2 Way vs. 3 Way Car Speakers? Which Is The Best?

Car Speakers

When you are spinning your vehicle either with your family, friends, loved ones or just alone, music is always your number one companion. Because your truck is in motion, the external noise tends to distract the pleasure as well as the melody of enjoying the music.

Hence, you should select the right speakers for your truck. If you are in dilemma of either selecting the 2-way speaker or the 3-way speaker, this article gives you a clear understanding on of the two speakers.

Sound System Of The Speakers

Generally, the various degrees of the sound wave generate varying audio effects. The 3-way and the 2-way speaker systems produce different types of sound waves. In case the sound is high-pitched, the speaker generates short wavelengths, and if the sound is low-pitched, it produces long wavelengths.

Frequency Output And Components Of Speakers

Components Of Speakers

The 2-way vehicle speaker is also referred to as the co-axial speaker. The 2-way speaker consists of two components, a large speaker or a woofer and a tweeter. The woofer generates low sound frequency, that is from 3KHz to around 20KHz. On the other hand, the tweeter produces a high audio frequency that ranges from 30 hertz to around 160 hertz.

The 3-way car speaker also referred to as a tri-axial speaker. It has an extra component, unlike the 2-way speaker that has two. The extra component is known as the mid-range which generates an audio frequency of around 160 hertz to about 5.2KHz. The mid-range is meant to balance the frequency slope by producing natural sounds to our ears.

In particular cases, the 3-way speaker utilizes a super tweeter instead of the mid-range. The super tweeter is meant to extend a more detailed and a high-frequency sound.

Comparison Of The 2-Way And 3-Way Speakers

Car Speakers

Different sizes of the speakers generate very different sound waves. A woofer or a large speaker allows large movement of air for achieving the bass frequency. But the larger speaker does not allow faster movement of the air needed for the high-end frequencies.

The tweeter which is a bit small compared to a woofer can handle the high-end frequencies. The tweeter is smaller than the mid-rage speaker. And the mid-range is, however, smaller than the woofer. Hence, the 2-way and the 3-way car speakers produce different sound ranges.

Difference Between The Two

The Car Speakers

The 2-way car speaker consists of two drivers; one controls frequencies that go into the tweeter, and the other driver controls the low and the mid-ranges of the frequency. The 3-way speaker consists of three drivers; low-range speaker, mid-range speaker, and a tweeter.

The 3-way car speaker performs well compared to the 2-way speaker. However, there are various factors that influence the output of the sound quality. These various factors include the way of setting up the crossover, matching of the speaker, the design of the cabinet, and its quality.

Due to these different factors, you should not be too specific about owning a high-performing 2-way car speaker or the mediocre 3-way speaker. Apart from looking at the reviews on the different speakers, you have to consider the kind of music that you love listening and the specific locations of their setup in your truck.

Always, choose the right speaker for your car. That is, after carefully considering every aspect to avoid regrets in future. It is recommended first to test the speaker in your car before you decide to purchase one.

Find The Right Speaker; 2-Way or 3-Way

You should find a tweeter in both the 3-way speaker as well as the 2-way speaker. A combination of the wavelength and frequency determines the audible production. Short wavelengths and high frequency generate high-pitched sound and vice versa.

The speakers control various pitches depending on their diaphragm. You can as well speak on your phone through wireless, connected to your speaker.

Category Of Speakers

The Audio System of car

There two main categories of speakers which include the full-range and the component speakers. The full-range speakers come in a combined form, and they are easy to install as well as cheaper. In contrast, the component speaker, the woofers, and the tweeter are separated. Hence, you can change it to the complete body of the car.

If you want to upgrade the speaker system of your car, you can select the best six by nine car speakers. By selecting the six by nine speakers, you end up improving the bass without adding a subwoofer of the amplifier which has low sound output as well as smooth bass.

In case you install two of them, you will enjoy efficiency and clarity as well as a mid-bass in your stereo.

Criteria For Selection

Before buying a speaker, consider the following:

  • Speaker’s design, style, and looks
  • Economy of price
  • Power ratings such as the peak and RMS
  • The tag of brand and quality of materials
  • Online reviews

Apart from the above criteria, the speaker you need should meet your customized desires and it should be compatible with the design of your car.


After considering all the above factors, you may find out that the 2-way speakers have most of the specific features of the 3-way speakers, like the two speakers, a woofer and a tweeter as well as a matching frequency output. However, the 2-way speakers may be cheaper than the 3-way speakers.

The tweeter gives, high frequency and the woofer produces a low frequency. The final choice is yours, depending on your budget, your particular test and acoustic needs for a specific kind of music, like the bass, classical and crazy for naturalism.

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