5 Must Have Tools for Audi Repairs

Working on your own Audi can save time and money as long as you have the know-how and the right tools. Routine car maintenance doesn’t have to be carried out at a garage and if you do learn the basics you might even be able to fix the car should it break down.

That said you will need to invest in some specific auto repair tools before you start to inflict your repair skills on your car. It’s no use digging out some old screwdrivers from the bottom of your rusty toolkit.

Our friends at Big Motoring World know a thing or two about Audis and have given up their top 5 must have tools. You can find their extensive range of used Audi cars here https://www.bigmotoringworld.co.uk/used/cars/audi/

Auto repairs require specific specialist tools so here are five things you will need before you can think about trying to work on your Audi:

  1. A Socket Set

A socket set is one of the most important tools you will need to have before beginning to work on your Audi at home. Mechanic socket sets include both standard sizes and metric sizes.

You will need to make sure the set includes half inch, three-eighth inch and quarter inch drivers and sockets to help cover all eventualities.

It can also be useful to buy a set which comes with thin-walled sockets and has options for extensions so that your tools cover all mechanical situations.

  1. Pliers and Wire Cutters

Cars often require electrical work whether it is to fit a new stereo and speakers, or to wire in a pair of new headlights. To carry out this type of electrical work you will require pliers in a wide variety of sizes to enable you to work on all aspects of the vehicle.

Wire cutters and wire strippers are also really useful for this type of electrical work and again, these come in a variety of sizes which will enable access to different aspects of the vehicle more easily.

  1. Wrenches

A torque wrench is an essential tool for beginner mechanics as they often don’t think about setting car nuts to the correct torque. If a nut is set too tightly it can make the bolt shear off which makes it incredibly hard to remove at a later date.

A torque wrench makes sure the nuts are only tightened to the correct specifications so is a perfect addition to a car tool kit. Make sure you don’t use a torque wrench to take lug nuts off a car as that will risk damaging the wrench.

However, an impact wrench is a great tool for removing those tricky lug nuts so look for a set of impact wrenches to add to your toolkit, and a general wrench set with a ratcheting box will also help to ensure you always have the right tool for every job.

  1. Tools to keep wires safe

There are a couple of tools which help to keep motor mechanics safe from potential wiring accidents when carrying out repairs. For example, zip ties can help keep wires away from any moving or hot elements in the engine, as well as keeping bundles of wires neat and tidy.

If you want to check whether wires are working and see how much power is going through them, a multi meter is the perfect tool. It enables you to work safely within your car’s electrical system rather than trying to guess.

It’s also the perfect tool for helping to track down annoying electrical faults which can impact modern day car systems.

  1. Cleaning and Lubrication Products

While not strictly tools, cleaning and lubrication products can be invaluable when working on repairing your own Audi car. All mechanical elements need to be cleaned and lubricated to work properly, which is where these products come into their own.

Sprays are the most practical, to enable you to reach more easily. Some products will help to loosen tight and rusted bolts and enable you to undo them, while cleaners will help remove dirt build up and grease accumulation, making sure all moving elements including brakes and steering systems, are working efficiently and not becoming clogged.

These products can also be used after any work has been carried out, to make sure new or replaced elements are properly lubricated, as required, before driving the car, avoiding any potential problems.

Many people now opt to carry out routine maintenance on their own Audi cars to save money and improve their own mechanical skills but without a specialist tool set it is virtually impossible to work effectively on any car.

This list of tools includes just some essentials for the car mechanic’s toolbox which can help make life easier when working on your car, and there is plenty of advice and guidance available online in specialist Audi forums. However, if in doubt or you are unsure about what is wrong with your car, you should always seek advice from a professional Audi specialist mechanic.

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