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I personally hate when my car hits a pothole, curb or some other incidents happen on the road. Apart from the discomfort created, I am always thinking that these incidents are going to affect my rims.

However, these are unforeseen occurrences that we cannot prevent too much. But, how to solve this problem when it appears? Changing the tire rims whenever something like this happens is extremely expensive and I do not know many people who are willing to pay this money all the time.

This is why, I discovered a solution and I am going to share it with you on how to fix a bent rim with minimum effort and stress.

One thing is certain: when the tire rims bent, you should fix the problem immediately. Why do I say this? In time, the bent wheels on the front end of your car can cause serious problems on the alignment. Therefore, due to excess vibration, the bent wheels will make the car to come off while driving.

To me, this is a dangerous situation, and I would rather fix the problem than continue driving like this. This is why I wrote this article to show you that it is very simple to repair your rims at home instead of spending a lot of money on a professional service.

You Will Need 5 Simple Things

Instead of checking your bank account and see whether your budget allows you to fix your rims and ask for a professional help, better check your garage and see if you have the materials I am going to mention below. If you feel this work is too complicated for you, you can call a friend to help and implement together this do-it-yourself solution.

1. An Old Blanket Or Floor Mat

Floor Mat

You will use the blanket or the floor mat to place the damaged rim and start working on fixing it.

2. A propane Blow Torch

You will use the propane blow torch to heat the portion of the rim that you want to straighten. Because the rim is made of aluminum, if you do not heat it, it is practically impossible to fix it.

3. A Jack Or Hydraulic Lift

When you want to fix a bent rim, first you will need to remove the wheel. Unless you are not Hulk, then you will need a jack or a hydraulic lift to be able to lift the car and remove the wheel.

4. A Wood Board

The recommended size for the wood board should be 3 inches wide by 2 inches long

5. A Mallet Or Hammer

Once you have heat the rim in order to fix it, you will use the hammer to hit it hard and straighten it. Be careful to do this only when the rim is still hot. Otherwise it is impossible to do it without a professional tool.

Step By Step Solution On How To Fix A Bent Rim

Step 1: Prepare Your Rim For Repair

The part where you will need to put a lot of effort is not when you fix the rim, but when you get it off the wheel. This is why, a friend would be of a great help.

Why do I say it is difficult to remove the rims off the wheel? They are designed to fix exactly on the wheels and thus offering you a high degree of security while driving.

Therefore, in order to safely remove the rims, first you should jack up the car and remove the wheel completely. Once you have removed it, then you can take off the rim using a prybar.

On the other hand, if you feel that this work is too complicated, you can ask a professional service to help you. Therefore, you do not risk damaging the rim or the tire while you are struggling to take it off.

Step 2: Repair The Rim

Considering that you have already removed the rim, it is time to repair it. First of all, you will need to use the propane blow torch.

It will help you to heat portions of the rim and make it easier for you to repair it. Once you have heated it, you can hammer out the side where it is bent, against the wood plank.

Again, this is something that will require a bit of practice in order to finish the work efficiently. But, do not worry as I have a recommendation for this also.

For example, before you start repairing the bent rim, you can practice on a different piece of metal that has a similar thickness.

Once you feel that you are ready with the practice, you can go back to your bent rim. For more efficiency, it would be better to heat the blow torch to its highest setting. Then you can heat a small area of your rim for about two minutes.

Once the rim is hot enough, then you can pound it out with a hammer or mallet while holding it up against the plank. Therefore, you will smooth out any bent areas and so repair your rim without spending too much money.

I also recommend you that when you follow all these steps, you should use protective equipment. By this, I mean protective gloves and glasses. I want you to repair your rim without hurting yourself, so it is always better to be precautious.

Moreover, in case you notice that the rim was not fixed from the first try, be prepared to reheat it several times more and hammer it until you will get it to the original shape.


To conclude, it does not matter how much care you have taken of your vehicle. The bent rims do not have anything to do with this. This situation appears as a consequence of plenty of road hazards that none of us cannot control.

What is more important from my point of view is to detect the rim bents and fix them as soon as possible before they become dangerous for your safety.

For example, when you notice that your car has a subtle vibration or it does not handle like it used to, then these are clear signs that you should have a look on your rims.

As I showed you above, with some simple tools that many of us have in their garage and a bit of perseverance, you can solve this problem with almost no costs and minimum effort.

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