RV Camping Trip List

It can be a little overwhelming to plan a camping trip. Do you have everything? Is there something you’re forgetting? What else do you need to plan for? Well, a little planning and research will take a huge weight off of your shoulders. Here are some tips that will help you have the best summer camping trip possible.

RV Camping Tips

This is really important:

Make sure you know how to drive your RV before you set out on the road! Even if you have experience driving RVs, you’ll want to know how to drive your particular model.


Some auto insurance plans don’t cover RVs or campers. Make sure that your RV is covered if anything should happen.

Get this:

Some campgrounds require you to have a special reservation for RVs or campers. Don’t be unprepared and show up without a reservation only to be turned away without a place to sleep. Look at this in plenty of time in advance.

Hold your horses!

Don’t forget to check the weather forecast before you set out on your trip. You could be driving straight into an approaching blizzard. Rearrange your camping plans if you think it’s necessary.


Run all of your electronics at the same time in your RV. A lot of RVs aren’t designed to support that much usage.

Keep this in mind:

A lot of truck stops have free Wi-Fi. Take advantage of this and use truck stops whenever you need to get things on the Internet done. Or remember this if you’re lost and need your GPS to help you.

BONUS TIPS: RV Maintenance

Don’t forget about your filters. Change the oil, air, and other filters regularly so that there won’t be any damage to your RV.

Remember the roof…

Check the roof before every trip to make sure it’s in good condition. The last thing you’d want is for there to be a leak in the middle of the night making everything soaking wet. Plus, there’s a lot of water damage that could occur with a leak.

Think biodegradable:

Toilet paper! Using biodegradable toilet paper will help everything flush more easily. This will prevent any blockages in your RVs sewer system.

Don’t cave with the pressure.

Tire pressure, that is. Check your tire pressure before every trip to prevent your tires from caving in and going flat. It’s never good to have to pull over on the side of the road with a big RV.

Take a break.

Check your brakes before every trip to make sure that your family and everyone else on the road will be safe.

11 Tips for Getting Ready for Your Next Summer RV Camping Trip

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