How To Reset Oil Life After Every Oil Change

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If you are one of the many who spend their entire day and part of the night at work and drive home past midnight you need to read this post.

You probably have already fallen victim to improper readings and pointed an accusing finger at your technician - or at least thought about it. These exchanges can be very embarrassing and in the worst case damaging – we all can do without such unnecessary stress.

Resetting oil life is a simple procedure you can make a point of doing at home or in the parking lot each time you have the oil changed. The oil light is one of the most obvious gauges on your dashboard – often alongside the seatbelt and other digitized signals.

It is meant to keep the driver up to speed on the condition of the motor oil after a specified number of miles. The gauge works automatically and is often reset by the auto attendant serving you when making an oil change.

Nevertheless, you need to know how to reset the oil life gauge on your own so each time you make the change the gauge is reset or ask the attendant why it is not responding.

This guide is prepared because this is one of the most common complaints among motorists. If left unattended you should start getting a little paranoid about the vehicles condition next time the oil is changed.

What Car Do You Drive? What You Will Need

The primary reason this problem is so common is the variety of solutions. Even in vehicles from the same manufacturer you will notice there are different techniques for each different model.

So other than the tips highlighted here – try and get the information about how to accomplish this simple task for your model. This is a website that has tons of information on this procedure for many of the current vehicles and a number of old ones as well

1. The Year Of Manufacture And Model Of Your Vehicle


Go through the owner’s manual. Keep in mind the variation of methods to change oil life gauge could vary even on identical models manufactured years apart.

2. Smart Phone, Laptop Or PC With Internet

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If you do not have the owner’s manual – use this website: http://oilreset.com/ 

Confused? Here Is How To Reset Oil Life

Here is the site once more - http://oilreset.com/

Just to recap all you need is the manufacturer details of your vehicle and the website will provide you the steps.

Nevertheless just to elaborate on how confusing the task can be let’s take a look at a few Chevy/ GMS vehicles. Recent models from Chevy and GMC have the oil life setting installed in the computer based VIC (Vehicle Information Center) - all models prior to 2006 have older techniques of accomplishing this task.

Step 1 –Chevy Without VIC& GMC Older Than 2005

Chevy Without VIC& GMC Older Than 2005

On these models, you will need to sit in the driver’s seat with the doors closed. Insert and turn the ignition key to the accessory power position – brings on all the lights on the instrument panel.

Within 5 seconds of turning the key step on the accelerator to the floor three times – my BET is the engineers themselves laugh at this today. Watch the oil light – it should flash and turn off.

If it doesn’t, you missed the 5-second window and need to try again – one of those things that seem to have been designed for the jumpy personality. When it does not work you are advised to turn off the ignition and repeat the process.

Step 2 – Chevy or GMC With VIC

Everything is so much easier with a central control panel. Turn the ignition to the accessory power position – lights turn on. Locate and press the VIC button, when the oil life message is displayed press and hold the center VIC button for a second.

The VIC will display an acknowledgement message confirming the reset. Once done you can turn off the ignition.

The rest oil life message will no longer be displayed till your vehicle is ready for the next oil change.

This problem is not isolated to American makes. Here are the instructions for the same procedure on a series of Honda's :

Honda's Car

Step 1 – Honda 2006-2015 Rest Maintenance Light

  • · Turn the ignition to ON (light panel goes ON)
  • · If the engine light is not displayed press the select/reset knob until it is
  • · Press and hold the select/reset knob till the maintenance codes begin to blink
  • · Once blinking release then press the sel/reset button another 5 seconds
  • · The maintenance codes should disappear and the oil life display should reset to 100%

Step 2 - Honda 2009-2015 Rest Maintenance Light

  • · Turn the ignition to ON (light panel goes ON)
  • · If the engine light is not displayed press the select/reset knob on the STEERING wheel until it is
  • · Press and hold the select/reset button for 10 seconds
  • · The reset oil life info will be displayed on the panel
  • · Select reset by pressing INFO (use up and down arrow icons) to reset press the sel/reset button
  • · The maintenance codes should disappear and the oil life display should reset to 100%
  • · The maintenance code items will disappear and oil life will be rest to 100%

Step 3 - Honda 2003- 2005

  • · Turn the ignition to the OFF position.
  • · Press and hold the sel/reset button then turn the ignition key to the ON position
  • · Continue holding the button down for 10 seconds or until the indicator is reset

You can watch this video more details:


Via: Cjponyparts.com

There are many ways to going about how to reset the oil life with slight variations depending on the model and year of manufacture.

The common thread is to ensure you eventually have the blinking message disappear and the gauge reset to 100%. Fortunately, on most models the variation is related to how the control panel works – or in other words the Control Panel Operating System/Procedure. If it does not work the first time, try again.

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Burt Brothers - July 27, 2017

It is important to learn about these things in order to improve the performance of the car. Following this information is definitely a great way to reset oil life. Maintenance of the car is vital for the longevity of the car.


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