips To Using Tow Straps

1. Before you decide that you want to use it, make sure that it is in good condition with no broken stitching, no frays, and no cuts.

2. You can wrap the strap around a hitch, but avoid putting it into the hitch. I have friends who have tried to bend the pin, and the end results have been cutting it out. It is advisable that you get the D-Ring adaptor or a tow hook which will then be used to go into the hitch.

3. Make sure that, the hardware in use is free from rust and defects. Check out the front hitch or tow hooks, and the hardware on the other vehicle. You should place the tow strap to the rear of the towing vehicle which is the safest just in case the strap breaks.

Use A Tow Strap

4. Don’t try to attach a tow strap to a vehicle bumper, steering rods, suspension, axles, or a trailer hitch ball. Make sure that the attach points are a secure place on the vehicle frame. Avoid placing the to strap on another vehicle in a way that it may be cut.

5. In case while towing the strap breaks, you should lay a tarp on top of the recovery strap. In most cases when the strap breaks, the tarp will slow down before hitting someone.

6. Never try to attach a tow strap to another vehicle with a knot. The best way to do is to pass one end of the strap through the loop at the other end of the strap to secure it.

7. To avoid the tow strap from faster wear and tear, make sure all large rocks and logs are out of the way with everyone around standing clear of the tow strap when in use.

8. Once the vehicle moved safely, make sure to inspect the tow strap to be sure that it is in good shape for use next time, otherwise, do a replacement.

9. When a vehicle pulled out of a trench, make sure the towing car is driven slowly because sudden tugs can lead to damage of either the tow strap or the vehicle

10. Make sure that you read the instruction which comes with your type of strap. It should be stored away from sunlight and heat, and make sure you keep it clean all the time because, dirt damages the fibers over time, thus decreasing the strength.

Step By Step On How To Use A Tow Strap

1. Attaching The Hook To The Pulling Car

Use Tow Strap to Pulling Car

Check the rear of the vehicle as most of them have a solid mounting point which is usually attached to the mounting bumper points or nearby.

In case you have a trailer hitch, just check, you will be able to see steel loops for mounting a hook. Make sure you attach the hook firmly to one of the most secure places.

2. Getting The Tow Strap On The Car That Needs To Be Pulled

After securely fixing the hook to the pulling car, it is time now to hook the other end to the pulling car. Check out for a strong steel loop which should mount beneath the bumper. Some tow hooks, cover with a plastic cover.

If you have a manual, you can go through it to make sure that you are doing the right thing.

3. Using The Tow Strap To Pull The Car

After getting both ends securely tightly, it is now time to pull, and you should put in mind that

  • You should never pull a vehicle which is unattended without a tow strap
  • Don’t jerk, drive smoothly during the pull
  • Don’t be at highway speeds when towing

With both vehicles being controlled by a driver, the pulling vehicle should slowly creep forward until the tow strap tight. Never be in a hurry to start; once the strap is tight, you can now begin to pull the vehicle in slow and nice movements. Any jerky movements will cause damage to the car and the tow strap.

4. The Don’ts

Never make the mistake of attaching the strap to something which is not strong enough like made of steel, that is attached firmly to the car. Bumpers of modern cars are not strong enough to hold the pressure of the pull so don’t dare use it as a mount option.


Now that you know how to use a tow strap; the dos and the don’ts, it will be best if you shared the information with others in a circle to enable them to carry out the tow in the right way.

Information is power, and because I have shared it freely with you, it won’t do you harm if you did the same with social media. You can even start a debate about it and see some of the other options that your friends have to come up.

Be safe, make sure you do it the correct way; save your tow strap, yourself, and your car by following the tips and instruction given in this article.

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Alexandria Martinez - September 13, 2017

My brother needs to buy some tow ropes but is unsure how to use them. I will let him know that he should get a tow hook to be used in the hitch. That way he knows that he is doing a proper job and not damaging anything.


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