What Do Coilovers Do And How They Can Improve Your Car’s Performance


When the oversized wheels appeared on the scene, the automotive industry got a totally new face.

The coilovers made everything seem so easy and now we can talk about them as the best combos that rule the automotive world. However, not many people know exactly what they are used for and what advantages they can bring to your car.

But, do not worry; this is what I am going to clarify for you in this article. First of all, the coilovers are extremely convenient. But, the convenience is not the only thing they can bring on the scene.

Car Coilovers

Apart from the tires, the coilovers are the other important element that makes the car handling very easy. Even though it may seem very easy to choose the right coilovers, in reality the decision is not so simple. Apart from the standard version, there are also other models on the market.

If you are looking for high-performance equipment, then you can opt for slip-fit coilovers or the full-bodied ones. As I have been dealing with this difficult choice myself, I decided to write this article for you. My goal is to help you make a faster and tailored-made decision when it comes to buying coilovers for your car.

What Do Coilovers Do And How They Can Improve Your Car’s Performance

What Do Coilovers Do?

Car Coilovers

We all know that the springs are one important element for a car. When car manufacturers make the springs, they make them into coils. Therefore, they are able to compress and retract depending on the weight you put on your car.

This is how the term coilovers appeared representing the coiled springs that help the car go over a shock. People love these adjustable coilovers because they allow them to adjust their cars to their desired height.

So far, I have seen two types of coilovers on the market. The first one and most common is the single-threaded shock casing. This one comes with a locking collar that was designed to spin on the sleeve.

This is an incredible setup that offers height adjustability during the ride. It just uses some simple turns of the collar and a locking key.

What Are The Coilovers Advantages?

Car Coilovers

Thinking of the first most important advantages that the coilovers possess, there is one simple answer to give you. They offer both easy handling and adjustability.

When you choose a good coilover, you will notice that it is able to improve the handling in almost any car model you would possess.

However, not all the models on the market are able to offer such big advantages. In general, the “well-designed” kits will be able to help you have a better handling and adjustability.

Car Coilovers

Therefore, when you choose your coilovers setup, you should keep in mind two important rules:

  • Even though the most expensive products are not always the best, in the case of the coilovers the things are completely different. If you want the best performance from your car, then you should choose the more expensive systems.

    Of course, I am not saying that the most expensive kits will guarantee the best handling ever, but from my experience I can tell you that the inexpensive ones will not offer you the results you expect.
  • If your car is already handling pretty well, then your investment might be a bit too high. From my point of view, you should not spend more money on making it better. Keep always in mind that a coilover setup costs some thousands of dollars. You will have to add to this cost, all the work that your mechanic has to do and for which he will also ask for more money.

    Therefore, it is always better to weigh all these costs before you decide to buy a new coilover setup even though your car is working fine.
Car Coilovers

What is more, if we are to think about the coilovers advantages, they work great during racing. If you like going to races, then you know that the coilovers help you to dial-in your car. How do they do that? They help you balance out the weight transfer at all four corners.

Therefore, they help a lot in getting maximum traction. Moreover, if you like racing on the road, then the coilovers bring some advantages there too. They provide adjustability and help in the proper weight distribution and ride height.

On the other hand, if you are not that much into racing, then the coilovers will also help in the day to day driving. They are just perfect to slam your car right down to the ground or they will help you accommodate your car for any road conditions.

Therefore, if you feel that your car is too low, then you can adjust it to the height you desire. Everything is so simple when you have good pair of coilovers.


Car Coilovers

To put it in a nutshell, the coilovers are one of the best inventions that the manufacturers produced for our cars. When it comes to driving a car, our safety and performance are on the top of my concerns.

Therefore, considering that hazards can always appear, I always try to keep the pace with the latest innovations and do everything I can to keep my car perform well and be safe at the same time.

This is why my recommendation is to always keep in mind that if you choose a cheap product, you will not benefit from the same performance as if you would be buying a more expensive product.

When it comes to the coilovers, this rule definitely applies. Thus, when you want to choose the best coilovers for your car, it is always better to discuss with your mechanic and choose the product that is best for you.

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