Learn How To Install Boost Gauge The Quicker Way

Boost Gauge

When your boost gauge is working, it will be possible for you to know the manifold air pressure, or supercharger boost charge or turbocharger in the internal combustion engine.

In most cases, you will find them mounted on dashboards, in radio slot, or on the driver’s side pillar.

Boost Gauge

For sure, a boost gauge can improve performance by regulating the boost pressure. The turbo and supercharger are designed for an optimum benefit at a specific boost pressure amount, and that is why, monitoring them with a boost gauge can help you in keeping the components in the power range that is right and thus, produce the best performance in your vehicle.

Things To Use

1. A Boost Gauge

Boost Gauge

As it is the main component to be installed. It is the one you are going to install to measure the pressure and it will indicate turbocharger, manifold air pressure, or supercharger boost pressure in the internal combustion engine. You are going to mount it on the dashboard, the radio slot, or the driver’s side pillar.

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2. Wire Cutters And Splicers

Wire Cutters

This will be used to help you in splitting the wire to be used for installation in the exact measurements to fit. At times they are referred to as diagonal cutting pliers, wire cutters, or diagonal cutters.

You cannot use it to turn anything as their main purpose here will be to cut the wires for installation. The cutting edges of the jaw will intersect the wire and cut it at a diagonal angle.

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3. Wires


The wire is the one which will enable you to connect the boost gauge to the dashboard of the car with each wire having a defined use.

The white one going to the source when the headlights are turned on, red to the battery and the black one to the ground.

You have to consult the manufacturer’s ’ manual to know which size will be best and compatible with your fuse protection

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4. Xacto Knife

Xacto Knife

This will be used to cut the tee and a hole to pass the tee. It is a sharp knife and that is why it is a better option for use here.

To avoid being injured while using it, you have to be careful because it is a dangerous knife if not handled carefully; don’t force it, stay away from the edge, and slow down, that is, don’t be quick with it.

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5. Electrical Tape

Electrical Tape

This will be used for sealing. It is sometimes referred to as insulating tape and being pressure sensitive, it will serve you well when it comes to insulating the electrical wires and other materials that conduct electricity during the installation.

You will be able to get it in plastic and vinyl, with the vinyl being the most popular type due to the fact that, it stretches well and gives an insulation that is long lasting and effective.

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6. Vacuum Hose

Vacuum Hose

Vacuum hose of about two to three feet, which you will be able to use it to convey vacuum signals or pressure to control gauges or circuits as well as conveying vacuum to cooling, heating, or locking system during the installation.

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Tips And Time Taken To Do The Installation

the boost gauge

Within 30 minutes to two hours, you should be able to have completed the installation depending on the complication you might come across and how fast you work. For my friend, what ate most of his time was when he was screwing the clip into the back of the boost gauge making it secure on the housing.

Depending on what type of the brand of the boost gauge you have bought which will decide whether you will use the clips that come with it or not.

Before you hook it in the pod, it is important that you find out if the light illuminates. It is also important that the negative battery cable is removed from the battery to avoid blowing fuses and getting hurt while doing the wiring.

Steps To Install The Boost Gauge

Step 1: The Vacuum Port

When you go out shopping for a boost gauge, you will find that there are two types, with most of them not requiring a sensor for the installation to take place.

If that is the case, then you will need to tee a nylon line into the port of the vacuum. If you are installing an electronic gauge, there is a remote sensor which you will be forced to tee into the port instead of the nylon line.

You should ensure that you mount the pressure sensor away from heat in the bay of the engine. Otherwise, it might just end up giving you a bad reading. Splice in an existing vacuum gauge, especially the one that goes directly into your fuel pressure regulator, with the port being past the throttle body.

Step 2: The Tee Connector

The Tee Connector

Using the Xacto knife, cut into the vacuum line and splice into the line of the vacuum with the three-way tee connector. The line of the boost gauge will tee into the three-way tee.

Step 3: Running The Hose

Running The Hose

You have to run the vacuum hose through the car and then slide it down near the steering column boot on the driver side of the firewall. You will then use the Exacto knife to cut a hole to pass the line into the pedal assembly.

Avoid having it too close to the steering wheel or pedals or anything else which could cause it to kink or break. You can use the weather stripping to run it so that it doesn’t get much heat from the turbo or engine.

Step 4: Connecting To The Hose

It is now time to connect the boost gauge to the hose. If your boost gauge is an electronic one, then you will have to go a few more steps as you will need to connect the wiring harness to the pressure solenoid. Next, you will have to run the electrical connector into the cabin the way you would have run the hose.

Step 5: Wire Connection

Wire Connection

It is time to remove the lower dash from the metal support beam which is normally found under the steering column. You will have to remove four bolts, but in some cars, you will get another bolt which is normally behind a small panel on the lower dash.

You can remove it by popping off the panel and removing the bolt. The center column cover is removed, and from there, you will be able to get the turbo timer harness.

Check out the wires; red, white and black. The red wire is for constant power supply; the white lead to the light; and the black is the ground wire.

There is optional colored orange, which, if present, is for switching the power. A section of the insulation on the red wire is removed using the stripping tool, and then you can splice your boost gauge to a constant power.

A test light can be used to check out power flow in case you don’t have a turbo timer. The orange line should be connected to the blue or green wire on the turbo timer harness. The ignition column can be teed into, and then you can attach the switched power to the cigarette lighter.


boost gauge

When you are done, you will love your completed job, and your car will be safe. Make sure to purchase the correct boost gauge for your type of car to make the installation an easy task.

If you are not sure which one to get, it is best you consult your mechanic as it is not good to do guess work as far as your car accessories are concerned.

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