What Do Wheel Spacers Do That Makes Them A Must Have During Wheel Installation

Wheel Spacers

So what are wheel spacers and what are they used for? They are the solution to fit the tire between the wheel and the hub. You may then ask yourself, what do wheel spacers do to make it possible for an otherwise wider large tire to fit in the wheel?

To answer this question, you will need to understand what wheel spacer does; the truth about them should be told here. It is important that you purchase it and let it be part of your aftermarket as they will help you to improve your car’s stance

Why You Should Use A Wheel Spacer

Wheel Spacers

Apart from what has been stated above, you find out that, the wheel spacer will give you more service when it comes to:

1. Handing - How Is It Done Using A Wheel Spacer

By the wheels being spaced apart, it makes the car to be more stable, thus, making it possible to add an even wider wheel without having to struggle. All this is done at no extra cost or sweat.

2. Improving The Appearance Of The Wheel

When the wheel is pushed further out, it gives them to have a better appearance, thus adding stylish to your car. So if you have a taste for bigger wheels, you will achieve this by using the wheel spacers; you have control over your choice and thus, do what you think will please or give you satisfaction.

3. Correction

By mistake, you could have bought wheels which are not the right size for your car, using the wheel spacers, you can correct the offset.

The chances are, the offset is too high or too low for your car; if they are too high, it results in the wheels sitting too far inward, thus making the car to have an unattractive appearance, making the tire to rub on the inside of the wheel or suspension components. All this will be corrected by a wheel spacer, giving your car back to its intended beauty.

The Best Size of Wheel Spacers To Use On Your Car

Wheel Spacers

What size of the wheel spacer is the best for my car? It is the most common question that most car owners keep on asking. Though it sounds so easy, this is not a question with one answer to it.

It is because, if it were easy, then we all could be using the same size, but because it is not, that is why everyone has their size.

A wheel spacer being a tool that is used for various purposes, each person has their reason why they want one; but whatever the reason, it all leads to the amount of space you are working on.

The tire-fender clearance has to be measured to know the size of wheel spacer you need. Make sure that you do not exceed the space because that will end up causing the tire to rub on the fender while making it thin might not be able to allow you to meet your needs.

It is advisable that, when it comes to spacers, no assumptions should be made as every situation. Thus, it is best if you measure your cars because the truth is, yours is not the same as mine. What determines the wheel spacer includes tire size, wheel size, suspension, and suspension.

If you don’t know the above specifications, the best you can do is to guess the type of wheel suspension, which will not be good for you.

How To Measure The Size Of Your Wheel Spacer That You Require

Wheel Spacers

There are several ways of determining the size of the wheel spacer you require. You can use:

1. Using Tape Measure

Using a tape measure and whereby the car will be on the ground, you will have to hang a piece of masking tape from the fender. The measurement of the outside of a tire, as well as that of the bottom of the fender, is taken. The gap which is between the straight edge and the tire is available space for clearance.

That is the space you will use to determine the size of a wheel spacer you require. It is advisable that you go for a spacer which is slightly less as compared to this dimension.

2. Using Washers And Studs

If you decide to use this method, you will be forced to buy two studs. It will enable you to use them to thread into the hub and the nuts corresponding to locking the wheel down.

The wheel and the bolts will then be taken out, and the bolt stud. You will then thread into the hub and the washers placed in the stud to the hub.

The clearance is determined when you find out that, there is no contact between the caliper or the suspension and that will be your available space. If you need to adjust, do so; the thickness of the washer is the minimum spacer size.


Wheel Spacers

When working with washers and studs to determine the space, make sure you remove them or install them properly before you attempt to drive. 

Never try to drive before you are through by measuring the tire fender. When using the tape measure, make sure that you do the accurate measuring so that you don’t go buying the wrong wheel spacers for your car.

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