What Is The Best RV Deep Cycle Battery To Buy In 2017?

If you possess a vehicle, you know more on car batteries. However, are they similar to the RV batteries? The recreational vehicles require the “house” batteries and an igniting battery for the engine. The house batteries may be several batteries that are wired together to generate power.

The particular kind of the battery that is utilized for igniting the engine is similar to the one used in a vehicle but larger. It is larger because the RV engine is also large; hence, its battery requires a bigger CCA rating. The larger battery makes sure that your battery gets an appropriate CCA rating.

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More Details On The RV Deep Cycle Battery

The RVs house batteries are different from the engine batteries. The house battery is created to offer energy over a longer period just like a marathoner. On the other side, the engine batteries are designed to offer a fast burst of energy to keep the engine in motion just like a 100-meter dash.

Most of the things inside an RV relies on a system function which operates on 12 volts. The batteries in the RV house are the ones regarded to as deep cycle that is meant for storing power so that they can still work even after a longer period.

In case you require the battery to last long, you require to understand the basic knowledge of what it is, how to maintain it and how it operates. The deep cycle batteries for the RV are made lead acid.

Hence, they have some cells that are linked in series. Each cell offers around 1.2 volts, that means a 12 volts battery consisting of six cells in a series consisting of 12.6 volts.

This type of battery is created from the plates, lead as well as lead acid before being submerged in the electrolytes. The electrolytes are made of 64% water and 36% sulfuric acid.

This type of battery is meant to store electricity instead of generating them. The sum of the charge of the battery can be determined by the lead plates together with the number electrolytes are in there.

Things To Understand Before Buying The Best RV Deep Cycle Battery

1. Always Check The Battery Charge

Never allow the battery operate when it only consists of less than 50% of charge. In case this occurs, recharge them as soon as possible, and in case they go lower than 20% charge, they will end up being damaged.

In case the batteries get damaged, they may end up not working again. If you religiously follow this rule, the battery can last for more than seven years.

2. The Main Battery

A battery consisting of 12 volts is the main battery that supplies electricity to your RV as well as other electrical appliances such as the fridge, pump, and lighting.

The main battery can be designed by utilizing one 12-volt battery or by just taking 2 six volts batteries which can be wired together.

The two batteries can consist of 2.1-volt cells while the 6 volts batteries composed of six cells in every battery, as well as the 12 volts, consist of six cells.

3. Comparison Of The 6-volts Batteries With The 12-volt Battery

You should know that the batteries having 6-volts are of larger size. However, they are lighter than a battery having 12 volts. Most of the RV owners prefer using two 6-volts batteries so that they can have only one power source since the two 6-volts are known to last long since it doubles its voltage.

However, it cannot add to the amp-hours. The two 6-volts batteries last longer than the 12-volts batteries since they have thick plates as well as they have added space for each cell.

The two 6-volts have a great discharge, unlike the 12-volts battery deep cycle. In case you think of connecting one series of the 12-volt batteries, you will be required to add hours of amps as well as the voltage.

4. Technology Behind The RV Deep Cycle Battery

It is important you familiarize yourself with the technology behind the RV deep cycle batteries before buying one for your RV. The batteries are made of lead-acid, if it is not made of lead acid, it cannot be utilized in the RVs.

A primary battery is referred to as flooded cell since the lead used in it has been bathed by use of liquid water or just an acid solution. The great news is that the new models are known to be maintenance free so as they can ease electrolyte loss by sealing the cells, except for the little vent hole.

However, this does not operate if you over charge your battery too often. Apart from that, a battery that utilizes thick paste electrolyte having a good sealant is now becoming popular among the RVs owners. The outstanding choice of the main RV battery is the 6-volt size.

5. Storing The RV Deep Cycle Battery

As we all know that the RV batteries are among the big investments, you should have the proper knowledge, on how to store them so as they can last longer. It is advisable never to store the batteries when they are discharged as well as store them when the condition is right.

In case you store them when they are released, the battery plates can be crystallized causing them to be hard. If this happens to occur, they will not be able to supply power at any cost.

If you want to get your battery ready for to be used on the next trip, you have to charge it after every three months.

6. Maintaining The RV Battery

To retain the RV battery in the right way, it is recommended you prevent anything from happening. It is advisable not to wait till the battery gets corrosive deposits before cleaning it. In case the battery gets to this state, the damage is already made, and you are required to clean it regularly.

When you are cleaning your battery, it is advisable you wear your eyes and skin protectors, gloves, and protective goggles. A single drop of the acid from the battery can result in serious damages. Take a wire brush or toothbrush, water, and baking soda to balance the corrosion.

The terminal connections require being cleaned as well as the clamps that connect them together. After cleaning, rub on grease or the petroleum jelly to clean the cables and the terminals to slow down the corrosion formation.

Here Is A List Of The Best RV Deep Cycle Batteries

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Via Amazon.com

The Optima Batteries Deep Cycle Marine Battery is a 12-volts battery featured with a 750 cold cranking Amps. The battery has a manageable size since it measures 10 inches by 6.9 inches by 7.8 inches tall and it only weighs 43.5 pounds.

The Optima Battery is also featured by a Dual SAE and 0.3125 inches with a stainless-steel stud posts. It is known to have a capacity of 55 Ah C20.

This is just the best RV battery you can have in your RV since it has an optimal igniting power even during the bad weather. The battery is flexible since it can be mounted in virtually any particular position.

It is designed to have fifteen times more resistance to any vibration so that it can last longer. For constant performance, it is designed with a reserve capacity of 120 minutes.

  • It is reliable
  • It is a long-lasting RV battery
  • It is made of stainless-steel; hence it cannot corrode easily
  • The battery can be mounted in any position
  • It is expensive
  • It requires careful maintenance
  • It is not super powerful

This is a great RV battery since it comes with a 2-year warranty; the customers can find it easy to replace if it starts to work poorly. It has a long service life which ranges from three to ten years.

If you want to save your aggravation, money and time, consider using the Odyssey Battery. This battery is known to have a long cycle life since it lasts much longer than the conventional deep cycle batteries.

Via Amazon.com

It is also known to have a highly stable voltage so as it can last longer. It recharges fast, and it is flexible since it can be mounted in any position. It has a non-spill design.

It is also known to have a great vibration resistance which protects it against high impact shock as well as the mechanical vibration and high temperature tolerant. This product cannot be sold in the Catalina Island. This product is non-returnable and hazmat.

  • It has a two-year warranty. However, there are no record of returned products since they just work perfectly
  • It is affordable
  • It is flexible since it can be mounted in any position
  • It is reliable
  • It has no technical support
  • It is not super powerful
  • It requires careful maintenance

Via Amazon.com

The UPG Sealed Lead Acid Battery is just the perfect RV battery you can have. It can be used on different appliances in your RV such as UPS backup systems, lighting, flashlights, spotlights and other equipment.

This is a great product, but it cannot be sold in the Catalina Island. It has a capacity of 35 Amp hours. If properly maintained, it can last for more than seven years of service. Make your trip lively with this great deep cycle battery.

  • It is affordable
  • It is a long-lasting battery
  • It can support various appliances in your RV
  • It is reliable
  • It has no specified warranty
  • It has not technical support
  • It is not super powerful

The Vmaxtanks battery is a 12-volts battery with a capacity of 1235 Ah. It is categorized as a 31 AGM deep cycle battery meant for the heavy duties. This product consists of military grade custom made plates.

Do you need a long-lasting RV battery? Then the Vmaxtanks battery is just the best for you since it can last for more than ten years in operation. This battery has no dangerous gasses and fumes, and it has been designed for the 99 percent recombination capabilities.

Via Amazon.com

With this battery in your recreational vehicle, you will get to enjoy the power it generates to your electrical appliances in your RV. It is easy to use since it needs minimal maintenance.

  • It is easy to use
  • It is reliable
  • It can last for ten years
  • It is affordable
  • It has no technical support
  • It is not super powerful
  • It has no specified warranty

Via Amazon.com

This battery is made of two 6-voltage batteries having a capacity of 220 Amp 20 hours. The Lifeline Marine AGM Battery is a great battery for the solar applications, RV, and marine since they can last longer.

This product is manufactured in the United States of America, and it can be imported to any country at an affordable price.

  • It is affordable
  • It is long-lasting
  • It is reliable since it can be used on almost all the electrical appliances in your Rv
  • It requires minimal maintenance
  • It is not super powerful
  • It has no technical support
  • It has no specified warranty


Choosing the best RV deep cycle battery can be a bit tricky. However, with the above information, you can now be in a position of choosing your preferred RV battery. The above five products have been properly reviewed and tested; hence, feel free to pick one for your RV.

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