Improve Your Engine’s Performance With The Best Fuel Filter

Fuel Filter

When the manufacturers launched the fuel filters they promoted them as being the ultimate defense for our car’s engine. The car filters are designed to block the particles that come from the fuel.

We all know that these particles can be very damaging for the engine. And what would you do if your engine dies? You will have to pay a lot of money to fix it.

In addition, all the high-pressure fuel injected systems that use either diesel or gas contain additives or particles that damage the whole system completely.

Therefore, your car’s performance is seriously affected and in a very short time you will have to take it to the professional service.

Fuel Filter

I am telling you from my personal experience that it is very important to replace the fuel filter periodically. In time, the fuel filter accumulates dust and as soon as it is too dirty, it will fail to protect the engine. When I had my first car, I did not know how often I should change the filter.

Luckily for me, when I realized that my car was not performing as it used to, I went to a professional service. When they checked the fuel filter, they showed me how bad the situation was. This is how I understood the major advantages that a fuel filter can have.




GM Genuine Parts TP3018 Fuel Filter with Seals

ACDelco TP3018 Prof​​​​essional


Motorcraft FD-4615 Fuel Filter

Motorcraft FD-4615

best fuel filter Motorcraft FG862

Motorcraft FG862B


3 X OEM Yamaha Outboard 10-Micron Fuel/Water Separating Filter Only...

Yamaha MAR-FUELF-IL-TR 10-Micron


FRAM G7315 In-Line Fuel Filter

 FRAM G7315 In-Line


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Fuel Filter Advantages

1. Increases The Engine’s Life

Fuel Filter

As I already mentioned, a fuel filter is very important for your engine. It prevents the dirt and debris that could be inside the fuel you buy from the gas station. Therefore, because of this dirt, your engine and cylinders are damaged.

Apart from these, the pistons and other important components of your car’s engine can be also affected and might need big investments to repair them. If you want to prevent all these costs, it would be much easier to replace your fuel filter regularly.

2. Improves Your Engine Performance

If you want your engine to have an optimal performance, then some clean fuel filters will help you a lot. The filter blocks the dirt from the fuel from entering and damaging the most vital components of your fuel delivery system.

Therefore, by preventing all this dirt to come into your engine, your car’s performance will be greater for a longer period. What is more, the car manufacturers recommend changing the fuel filters and they estimate that these filters boost the vehicle’s performance by 2% to 4%.

3. Boosts The Engine’s Power

Fuel Filter

A good fuel filter is a strong proof that your car is receiving a clean fuel. Therefore, your car’s delivery system is able to supply the optimal amount of fuel according to your engine’s capacity and requirements. How is this possible? The fuel filter plays an important role as it prevents the fuel injectors to be affected by clogs. Therefore, your engine’s power is increased.

4. Better Fuel Efficiency

When you buy a car, you also receive the owner’s manual. Most manufacturers recommend in the manual to change the fuel filter periodically. Therefore, if you listen to their advice you will make sure that you will remove all the contaminants that find their place inside the fuel.

This is why your engine will receive an optimum amount of fuel and will have also an increased efficiency.

5. The Emissions Level Is Reduced

Fuel Filter

We all know that we live in a polluted world. The pollution appears because of the vehicles’ emissions that are more every day and have more polluted emissions.

An explanation of the car emissions would be that the fuel injectors do not receive enough fuel supply. Therefore, this causes an unbalanced ratio of air-fuel. This causes an inadequate fuel burning. The harmful emissions appear as a consequence of this entire situation.

On the other hand, if you replace the fuel filters regularly, then your engine will receive an appropriate flow of fuel and air. Moreover, this will lead to the optimal fuel consumption and a decreased quantity of emissions.

6. Protects Your Fuel Pump And Injectors From Contaminants

If you want your engine to have a great performance, then you will need a clean fuel all the time. While this is literally impossible, then you will need the filters to help you clean the fuel.

This is why it is important to change your fuel filters according to your car’s manual. On top of that, it is always better to ask for professional help and thus prevent a more serious damage of your car.

How To Buy A Fuel Filter

Fuel Filter

Buying a fuel filter is not something very complicated. When I first had to buy a fuel filter, I studied a lot of articles and asked a lot of professionals to know which one is best for my car.

I understood very quickly that it is actually very simple to buy a fuel filter and keep your engine protected against particles and other damaging components. Here is what you should keep in mind when you buy a fuel filter:

1. Date Limitation

There are certain fuel filters that are suitable for various car models. However, these fuel filters have a limited period of use. This limited period is called date limitation. You will find this date limitation mentioned on the filter as: to construction year or from construction year.


The fuel filters are not universal. Each car model needs a certain type of fuel filter. Therefore, when you choose the filter, you should pay attention to the necessary dimensions.

3. Chassis Number

As mentioned above, the fuel filter is not universal and does not match for any type of car. Moreover, the fuel filter contains also a chassis number that is the same with your engine’s chassis number. Thus, when you make the purchase, check the chassis number before.

The Best Fuel Filters

ACDelco TP3018 Professional 
Fuel Filter With Seals

When you want to protect your engine from dust, rust or any other contaminants, then you will pick this fuel filter.

The ACDelco Professional Fuel Filter is able to trap contaminants and thus is able to make your engine perform better. What is more, this fuel filter meets the requirements of many engines on the market.

Moreover, the manufacturer offers a competitive price and quality alternative from the other similar products on the market.

When you buy a fuel filter from a high-reputed manufacturer that produces for high brands like Chevrolet or Cadillac, then you cannot expect something else than the highest quality.

GM Genuine Parts TP3018 Fuel Filter with Seals
  • Protects your vehicle’s fuel system from contaminants, such as: dirt, rust, and paint...
  • Traps contaminants before they enter the fuel delivery system for improved engine...
  • Provides the performance and dependability you expect from ACDelco
  • Great reputation of the manufacturer
  • Affordable price
  • Upgraded model
  • Easy installation
  • The product sometimes is delivered with defects
  • It has plastic on the inside
  • It does not fit for all car models





Motorcraft FD-4​​​​615 Fuel Filt​​​​er

This was one of the fuel filters I purchased when I had my first car. I was amazed to see that the package contains both the filter and the o-ring for installation.

Usually, if you want to change the fuel filter at the dealership, they will ask you a lot of money.

Motorcraft managed make things extremely simple for installation and this is why the manufacturer included the entire installation kit. When you have such a fuel filter installed, you will notice how easy the routine maintenance is.

In my case, buying all the parts cost me 1/3rd of the cost asked by the dealer to do the entire job for me.

  • Easy installation
  • Affordable price
  • Low-cost maintenance
  • The filter bracket might not rotate
  • The manufacturer fails sometimes to deliver the product in good condition
  • Some users had difficulties in removing the filter





​​​​Motorcraft FG986​​​​B Fue​​​​l F​​​​ilter

best fuel filter Motorcraft FG862

When you want a fuel filter that is resistant to corrosion and is able to deliver 90% efficiency, then you will choose the Motorcraft FG986B Fuel Filter.

This is an easy-to-install fuel filter that is going to protect your engine from dirt and other contaminants that the fuel contains. When you want a fuel filter that will not fail you in time, then this model from Motorcraft will definitely do its job.

If I would compare the performance delivered and the price, then this fuel filter should definitely receive the title for „best value”. Furthermore, the fact that the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty shows his attention to the client’s satisfaction.

  • Easy installation
  • Affordable price
  • 90% efficiency
  • 12 months warranty
  • Not suitable for flex fuel engine
  • It might not fit for all the models
  • Sometimes, the package comes with some parts missing





Yamaha Outboard MAR-FUELF-IL-TR 10-Micron Fuel Separating

When you want to invest in a fuel filter that is the first in line to protect your engine, then you should go for the Yamaha filter. We are speaking here about a product coming from a high-reputable manufacturer.

Yamaha is known to put the customer always on the first place and this is why they use only high quality materials when they launch new products on the market. This filter delivers a high performance of 90 GPH – 10 Micron.

Furthermore, the installation is fast and easy and this is why many clients prefer to buy this product.

Yamaha Outboard MAR-FUELF-IL-TR 10-Micron Fuel Water Separating Filter...
  • Sold Each
  • Please verify your own fitment
  • Fast installation
  • High-quality materials
  • High performance
  • Reputable manufacturer
  • It does not fit to any model
  • The kit was delivered with the wrong product
  • Does not work very good for models of 115 hp or less





​​​​FRAM G73​​​​15 In-Line Fuel Filter

This is a high quality fuel filter made of stainless steel and conductive plastic. The manufacturers designed it with the only purpose to protect your engine and improve its performance.

On top of that, it will also improve your engine’s emission and so you will not have any worries about your car being damaged by fuel particles or dust. What is more, many users like this fuel filter because it has an incredibly affordable price.

FRAM G7315 In-Line Fuel Filter
  • Fram is the CONSUMERS #1 CHOICE
  • Changing Fuel filters will improve the engines emission
  • Changing the fuel filter will also improve the engines performance

  • Affordable price
  • It fits great on most models
  • Stainless steel and conductive plastic materials
  • Fast installation
  • Some clients received it with missing parts
  • Some information from the website might be misleading
  • The plastic part is not very strong






All in all, the fuel filter is a very important piece of equipment for your vehicle. One thing is certain; you cannot know what is the percentage of dirt, dust or contaminants that the fuel contains.

There is one thing though that you can do to prevent the damage of your engine.You can buy a fuel filter and so increase the performance of your engine. What is more, fuel filter is great piece of equipment that helps decreasing the level of emissions.

Therefore, you will not only protect your car, but you will also protect the environment and the others around you.

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