Everyday Safe Driving Tips: How to Avoid Distractions on the Road

One of the easiest ways to be a safe driver is learning how to identify distractions on the road and avoiding them. 

Here's the deal:

We're surrounded by distractions 24/7, and that remains true once you get behind the wheel. From noisy passengers to a ringing smartphone, there's plenty to pull our eyes and focus from the road. 

And that's bad news. 

Keeping your attention on the road and the other cars around you is how you'll avoid sudden stops or unnecessary collisions with other vehicles. Maybe you're feeling emotional and your mind starts to wander; or the french fries you just got from the drive-thru are calling to you. 

Either way, these little things can easily cause you to miss some big obstacles while you're behind the wheel. 

The answer?

Keep a clear head and your hands at two-and-ten. When you're driving, you not only have to worry about your safety but that of your passengers and other drivers as well. By staying focused and attentive to the drive ahead you'll be keeping yourself safe and the road safer.

12 Tips and Stats on Avoiding Distractions Behind the Wheel

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