How You Can Fix Your Dry Rotted Tires On A Low-Cost Budget

Dry Rotted Tires

Let me tell you one short story that I bet you also experienced at least once in your life. I bought a new bike some months ago and I was very happy ridding it and thus working out a bit more.

A few days ago, I planned with some friends for a full-day, 400 mile ride. As I am the type of person who puts safety above everything, I went yesterday to the mechanic to check my tires and give me the green light to go on this adventure with my friends.

After he examined it, I was surprised to hear my mechanic’s comment: “your tires have a pretty bad dry rot. It would be better to change them”. What? I was not expecting this one coming. So, I went back home and started looking for a tutorial on how to fix my dry rotted tires myself.

As soon as I started my research, I discovered that I am not the only one trying to find a solution on this matter. In my case, changing the tires of my bike would not be such a big investment. But, as I also own a car and I am sure you do also, then the risks associated to “dry rot” are bigger and so is the investment of changing them.

Therefore, I thought of making this article to give you a cost-efficient solution to save your tires and keep using them for a couple of years more.

Things You Need To Fix Your Dry Rotted Tires

Why to spend a lot of money on buying new tires for your vehicle when you can solve the dry rot with some simple things that will cost a lot less? Buy these four things and you can say “good-bye” to dry rotted tires:

1. Water Hose

Water Hose

2. Sponge


3. Water-based Tire Protector

It is very important that the tire protector is made of water-based ingredients as the chemicals can cause a lot of damage to the tires structure.

4. Water-based Tire Degreaser

Again, the market is full of degreasing products but many of them contain a long list of chemicals that instead of protecting your tires will do actually more harm. Therefore, a water-based product will be a lot more efficient and so you will keep your tires for a longer period.

4 Easy Steps To Follow

Step 1: Examine How Damaged Are Your Tires

Dry Rotted Tires

Before starting any repairs, you will need to examine the tires with attention and find where the problem comes from. There are two sides on which you have to pay attention.

On one hand, you should check where the tires are especially worn. On the other hand, you should also examine and find the cracks on your tires walls. If you wonder how this type of damage appears and what is to be done to avoid it, the explanation is quite simple.

Dry Rotted Tires

Many people say that keeping the tires in the sun damages them. The reality is that not the sun is the “evil in this story”, but the UV rays. Therefore, if you know that you have exposed your tires to UV rays, then they have caused the dry rot in your tires.

Moreover, keeping the tires stagnant for a long period is also greatly damaging for your tires.

Step 2: Invest In Water-Based Tires Products

The water-based oils bring two important advantages for your dry rotted tires. On one hand they lubricate the tires and on the other hand, these oils are able to seal the cracks.

I know that the market is full of tire products. I also know that you think that if you buy a more expensive, highly-promoted product, then the results are going to be excellent. Let me tell you that this time you are wrong!

The petrochemicals and oils made of silicone are not so great. Your tires have a protective wax on, which is removed by these products. Therefore, when your tires are exposed to UV rays they do not have any protection and so they get damaged a lot faster.

Step 3: Clean Your Tires With Water-Based Products

Clean Your Tires

Going back to the things mentioned earlier that will help you fix your tires, start by applying the water-based tire degreaser on a large sponge. Then, you should wipe each side of your tires to make it easier for you to remove the dirt.

Continue by using the water hose and spray your tires with lukewarm water. Therefore, you will be able to rinse the degreaser together with any grime and dirt that exists on your tires. As soon as you finished cleaning the dirt, just leave them to air dry for a couple of hours.

Step 4: Apply The Water-Based Protection

Clean Your Tires

The best protection for your tires is a water-based product that you can find any automobile shop in this world. However, applying the tire protection solution should be consistent if you want efficient results.

Thus, you should reapply the solution constantly at about 20 or 30 days. This is how you are going to increase your tire’s protection level against UV rays and ozone.

If your tires are too old or irreparable, I recommend replacing them. This article will help you: Best off road tire.


Car Tire

All in all, after reviewing these simple steps, you should be aware that this solution is not permanent. As soon as the cracks appear again, then you will not have any other option than to change your tires.

However, you do not have to think that these things only happen to you. This is a problem that affects the majority of the vehicles nowadays. If you want to protect your tires as much as possible, there are some simple tricks that you could try.

For instance, try to park your vehicle in the shade and always keep the tires inflated to the recommended pressure. Moreover, examining them on a regular basis will save you from lots of headaches and you can find the damage before it becomes too serious.

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