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How to remove Plasti Dip – It is funny how some of the niftiest solutions to everyday problems are also some of the most error prone. Plasti Dip paint jobs are one of those things – quick, easy to apply, and an attractive solution to detailing your car.

There is just no denying how much better your car might look with snazzy colored rims – thanks to the Plasti Dip. But can you remove it when you’re done?

And there is a downside: the agony and painstaking knee pain you are likely to have to bear with – peeling, rubbing, and whatever else Jim says. Often it appears that the peeling trick will have you spending an entire day playing hostage with very little to show for all the work.

Machismo aside – there are simpler and faster solutions to take off the dip and restore your car or your wheel rims to their original condition/color.

Does Spray Gel work to remove Plasti Dip?

The short answer is: yes! Rather than risk the unsightly look of peeled Plasti Dip, try this simple solution and share your experience with us in the comments.

Even when applied on problematic areas such as rims, Goo Gone has repeatedly proven to be among the reliable and fastest solutions for Plasti Dip removal.

This video should help illustrate how easy it is to take off thin layers/films of Plasti Dip on rims using Goo Gone.

How To Take Off Plasti Dip With Goo Gone – What You Will Need

1. Goo Gone Spray Gel

Goo Gone Adhesive Remover Spray Gel, 12 fl oz - 6 pack
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  • Recommended for all hard surfaces, carpet, and clothing
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This is product designed to loosen the adhesive without melting the plastic wrap. Although it works well, you can experiment with alternatives based on an experts advice. Share you opinion/product results in the comments.

2. Face Mask

Face Mask

You should always try to avoid inhaling chemical mist or dust when undertaking any DIY task.

3. Good Pair Of Gloves

Goof Pair Of Gloves

Strong leather gloves are often considered suitable and comfortable for DIY tasks – safety should always be your main concern regardless of the nature of the task.

4. Paper Towel or Clean Rag

Paper Towel

Plasti Dip Removal the Goo Gone way

Step 1 – Spray/Apply A Generous Portion Of Goo Gone Gel On The Rag Or Paper Towel

Before you begin make sure the rag you are using for the process is clean and dry. The main fear many Plasti Dip victims have is damaging the undercoat beneath the dip. Fortunately, Goo Gone is an ideal solution with numerous positive reviews on rims, bumpers; body, and various Plasti Dip removal jobs.

First off, Goo Gone is not toxic. For this reason, the facemask and gloves are simply a goof/safe precaution. So far, there has been no report of skin damage when using Goo Gone. Some paint solvent/removers are known to be very harmful to the skin or when inhaled. Therefore you can stop worrying about that if you plan to use Goo Gone on your removal job.

Furthermore, Goo Gone does not contain chemicals that react with the underlying coat on your rims. Of the many Goo Gone removal users, all report their rims were just as shiny after polishing – after the removal of Plasti Dip.

Step 2 – Let The Goo Gone Sit 5 Minutes While You Confirm You Have Covered All Bases

Unlike chemical paint removers Goo Gone, does not damage the underlying surface. It is recommended that you let the gel sit on the surface for about 5 minutes to loosen the film of Plasti Dip from the affected area.

Many users note that it does not dissolve the Plasti Dip – so you do not need to worry about having an extra rag to wipe off the mess.

With Goo Gone Plasti Dip removal – the super effective gel appears to loosen the adhesive quality of the Plasti Dip, making it much easier to remove. Take care/time to ensure that when you apply the gel you hit even those hard to reach places.

While this how to take off Plasti Dip formula is very effective – attention to detail is very necessary. Especially when dealing with spoke rims. Use as much time as you need while applying the gel but be sure you have covered all corners equally.

This is the one thing video demos for this and most products may not illustrate – detailed instructions covering every aspect. While waiting for the Goo Gone to kick in – check and check again that you have covered every inch and applied an even layer all through.

Step 3 – Gently Peel Off The Plasti Dip From The Surface

After the five minute wait you will note that the thin film is much easier to peel or strip off. Depending on the thickness of the Plasti Dip, you may be done in 5 – 30 minutes. Thicker Plasti Dip tends to peel off in larger chunks and thin films of Plasti Dip in slim strips.

Either way the removal is no longer arduous task. Using a sharp metallic object find the edges or cut through to create an edge and just strip and strip until the Plasti Dip is completely removed.

For problem areas, once done you can apply the gel once more and go over these again. Oddly enough the film may stick more firmly in some regions more than others. It is actually not that odd – these may just be the places that allowed the adhesive to heat up just right to give it that perfect bond.

Thumbs up for the adhesive – thumbs down for removal. Either way a second or even third attempt should get it off.

Step 4 – Polish or Wipe The Surface Clean

Once done ensure you wash with warm water or polish in the case of shiny chrome surfaces. Your job is done; take time to restore the underlying surface to its gleaming condition.

While you may have taken off the film there is no telling how the admix remaining in far/hidden corners will react to the tires or movable grease covered components. Wash or wipe it off and restore the glitz with polish.

Goo Gone vs Dip Dissolver

Both are equally effective though it would appear that Goo Gone is easier to use for newbies. That is not forgetting it is not toxic, does not damage the underlying surface and will not affect rubber tires.

DipYourCar Dip Dissolver
  • Dip Dissolver will re-liquify Plasti Dip in an effort to remove dip that is too thin to...

Goo Gone Adhesive Remover Spray Gel, 12 fl oz - 6 pack
  • America's no. 1 formula for removing gummy, sticky, gooey messes
  • Recommended for all hard surfaces, carpet, and clothing
  • Safe on hands

How to Remove Plasti Dip from Tires

When applying Plasti Dip to your car be sure to mask the rubber tires to prevent overspray from the Plasti Dip from adhering to the rubber tires. You can either mask your tires manually with painter’s tape or other materials or else use a chemical application like Dip Release to prevent the Plasti Dip from sticking.

This applies to other do-it-yourself Plasti Dip projects involving hydro dip techniques or dip spray methods. Prepare the same way you would using spray paint for a touch up paint job.

If Plasti Dip accidentally sticks to your tires, you find yourself with an unsightly problem. But have no fear!

The same simple solution discussed above — how to remove Plasti Dip from a car — also illustrates how to remove Plasti Dip from wheels and how to remove Plasti Dip from rims. In fact, removing Plasti Dip isn’t difficult if one understands the proper technique.

If you’re still wondering how to remove Plasti Dip overspray in the easiest way possible, again: use Goo Gone spray gel.

This works especially well when cleaning excess Plasti Dip from semi-porous surfaces like rubber tires (other solvents might work, like paint thinner, but exercise caution). You can use a stiff brush and Goo Gone to remove it (VIDEO).

Final Thoughts on How to Remove Plasti Dip

take off plasti dip

So you need help on How to take off Plasti Dip? No worries there are probably hundreds facing the same problem. Nevertheless, Goo Gone appears to be the clear winner for this in comparison to Dip Dissolver.

It is a much easier DIY Plasti Dip removal solution. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Shane Campbell - August 21, 2018

Pressure washer can remove 90% upfront. Goo gone remaining 10% of hard to get baked/thin areas.


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