How To Fix Reduced Engine Power: Can It Be Done Without A Mechanic?

Reduced engine power warning light happens to alert you when there is a serious problem with the transmission or one or more of the engine system components.

When the reduced engine power light, triggered by a fault or an error in the engine trigger or transmission, there will be an extreme loss of power and performance of the vehicle, making it not to exceed a speed of more than 20 miles per hour.

So if you are traveling somewhere for a meeting or an emergency, you will be slowed down due to this error. There is what we call the Powertrain Control Module (PCM), it will be able to store the trouble codes which will then be used to analyze the problem in the system.

In most cases, you will find that there is an issue of the malfunction in the throttle control system. Apart from this, there are other components and systems which could trigger the reduced engine power warning; these include:

1. A fault or an error in the transmission system

3. A fault or an error in the throttle control system

4. Defective oxygen sensor

5. A fault or an error in the emissions system

7. Defective accelerator pedal position sensor

8. Any error or fault that will affect the performance of the car

9. Loose or damaged wiring

10. Any error or fault that will affect drivability function

11. Worn out clutch

12. Any error or fault that will affect drivability function

13. Distributor out of adjustment

14. Worn out piston rings

15. Jumped timing belt or chain

16. Engine oil

When you experience the reduced engine power, you should be a worried person because it is considered in the automotive world to be a very serious problem which needs to handle with care. You need to know how to work on it as you wait for your mechanic because it is no child’s joke.

Cost of Fixing The Reduced Engine Power Error

Cost Of Fix Your Car

Depending on the analysis that will be carried out after a list of troubleshooting checkpoints have been performed, you will have a rough idea of how much it is going to cost you to solve the problem.

In general, a mechanic taking 1 to 2 hours might charge you between $85 and $160. You should pray that they are right in their analysis. Otherwise, you will keep on paying until they stumble on the actual problem causing the reduced engine power.

Fixing The Reduced Engine Power Error

The Engine power determined by several aspects which include camshaft configuration, or compression ratio. There are two types of engine power loss; one that is gradual and another one which is immediate.

The gradual type is at times hard to detect, but when there is a sudden drop in power, you will easily be able to notice it because in most cases, it accompanies by the warning light of reduced engine power displaying on the dashboard.

If the engine feels like it is losing power, but it is running okay, then you can fix it without the help of a mechanic, otherwise, you will need to contact your mechanic immediately.

Here are the top 4 causes of reduced engine power and how you can fix them:

1. Worn Out Mass Air Flow Sensor

Delphi AF10043 Mass Air Flow Sensor

Air flow sensor is responsible for measuring the amount of air which enters the engine at any given time. It uses a hot wire that subjects to an engine intake of air, which cools the wire down and changes its resistance, and the results recorded on the computer.

When this wire becomes dirty due to the high volume of air, can make the computer think that there is less air entering thereby delivering little fuel to compensate and thus resulting in low engine power and the light displayed on the dashboard.

It can be sorted out by cleaning the sensor. But if the sensor is too dirty, you might be forced to replace it altogether.

2. A Fuel Pump That is Weak

Bosch 67896 Fuel Pump Module Assembly 2000 BMW 323Ci, 1999-2000 BMW...

You will find the fuel pump in the gas tank of your car, and its main work is to supply the fuel injection system with fuel pressure, which will be enough to spray from the injector to the engine.

With time, the fuel pump becomes old and weak in performance, thus unable to keep up with the need for pressure which is needed to run the engine at full power.

Using a fuel pressure gauge, you will be able to check the pressure, and if the pump is the problem, you will need to make a replacement to fix the reduced engine power.

3. Plugged Air Filter

K&N Engine Air Filter: High Performance, Premium, Washable,...

At times, you could have plugged the air filter wrongly, causing the air not to pass through them thus resulting in the reduced engine power. You can find out if this is the problem by inspecting the air filter.

This type of problem will only cause the engine to be weak, but it won’t turn on the warning light on the dashboard.

4. Plugged Catalytic Converter

Eastern 70318 Catalytic Converter (Non-CARB Compliant)

A catalytic converter located in the exhaust system of most cars and its main purpose is to get rid of the exhaust of fuel, which has not been burnt and left from the combustion in the engine.

This type of fuel is a cause of air pollution. A catalytic converter has a honeycomb shaped material which is responsible for performing the cleanup; when it gets worn out, it cracks and breaks thus unable to perform, causing clogs at the exit port which in turn slows engine performance.

A replacement of this item can solve the reduce engine power problem


Most of the causes of reduced engine power are things which you can sort out if you are the kind of person who takes your car for regular check ups. You will be in a position to notice that the clutch worn out, the belt is not aligned, and the catalytic converter is worn out.

Knowing how to fix reduced engine power can save you a lot of time and money if you happen to know the causes. Share the article with another automotive enthusiast, so that they learn something new.

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