What Is SRS Light That Appears In Your Car’s Dashboard?

Your Car’s Dashboard

The Supplement Resistant System (SRS) light is commonly known as the airbag system light. It is a computer controlled system meant to locate one or more passenger, driver, and the side airbags. Also, the computer tightens the seat belts to protect the individuals in a vehicle from any physical harm during sudden impact caused by a collision.

SRS refers to all the components that are related to your car’s airbags such as the wiring, inflammation unit, SRS modulator, and the impact sensors. Each time you turn on the ignition, the SRS light turns on for six seconds.

During this while, the SRS performs self-diagnosis. It turns off after the six seconds are complete. In case there is no negative issue in the system, it will not turn on again. However, in the case of any negative issue in the system, it will turn on again after exactly two seconds.

Action To Take When The SRS Light Remains On

Your Car’s Dashboard

If the SRS turns on again after the six seconds, it is advisable that you take your car to the nearest car station. However, if you want to bear with the safety, there is a method of resetting the light. You can always search online for the detail direction of doing it.

However, the light cannot prevent one from driving; the only problem is that the SRS or the airbag will not function in case of a car collision. The SRS light indicates a negative issue with the safety restraints or the airbags.

The best thing you can consider doing in case the SRS remains on is to take your car for an inspection. New cars come with various safety components modules, crash sensors and much more. Each component is important since it can save a life. The SRS light is a safety measure; always check it with an expert mechanic as soon as you notice it is not turning off.

If the SRS light remains on in your car, your vehicle’s internal computer senses a negative issue with the airbags and disables them. Since your airbags are disabled, they may not work in any case of an accident. Hence, it is important to take your car to a mechanic to look for the problem and fix it.

experienced mechanic

The experienced mechanic can adjust the airbag sensor in your vehicle to determine whether your truck has a problem with the Engine Control Unit (ECU) or the airbag module.

In case your SRS remains on due to a problem with the airbags, an expert technician will scan the entire computer system in your vehicle to find out the exact problem and fix the broken parts.

What Does Fixing The SRS Light Entail?

The SRS Light

An SRS light shows that the computer that monitors the SRS has detected a problem with the self-check tests on the airbags. The problem can be something such as faulty airbag control that may not probably work when activated and cause the driver and the passengers’ death or severe injuries when the vehicle encounters an accident. In case the SRS light stays on for long, never assume but take your car for repair to have it services accordingly.

It is advisable to look for your car’s potential recalls with an expert mechanic since some airbag repairs are covered under extended warranties or recalls. Never delay since you may find out that you are not protected in the case of any collision or accident.

Another thing you should consider is that most of the auto insurance companies are getting less comprehensive in their medical coverage bills from an accident. It happens when they realize that the airbag system had been disabled because of a fault condition.

Not so many individuals get to know that the SRS system has a black box that looks like an airplane. The computer system also records how long the SRS system had been disabled because of a faulty condition.

Hence, if the insurance company determines if the SRS system was in any case in a fault mode for what they know to be a long time, and they will not cover all the injury. Especially if they get to know that a working airbag was in a position to prevent the injuries.

If the SRS light stays on or it is blinking, never ignore but take it seriously. There is always a fault condition, and the car’s safety systems are always compromised, placing your passengers and you at risk.


Can I Continue Driving With The SRS Warning Light On?

When the car is ignited, the SRS light should light for six seconds while the system undergoes a self-test. If the light turns off, then the system is okay. If the light remains on or starts to blink, there is a problem somewhere in the SRS system. The gets disabled at this point. If a collision occurs, the airbags will not work as well as the seat belts will not tighten, or any safety component will not work.

Hence, in case the light stays on, you can continue to drive since it does not stop the vehicle from moving. But it is advisable you drive your car to an expert mechanic rather than ignoring the SRS light and continue driving to where you want.

The SRS Warning Light On


The SRS system simply evaluates the input data which is sent to it by moving the G sensors, seat belt sensors, vehicle angle sensors, steering system sensors and the vehicle speed sensors.

Hence, when the SRS system completes evaluating all the input data, it can easily recognize a faulty component and alerts the driver by continuously staying on or blinks without stopping. If it turns off, you drive your car knowing all your safety components are working properly.

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