What Are The Top 19 Best RV Camping Essentials In 2018

Going for camping or a road trip with an RV is fun. However, it is important to familiarize yourself with the best RV camping essentials to make the trip or camp livelier.


If you are planning to use an RV in your trip to new places, it is recommended you have an RV GPS.

The GPS will make your trip easy since it will offer you directions you need in following a specific route. The GPS gives you the confidence of driving on the unfamiliar roads since most of the GPS comes with an audio feature that speaks out the directions of the streets address and names you are supposed to use as you focus on the road while driving.

With the use of the GPS, you can be able to book a reservation in the nearby hotels or restaurants while you are still on the road.

2. RV Portable Generators

When you are planning to go on a trip or camping with an RV, it is essential to bring along a portable generator. Since at one time or the other you may need to use devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, refrigerator, TV, radio, Hot Water Shower and much more.

All these appliances and devices need power; hence, the need for a portable generator to power as well as charge them. Also, the generator might be used for lighting services in area with power supply issues.

However, before you purchase an RV generator, it is recommended you first review the best RV generators on the market.

3. RV Air Conditioner

For those who love camping or long trips forces a lot of the travelers to buy an RV. Great adventure is out there and starting to think about that beautiful destination, brings along a smile on everyone’s face.

However, summer is still around the corner. The increasing heat should not make a trip boring or postponed since the RV travelers can diverse great ways of keeping cool like the use of the RV air conditioner.

A trip to the mountains or the beach are some great ways to cool down, you will still be forced to remain cool while driving as well as parked.

4. RV Antennas

It is always joyful and fun to enjoy the nature out there as well as spending time with loved ones and family while camping out there using your RV. But is also nice to have today’s modern creature comforts.

At one point or the other, you might want to catch the famous game or the latest movie or episode of your best TV show, or want to watch a few shows on Netflix, read your best blogs and much more.

It can as well be helpful to have easy access to the internet, TV, and even radio in case of bad weather or emergencies.

5. RV Covers

In case you own an RV, high chances are that you would not utilize it throughout the year. At one point or the other, you would have to be forced to store the vehicle and be used again when needed.

When you decide to store the RV, whether in a storage facility or just in the driveway of your beautiful home, it always a great idea to budget for a RV cover.

If you let the RV to remain uncovered, it will be subjected to the full force of the “mother nature” which may result in the RV’s expensive wear and tear.

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6. RV Deep Cycle Battery

RV deep cycle battery are important since they are responsible for powering the RV’s kitchen appliances such as refrigerator, cooker, and much more.

The deep cycle battery generates less energy at once for it to last long since they are responsible for routing power or electricity to the cabin of an RV. The batteries are responsible for powering the lights when the RV is not in motion.

A good RV deep cycle battery will last longer compared to the starter battery which is responsible for making the RV in motion. Hence, once you purchase an RV deep cycle battery, it will serve you for a long period.

7. RV Mattress

You thinking to use your RV on camping in an area for more than a day? Then you have to budget for the RV mattresses in case the individuals involved are more than two.

The RV seats are not comfortable to use while resting compared to using the mattress. There are various mattress sizes out there to choose from; however, it is recommended you buy a mattress which fits your RV.

Having a mattress in your RV is among the great ideas of making your camp or trip lively. No one would love to rest on uncomfortable place after enjoying the beautiful nature out there.

8. RV Roof Coating

Having an RV in your coming guarantees you a roof over your head during the night and rainy weather. Hence, for the RV’s roof to serve you well, you will need to properly maintain the roof so as it can last long. And the best way you can keep the RV’s top roof is by coating it.

There are various materials you can use in coating the roof top of your RV such as rubber, fiberglass, aluminum, and much more. To choose the best material, you can ask for advice from your trusted mechanic. The roof coating is important since it prevents the roof from being destroyed by water or excess heat.

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9. RV Sewer Hose

Having an RV sewer hose is important if you are planning to have a road trip or go camping especially if the RV has a bathroom or a kitchen.

At one point or the other, you are going to have some nasty stuff done, and you will need to dump those tanks. Hence, for proper hygiene in your RV, you will need sewer hose.

While purchasing an RV sewer horse, always take keen of the hose length so that it can perfectly fit in the RV and serve its purpose as expected.

Without the drain hose, it can be hard to maintain the hygiene of your RV.

10. RV Surge Protector

Since the RV is accompanied with various electrical devices, electrical surge might occur unexpectedly.

When the electricity spikes, it results in an unexpected flow of excessive heat which might burn the cables and appliances connected to it.

Power surge can damage the RV’s appliances or curse some fires. Hence, the need of a surge protector in your RV that prevents any power surge from happening.

It is advisable you invest in a good quality surge protector for your RV that will work for your work for your whole electrical system in the RV.

11. RV Toilet

We are all humans; hence, at one point or the other we must undergo the process of egestion. It is important to include a toilet in your RV since one might want to help him or herself while the driver is still driving, or during the night in the campground.

The RV toilet should be located in a position near or next to the RV’s windows to maintain the fresh air in the vehicle. Also, while making the list of what to carry during the trip, do not forget to include the toilet paper.

The RV toilet should be designed in a way that it would be easy to dispose the waste.

12. RV Water Pump

It is extremely expensive to pack cases of water bottles especially when you are planning to go for a road trip using your RV. Hence, it is important to buy an RV water pump for the water supply.

You should, first review the best RV water pump so as you can get the best to serve you accordingly. The RV water pump is responsible for taking the water from the RV’s tank up your pump system of your rig. The pump boosts the flow of water and pressure stability.

Average RV tank store 50 to 200 gallons of fresh water and an RV water pump offers you the chance to consume fresh water from the RV tank.

13. RV Tankless Water Heater

The RV travelers get to enjoy activities which include biking, hiking, and much more. The travelers would love to enjoy showering after spending their day in the outdoor activities.

A good quality or standard hot water heater would play a great role in outing a glitch in the enjoyment of the shower. With a 6-gallon tank, the tank of hot water might be utilized up faster.

The solution to this is the use of tankless water heater which will ensure that you have enough water for everyone. To get the best tankless water heater, you will have to review a list of the best tankless water heaters.

14. Trailer Brake Controller

If you own an RV, a brake controller is an important safety aspect to consider. The brake controller protects your vehicle or trailer as well as your life and is mainly designed for the big trucks, RVs and trailer units.

The brake controller is connected in and sits on the dash of your RV and when you apply your brakes, it sends a message to your brakes that is time to halt. Without the trailer brake controller, stopping or slowing would be hard or dangerous since the RV would continue moving at the same speed when trying to stop it resulting in a “domino effect.”

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15. Weight Distribution Hitch

You will need to attach a weight distribution hitch to the back of your RV while going for camping.

The weight distribution hitch can be used as the fifth wheel connector to attach a camper.

The campers are heavy objects. Hence, with no proper weight distribution, the heavy weight at the front axle of the camper may result in excessive pressure at the rear axle of your RV.

The excess weight might lead to an adverse reaction to the handling and can slowly cause the RV to bottom out on the bumps. A weight distribution hitch normalizes the downward pressure for the RV and camper to work perfectly.

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16. Fifth Wheel Hitch

Fixing the fifth wheel hitch is a specialized work. For the fifth wheel to function properly, you will require a special hitch.

There are various fifth wheel hitches available on the market today since moving heavy stuff around can be a big business. But before buy just any fifth wheel hitch it is recommended you first review the best and most reviewed fifth wheel hitch.

Before buying the best hitch, you need to know how much the fifth wheel weighs when fully loaded. The weight should include all the gear and furniture in it.

17. Trailer Hitch Lock

The trailer hitch locks are important accessories which make the hitches simple to use as well as maintain.

Also, the trailer hitch lock prevents the thieves from getting a chance of getting away with your gear. Some of the locks are uniquely designed to prevent runaway trailers.

The locks are responsible for offering correct fit for the heavy-duty reliability of all the heavy stuffs in your RV. Buy a hitch lock that offers maximum security, coated to prevent rust and the best on the market today.

18. RV Vacuum

It is always fun to use an RV for camping and long trips.

However, as the owner of the owner of the RV, it is always a good idea to keep the insides of the RV tidy and clean especially if you love utilizing it to drive around the different parts of the country.

Also, you are required to ensure that those who will be using your RV will not feel uncomfortable due to the presence of dirt and dust. Since during camping, you will need to sleep in the RV, you deserve a clean and fresh surrounding. Hence, you need an RV Vacuum.

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19. RV Solar Kit

At one point or the other, you might want to use a solar panel to support most of the electrical appliances in your RV. The solar panel will come in handy especially when planning for a camp during the summer. The power from the solar panel can be used to power the tankless shower, TV, radio, charge electrical devices and much more.

If some difficulties in using a generator or the deep cycle batteries, then solar panels are the way to go. For you to install the solar panel in your RV, it is recommended you higher an expert who can do it perfectly for you.

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When planning to go for camping or embarking on a long road trip using an RV, it is important you have everything set in place to make the camp or road trip fun. Having the above listed 19 best RV camping essential, you will be in a position of eliminating most of the shortcomings associated with RV camping as well as the road trips.

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