How To Clean Throttle Position Sensor In Simple And Easy Steps

The throttle position sensor (TPS) is the sensor utilized in vehicles to indicate the position of a throttle. The throttle position sensor is an essential feature, specifically for the vehicles which are characterized by the manual shifts. A sensor resides at the butterfly shaft in the throttle’s body. For it is meant to be in a high activity, your throttle position sensor can often become dirtied; hence, you need to know how to clean a throttle position sensor.

One issue that can originate from a dirtied throttle position sensor is incorrect throttle readings, which might be dangerous for most drivers.

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Before you start the cleaning action, it is recommended that you get a vehicle cleaning solution, that you can get at the local auto parts and hardware stores. This article gives you a quick and simple guide to cleaning your throttle position sensor.

What You Will Need

1. Working Gloves

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The working gloves keep you safe from conducting the dirt, debris, and grease.

2. Screw Driver

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You will need a screw driver in removing the bolts that fasten the throttle position sensor.

3. Cleaning Solution

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The cleaning solution will assist you in the cleaning process to remove the dirt and debris.

4. Rag

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The rag will help you in thoroughly cleaning all the corners of your throttle position sensor.

5. Clean Cloth With No Moisture

The dry cloth will be used to clean the actual sensor. The actual sensor should not be cleaned with a wet cloth or rag.

Step By Step Process Of Cleaning Your Throttle Position Sensor

Step One

Turn your vehicle on and leave it idle for few minutes. By doing that, there will be an increase in the internal temperature of your engine as well as you will loosen up some debris and dirt in the affected places.

The grease will warmly slide off at the sensor more easily, which tends to permit more comprehensive clean.

Step Two

Open the vehicle’s hood as well as detach your hood fasteners. Carefully erect your hood stand to prevent your hood from falling in the cleaning process.

Then remove the covers that cover your engine and locate the throttle position sensor beneath. It might be a good idea to utilize your vehicle’s manual during this process.

Step Three

Disconnect the electrical connections which run via the throttle position sensor.

It is essential to make sure that there is no active power passing through the system in the cleaning process.

After locating the sensor get rid of the bolts, then pull it out of place.

Step Four

Utilize the rag and the cleaning solution to properly clean around your throttle position sensor.

Make sure that all grime and dirt that you can see has been properly eliminated.

But avoid cleaning the actual sensor with water or a chemical product.

It is recommended you only clean around the actual sensor because the electrical items might malfunction when exposed to excess liquid.

Step Five

Clean the actual sensor at the throttle position sensor using your clean cloth without moisture.

Avoid adding any cleaning solution or water. Rub the cloth carefully forth and back over the sensor.

Step Six

Place your sensor back in the throttle position sensor and place the TPS back in the hood of your vehicle. Re-attach the surface covers and seal your hood.

In case the sensor is still not performing, then you have to purchase a new sensor.

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Here Are The Common Signs Of A Faulty Throttle Position Sensor To Look For

1. Vehicle Accelerates Itself, Lacks Power When Accelerating, Or Will Not Accelerate

It may feel that your vehicle simply does not move as it should. It may move smoothly, although, lacks power.

At the flip side, your auto might accelerate faster while you are driving, even when not pressing your accelerator.

In case these signs happen, high chance is that you have an issue with your throttle position sensor.

2. The Engine Stalls, Idles Too Slowly, Or Will Not Idle Smoothly

In case you begin to experience the engine stalling, misfires, or rough idling when your vehicle stops, it might as well be a warning symptom of a faulty throttle position sensor.

When you experience this sign, do not wait to get this checked out.

3. The Vehicle Accelerates; However, It Will Not Exceed A Certain Low Speed Or Shift Up

The Vehicle Accelerates

This is another common sign of a faulty throttle position sensor which shows that it is incorrectly limiting the power that is requested with the accelerator pedal foot.

At times, you may get that the vehicle accelerates; however, not beyond the speed of around 20 to 30 MPH. This condition goes hand in hand with the loss-of-power behavior.

4. The Check Engine Light Comes On, Coming With One Of The Following Behaviors

Check Engine Light

Your Check Engine Light comes on if you have a problem with the throttle position sensor.

Although, this is not always the real situation; hence, do not wait for your Check Engine Light to turn on before getting your vehicle checked.

In case you experience the above signs, have the car inspected for the trouble codes to verify the origin of the issue properly.

How To Clean Throttle Position Sensor: Conclusion

Your throttle position sensor is a critical device for achieving the required power as well as fuel efficiently from the car in any of the driving conditions.

Hence, the TPS requires proper maintenance and proper cleaning. The above information on how to clean throttle position sensor is essential. Follow the steps, and you will be happy with the outcome.

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