Car Stereo Has Power But No Sound, What Could Be The Problem?

Car Stereo Has Power But No Sound

What Could Be The Problem?

If one day you get into your car and the car stereo has power but no sound, it could be a ground issue. You can start by checking out the fuses to make sure they are all intact. If you find out that a fuse is blown, try replacing it and then do some driving around to see if it will blow again.

If it does blow, then it means, there is a short somewhere in your power system which might be tough to fix. Don’t you ever try to fix the fuse with a heavier fuse because that can prove to be suicidal for your system?

A Fuse Is Blown

It is best to dig deep and find out what is the cause to the fuse blowing up. Replacing a light fuse with a heavier one could completely destroy your wiring or even cause a fire in the car.

If you have a test light or a voltmeter, you can check the ground and the power at the block of the fuse and also the radio itself to find out where the fault is emanating from.

If you have loose or corroded grounds, they can cause more complicated issues, and that is why it is worth checking before going out to buy a replacement. If the ground and power are good and still there is no sound, the issue could be with the toast.

Effect Of Amps Or Speaker Wires On Stereo Sound

Effect Of Amps Or Speaker Wires On Stereo Sound

The amp can cause the car stereo not to produce any sound at all. Depending on where the amp is located, it could be difficult or easy to check it out. Some amps are fused at the amps itself while others have in-line fuses while others have more than one fuse. If the fuse of the amp blows out, it could be the reason why you are not getting sound out of your car stereo.

A broken wire or a bad connection can also cause sound not to come out of your car stereo. It could be the connection where they pass through into the door, which could completely cut off sound instead of just cutting off sound from just one speaker.

If the sound is on and off depending on whether the car door is open or closed, that could be the problem, or there is a problem with the ground

How To Sort Out The Amp Issue

Because the amp is the main culprit that causes stereo to lose its sound, it is important that you do a thorough installation to avert this problem from happening. If you install it correctly, you will be able to get sound that is quality to avoid technical mishaps. You can do it yourself without having to involve a professional and thus saving time and money.

The Amp is the main culprit

Here Are Some Of The Steps To Follow

Step 1:

Check out for a solid surface which does not conduct electricity and mount your amplifier there. What this means is that, don’t place your amplifier on the metal surface.

Don’t place your amplifier on the metal surface

Step 2:

Make sure that the negative terminal of your battery is disconnected. You should be in a position to reactivate your radio before doing this, especially if your radio has a security system.

Step 3:

The power wire has to be passed through the firewall, and this can be done through using an empty gommet in a factory hole. If you don’t have a factory hole available, you can use steel bits and a power drill to form one.

You can start with a pilot hole and work your way to forming a size which will accommodate your wire. To protect the holes from rust, you should paint and to keep them from chaffing; you will have to keep the rubber gommet in the hole.

Step 4:

 You should then run the power wire to the battery by starting from the interior of the car and take precautions to avoid the wire getting pinched. The wire should then be run under the car carpet by removing the kick and rocker panel covers.

Step 5:

An inline fuse holder should be installed for the power line at least 18 inches from the battery terminal connection. Make sure that it is installed as close as possible.

Step 6:

It is now time to connect the power wire to the amplifier. The wire should then be secured with plastic wire ties

Connect the power wire to the Amplifier

Step 7:

Next, you should turn on the lead by running your RCA cables from the amplifier’s back. The best is to snake them through the car just the way you did the power wire, but in the opposite direction as it will prevent noise coming from the system.

Step 8:

It is now time to connect the speaker wires from the amplifier to the speaker. Just make sure that the wires are situated away from the power wires.

Connect the Speaker Wires from the Amplifier to the Speaker

Step 9:

The negative terminal of the amp should now be connected to the car chassis ground by using a short negative power wire which has a similar diameter to the positive wire which leads to the battery


The main power wire fuse should be inserted once all the connections for the other wires are in place. You should then connect the negative battery terminal. It is time for you to set the input level gain control to their lowest setting; then set the bass, the treble, and loudness to level 0. The equalizer should be set at the center or the neutral position.

Car Speaker Is Fixed

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As long as you set your amplifier correctly, there is no single time you are going to experience a situation where the car stereo has power but no sound. It all starts at the installation level so make sure that you do it correctly and you will always enjoy your music.

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