Where Can I Park My RV Long Term?

When you’ve got a recreational vehicle, there are some questions you may ask yourself. Most revolve on where your RV will be packed when you are not using it for camping. In finding a perfect parking place for your recreational vehicle you can enter your area on Google maps then search for RV Parks.

This is an easy way of finding a parking spot, and it's cost free. However, if the RV parks within your locality don’t meet your requirements, you can as well search RV parks websites. The search provides a wide range of results from which you can choose the best parking spot for your recreational vehicle.

In this article, I will center on the factors to consider when searching for a long term place to park your RV. I will also look into the major parking spots as well as their location. With this information, your question will be well answered.

Factors To Consider When Searching For Your RVs Long Term Parking Place

These factors include reservation costs, amenities, a source of basics, parking space available and security.

1. Reservation Costs

Parking spots for recreational vehicles are mainly found in campgrounds. The campgrounds often have ticket costs which cater for the parking fee.

In selecting a suitable parking place for your RV, you can compare the reservation fees amongst desired parking places online and book the best.

2. Amenities

When looking a perfect parking place for your recreational vehicle, amenities on site are a factor to consider. This consideration helps in determining whether you will enjoy the place. Such amenities include the availability of internet access and pet-friendly campgrounds.

Internet access enables you to carry out any intended online activity and aids in communication. A place with internet access serves perfectly since you can live on the campground for a long without having to worry about online activities.

3. Source Of Basics

When searching for a recreational vehicle`s long term parking place, consider the availability of basic needs. You can consider a parking spot that has a retail area within. The retail area can serve as a good source of food and other requirements.

4. Security

Security is a very critical factor to consider when looking for a good parking place for your RV. A secure location guarantees the safety of your RV as well as your security.

A safe place also safeguards assets that are in your recreational vehicle. Losing assets can be quite painful, making security a key factor to consider.

Places You Can Park Your RV Long Term

There are different places that you can park your recreational vehicles though I will focus on the major long-term parking places in California, Seattle as well as long term VR parks and campgrounds within North America, Europe, and the Pacific Ocean.

1. California

While in California, you don’t have to worry about a parking place for your VR since you can find one amongst the many in the state. You can find parks offering various amenities such as mail and telephone services. Some of these parks have got discounted rates when you stay longer.

Reserving a parking place in northern California is advantageous to you since they are situated near attraction sites. This means that you’ve got access to recreational opportunities.

Examples of recreational vehicle park spots include Shoreline RV Park in Crescent City and Chinook RV Resort. This RV Parks and campground offers amenities such as cable TV, shower, and laundry facilities.

In southern California, there are RV parking spots such as San Diego RV Resort located in La Mesa and Crane Lakeside RV Resort which has a long-term concrete pad, storage shed, and privacy fence. Amenities on site include cable TV, showers, laundry facilities and WIFI.


In Seattle, there are several long-term RV Parks which you can visit. The parks include Trailer Inns RV Park, Eagle Tree RV Park, Woodside Manor RV Park and the Poulsbo RV Park.

These recreational vehicle parks offer various amenities, and there are activities you can engage in such as hiking. The parks are secure and can provide long term parking services for your VR.

3. North America

Long term RV parking places in North America include Weiser river trail RV Park which is on the country side. The maximum number of days allowed on this site is unlimited. Amenities offered include showers, rest rooms, laundry services and free internet. There are 26 campsites as well

There`s Decker Prairie RV Park which has 67 campsites and provides long term parking services for your recreational vehicle. The days you can stay is unlimited and amenities offered include internet services, laundry, and shower services.

4. Europe

There are major long-term RV park sites in Europe which you can visit. An example includes the Ghajn Tuffieha Scout Campsite RV Park. There are amenities on site making it a perfect destination for you who is need of a parking spot for a recreational vehicle.

Amenities present include shower and laundry services. The campground is along a sandy beach thereby making it more attractive.

5. Pacific Ocean

Here there are recreational parks as well for recreational vehicles. An example of such a park is the West shore holiday park. The park is a walking distance to swimming beach and adjacent to a hotel.

There are various amenities on site which include a playground and tents. There are 40 campsites while the time you can spend there is unlimited. There`s an attraction site within, known as the Ahururi Estuary bird reserve.


The parking sites above are amongst many that you can visit when in need of a parking space for your recreational vehicle. However, you must have in mind the cost per site, when selecting the best. If you don’t anywhere near the stated sites, you can enter your Google maps on your locality then search for the closest VR Park places.

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