When Is It Too Cold To Wash Your Car To Avoid Damages


Whether you just bought a truck or you simply love it, the idea of wintertime snow, as well as salt on your vehicle’s paint finish, can stress you out. And if you are one of those car owners, you dislike brushing up the dirty exterior and getting your clothes covered with muck.

However, is it too cold to bring your vehicle to a car wash? And when is it safe to do that? Also, if you do take your car to the car wash and your car’s doors end up frozen shut, will your vehicle’s insurance assist you in fixing your truck? It is possible to wash your car during the cold weather, but with the right tips. If you have the correct tips, you can prevent your car’s doors and other parts from freezing.

It Matters How You Wash

Wash Your Car

Sub-freezing car washing comes down to the type of car wash facility you want to use. Obviously, the idea of hand washing your truck outside should be out of the picture in cold weather, but what about the professional car washes? Is the truck washes safe to utilize when the weather is too cold? It depends.

A professional car wash that can stay open in temperatures below the freezing point is always guaranteed to achieve a closed off as well as treated washing tunnel or bay.

Having this idea in mind, let us take a look at some of the car washes: full service, soft-touch tunnel, touchless tunnel, and gas station touchless.

Touchless Winter Washing

Winter Washing Car

The touchless car washes should use very high pressure so as to complete the washing process, as well as the chemical reaction that occurs in your car (in their Hi-Lo method of washing, chemically eliminating the dirt off your truck) does not work well in cold weather.

It is very important to understand that most of the touchless truck washes which you will encounter are mostly of the in-bay automatic at the gas stations. These car washes do not have the hand towel drying, allowing doors as well as other car parts to freeze.

Soft Touch Winter Washing

Winter Washing Car

Soft touch winter washing, which is safe than touchless winter washing, is still not ideal in very cold temperatures.

It is not completely safe because there are no workers to dry excess water off the car and out of your door jambs causing your car doors and parts to freeze.

Dangers Of Incorrectly Cleaning Your Truck In The Winter

Winter Washing Car

If you do not know the appropriate ways to wash your car in cold weather, you may experience some negative issues when you wash your car. The problem of washing the vehicle in weather is that the water you are using to wash your car might freeze before drying, causing the locks and the windows to freeze.

To avoid these problems, the important thing is to use a truck wash facility in which a hand towel dries our vehicle (the door jambs) and uses low-pressure washing method.

The towel drying is important since it eliminates 100 percent of the water from the car’s exterior and removing the water from the door jambs, doing away with any chances of frozen locks and doors. High pressure is not advisable due to the chance that a car will get water forced into the door locks as well as other components.

Tips To Consider During The Cold Weather

Washing Car

Many factors play a role in cold weather such as the period at which the temperatures will be below the freezing point and the humidity level. Try to consider the following tips:

  • Try to avoid washing your truck if the temperature is below freezing point are likely to remain that way in the next few days.
  • Avoid applying polishes or waxes to cars when the temperatures are below or near freezing point.
  • When the temperature is dropping, run your car for thirty minutes or an hour before washing it and another 30 minutes after washing it. This warms up the vehicle and minimizes the chances of freezing.
  • Instead of cleaning with plenty water, consider using a clean towel to wipe off the exterior of the truck.
  • Clean the vehicle in the middle of the day when there are signs that the day will be warmer and sunny.

What To Do When You Find Your Car’s Parts Are Frozen

Washing Car

When you wash your truck and the temperatures are below freezing point, you are likely to get your windows or locks frozen. In that case, do not try to open them or pry the door open. It is recommended you let the windows and the doors to dry out on their own.

However, in case you need some repairs, call an expert to eliminate the risks. Most of the car insurance may not or may cover the price of the repairs. Consult your car’s insurance company to find out more.

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Washing Car

Washing the car during the cold weather requires one to be keen on various factor. With soft touch washing and the best low pressure as well as hand cotton towel drying, it is possible to wash your car under shallow temperatures.

It is also important to note that all your wash packages should include the hand prep which eliminates all the snow before you start washing your car.

Also, consider a low-pressure underbody rinse that utilizes clear water to remove excess sand and salt that accumulates on the car’s chassis while driving in cold weather. With all these great tips of washing your car during the cold season, your car is likely to get fewer problems.

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G & G MOBILE VALETING - July 3, 2019

I do this for a living and when the temperature gets to 1 degree then its time to pack up and go home. At around 1 degree my chemicals start freezing up, I can spray the interior dash board with chemical and it either freezes on the dash board or the chemical just freezes on my microfiber cloth.

A vehicles interior will be much colder than the exterior, washing cars at low temperatures close to freezing can be dangerous as water soon turns to ice on the floor. Also once the temperatures are around 1 degree the water can freeze on the car so you can end up pushing ice around on your car.

Using hot water sounds great but hot water freezers quicker than cold. Put the kettle on instead and leave your pride and joy dirty until things warm up.


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