What Are Bushings On A Car – Maintenance And Driving Tips


Motoring has come a long way…

In the early 1900’s motor vehicles were a lot like riding a chariot or horse powered cart. All you got to enjoy was speed in arriving at your destination.

The ride was another question, bumpy and would probably be very uncomfortable over long distances. This was before technology improved motor vehicle design and introduced bushing. What are bushings on a car?

The simplest definition of bushing would be any additional component attached to a joint to provide cushioning. Today there is a lot more bushing and this is why our motor vehicles can run almost unheard – advanced bushing eliminates all vibration between the engine and body/chassis, impact from wheels and suspension system and much more.

This video illustrates the difference between bushing and bearings both used to make movement smoother and often working in tandem.

Where And What Are Bushings On A Car?

Bushings On A Car

Given these shock insulators – bushes are used widely in mechanics of any motor vehicle it would be good to just point out where they may be located, how they are fitted and any components that requires or is enhanced by bushing.

Bushing is everywhere from the engine mounting to shock absorption system

Modification Don’ts And Bushing

Motor enthusiast come in all shapes and sizes; on one hand the speed enthusiast, on another the power maniac, and the upgrade enthusiast, etc.

Far as bushing is concerned, all may have at one time or another thought or discussed bushing. If you have lowered/stanced your vehicle the ground clearance may be as little as 6 inches. It is not much when you just look at it – imagine hitting a curb at 120 MP/h just 6 inches off the ground.

Some component has to absorb that beating or you should be lying in hospital nursing serious injuries just following the impact.

1. Do Not Add Leaf Springs Before Consulting

The leaf spring adds additional support below the chassis. It may appear that just adding or removing one has no impact on your performance. Keep in mind each chassis and suspension system is tested with very specific parameters – that includes ground clearance.

This addition could well adversely affect weight distribution making your vehicle bounce well over rough ground but tip over with equal ease.

2. Do Not Stance Your Vehicle Without Understanding How It Affects The Suspension

I go to the gym every once in a while, and enjoy using the treadmill in the house to remain in shape. This is a challenge I would rather not delve further with but it makes for a good example.

Imagine an exercise such as squats – you place the weight on the barbell, position yourself underneath, take it off the hooks, complete one set and replace the barbell and rest waiting to resume the next set.

Low profile vehicle are like doing a half squat – your full extension is much lower than I would be while doing full squats. Likewise, low profile means the space beneath the vehicle and road is reduced; vehicle is more stable but there is less wiggle room for the suspension.

You will have to install advanced suspensions to ensure your vehicle chassis does not disintegrate on impact with any bumps.

3. Do Not Forget To Oil Bushes

That smooth running engine has many rotating parts inside that require plenty of additional shock absorption – bushing. Installing new bushing will achieve little if they are not adequately oiled, especially where bearings are concerned.

Adequate oiling ensures the bearings rotate as needed and can absorb any impact without falling out of place or chipping (reducing their effectiveness).

Browse For Info On Your Motor Vehicle – Easier/Better Maintenance

As engineers toil to produce better vehicles various issues often arise. For instance, on the 2001-06 Mini Cooper the front arm bushing has been reported by a few owners to be prone to failure.

This observation being made almost 5 years into the manufacturing period. Even the best engines have a flaw and only time reveals that flaw.

Learn something new about your vehicle whenever you have the opportunity – it is good to have advanced knowledge on possible issues so you can respond in time.

Product Reviews

Via Amazon.com

The front arm is a short metallic extension is often the seat/link to the front suspension. You can be sure none is flimsy enough to crack or fold – stringent manufacture regulations take care of that for us all.

Nevertheless, you want to learn about the length of the bush and arm – either may be inadequate affecting the entire suspension systems/components.

Unlike gaskets used to mount the engine, suspension bushing is relatively standard and you may find something that fits and works better.

The ACDelco product is TS 16949-certified for proper alignment and is built to match the premium quality buyer.

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    Lifetime warranty long as you still own the vehicle
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    Easily accessible – you can find this on Amazon.com
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    Works on various models – including Honda CR
  • Like anything sold online identifying fakes could one day become a problem. If you have to place an order have the expert at the shop confirm/identify trusted reseller

Via Amazon.com

With so much emphasis on the suspension, we may have led you to believe that’s the only bushing on your vehicle. This product is used to mount the engine of your vehicle to the chassis – isn’t it funny that while a set of these bushing/mountings costs less than $50?

Heaving the engine into place though will cost a lot more – one of the issues you should keep in mind with most jobs involving bushing.


The products works well on various models but you need to confirm with your auto shop. You can trust the manufacturers products owing to their 30 + years experience.

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    All parts are tested to ensure they meet mounting requirements
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    Can be installed on various models
  • If you place an order online, be wary of fakes. Have a trusted reseller or auto shop place the order on your behalf.

Via Amazon.com

Low profile sporty vehicles require a little more when it comes to shock absorption than the everyday driver. This product is designed for that driver.


Megan racing accessories are designed to the highest standards and will deliver time and again for many years to come.

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    Product is not vehicle specific – ask your auto technician if they are ideal for your car.
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    Easily available – sold on Amazon.com
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    Easy to install
  • Be cautious about fakes when buying online – ask your auto shop/dealer to place the order on your behalf.


Motor vehicle bushing is one of those key aspects to high performing machines and engines. It can be a complex selection given parts and accessories are changing each day. This guide could be useful to find the best product for your needs.

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